A full mind and body approach to healthy aging

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Oct 09, 2019

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Seniors have more options than ever to pursue a healthy, social lifestyle in retirement. Often, staying healthy in retirement means making smart nutrition choices, planning for a rainy day and putting in the extra effort to make new friends while maintaining bonds with those who have been close for decades. At New Pond Village in Walpole, our community takes a comprehensive approach to helping residents age in the best way possible conveniently in one place where fitness opportunities, nutrition options, financial security and social interaction are all part of the daily routine.
Here are some tips that anyone can use to age well:
Are you engaging in enough physical activity? Physical exercise is one of the best activities you can enjoy to keep your body and mind in top shape. Avoiding physical activity can lead to a reduced level of health and quality of life. At New Pond Village, our residents enjoy strolls on our walking paths, work up a sweat in our fitness center and even join an exercise class to achieve personal fitness goals.
Another way to age healthily is by spending time in the great outdoors. Getting outside promotes relaxation and overall well-being. At New Pond Village, that often means residents enjoy a Sunday afternoon hike or spending time in the community garden. A trip to nearby Boston or Cape Cod also proves a popular option.
The importance of social interactions for seniors should also be top-of-mind. We have known for years that many seniors are at risk of feeling isolated, which, according to some studies, can leave a person at higher risk of developing dementia. Meanwhile, those who engage in daily social interaction may have a significantly lower risk. Our residents stay social by joining each other for activities throughout the day, enjoying a glass of wine at our newly renovated community bar, or by sharing a meal and conversation in our dining room.

At New Pond Village, taking advantage of Lifecare also means that you have the confidence that comes with projecting the cost of future health care needs. And as a continuing care retirement community, New Pond Village is ready to meet your care needs in the future if they happen to increase.
Aging is about taking care of the mind and the body and being deliberate each day in committing oneself to live well in retirement.
Editors Note: This article was submitted by Adam Manchester, Executive Director. He may be reached at 508-660-1555 or by email at amanchester@benchmarkquality.com

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