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Aug 09, 2023


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If you’ve been taking care of a person with dementia or you’ve had a loved one living in a dementia care community, you can no doubt relate to issues of stress and burnout.

Here are three steps to help manage stress and build resilience:

  • PAUSE. Evaluate where you’ve got stress. How does it manifest?
  • FIND TOOLS. Ask: What might I do in this moment to help?
  • PRACTICE. Do that thing. NOW.

Building resilience helps us avoid burnout. Let’s unpack those three steps.


Ask yourself - how is my stress getting to me right now? Is it a physical feeling – pain or exhaustion? Is it upsetting my emotions – Do I feel fear, panic, sadness? Is my stress expressed cognitively, overwhelming my ability to think straight? Or does stress impact my behavior – am I especially irritable, do I withdraw from others, am I overeating or abusing alcohol in order to cope?

Whatever your answer, even if it’s “all of the above”, it’s good to recognize exactly HOW stress is affecting you. You’ll have a better handle on what TOOLS might help you deal with it.


It helps to think about things that have helped you in the past, whether it’s exercise, drinking more water, taking a few deep breaths…in through the nose, like you’re smelling a rose…then blowing it out through your mouth, like you’re blowing out a candle. That specific breathing is clinically recommended and recognized as restorative. YOU know the most about what helps YOU cope, so identify successful strategies that you might have stopped thinking about. It might be reaching out to a particular friend, getting a hug from the person you are caring for (heck, give yourself two or three of those, you deserve them) or taking two minutes to work on a crossword.

Movement is a great mood changer. Put on some music and dance in your chair. March in place. Listen to classical music and conduct it. (Some of you might incorporate this movement into your daily routine with your loved one. They need exercise too!) Get outside when and if you can. A change of environment is sometimes just the thing for stress.

Self-talk is a handy tool, and guess what? It doesn't matter whether or not we believe the self-talk. It actually helps us just to hear it! So, go ahead! Let yourself know: “I've got this!”, “I know I can do it!”, or whatever script feels right in YOUR head.

Distraction can be useful too. Look at photos or videos that make you smile. (Babies?...Puppies, anyone?) If you are sorely in need of a laugh, what can you access to supply that?


As you think about what tools work for YOU, just choose whatever in the moment seems easiest and most effective. Just try it. More good news: You don’t have to do it “right” and you don’t have to do it for very long.

What do YOU do when you need help? Who can you call upon? If no one comes to mind, perhaps you could get more resources in place. Try the Alzheimer’s Association’s Helpline (1.800.272.3900) for a listing of care partner groups that you might be able to join. You can call that number day or night, if you have caregiving challenges and need input. Or, give us a call! Many of our Amira Choice communities offer Care Partner Support Groups. Contact us for dates and times, and more resources that can help support you as a caregiver.

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Amira Choice Sarasota

Independent Living 4100 University Parkway, Sarasota, Florida, 34243

Living an independent, active lifestyle at Amira Choice Sarasota means focusing your energy on what matters most to you: community, family and friends, hobbies and more. With the flexibility of rental living and without the burden of home maintenance our residents have the time and space to relish home and community with friendly neighbors in a similar phase of life.Savor cooking in your beautiful designer kitchen or let our talented chefs do the work in our restaurant-style dining room. While we take care of home and yard maintenance, including weekly housekeeping service, you can enjoy your favorite meal at the clubhouse with family and friends, relax by our heated outdoor pool, join our full-time fitness instructor for a fitness class in the studio or yoga yard, or get out and explore the area. The choice is yours.Our pet-friendly senior living community in Sarasota, Florida, is the perfect place to start a new and invigorating chapter of your life where you can feel confident that support is there, should you need it in the future.---We are pleased to announce Amira Choice Sarasota is under new management! As part of the Fairview Health Services system in Minnesota, Ebenezer has provided compassionate, community-centered care for older adults since 1917. United Properties and Ebenezer have partnered in the senior living space since 2012.Although the management company has changed, the ownership of this community has not. United Properties remains committed to Amira Choice Sarasota and is excited to welcome this community into the Amira Senior Living family.

Amira Choice Sarasota

Assisted Living 4100 University Parkway, Sarasota, Florida, 34243

Amira Choice Sarasota empowers seniors to live optimistically, confidently, and with a sense of purpose. We provide supportive and individualized Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care within a tight-knit community where everyone can flourish.If you or your loved one could benefit from support with the routines of daily living, our compassionate caregivers can provide assistance and care to enable a comfortable, confident and purposeful feeling of life at home. We are equipped and experienced to help residents with activities like dressing, bathing and medication management. By providing a helping hand, our residents can take advantage of all that Amira Choice Sarasota has to offer like chef-prepared meals, outdoor spaces with comfortable lounge seating, daily events and fitness and wellness programs. Scheduled group transportation makes it easy to access the surrounding area for outings.Each resident receives evaluations by our Director of Health Services prior to move-in and throughout residency. Combining these evaluations with information gathered from physicians, caregivers and family members, our team creates an individualized service plan tailored to the unique needs of each resident. We know that the right amount of support can make all the difference in someones daily life.---We are pleased to announce Amira Choice Sarasota is under new management! As part of the Fairview Health Services system in Minnesota, Ebenezer has provided compassionate, community-centered care for older adults since 1917. United Properties and Ebenezer have partnered in the senior living space since 2012.Although the management company has changed, the ownership of this community has not. United Properties remains committed to Amira Choice Sarasota and is excited to welcome this community into the Amira Senior Living family.

Amira Choice Sarasota

Memory Care 4100 University Parkway, Sarasota, Florida, 34243

At Amira Choice Sarasota, we understand the challenges that arise when a loved one requires Memory Care. Our compassionate caregivers are specially trained to help people with Alzheimers or other forms of dementia live meaningful lives. In addition to an individualized service plan specifically tailored to your loved ones daily needs, we employ innovative and effective programming designed to enhance connection, build strength and inspire confidence.Our management partner, Ebenezer, provides our Memory Care residents with its Dimensions program, a multifaceted dementia and memory care program that ensures residents receive exceptional care based on current best practices. It emphasizes relationship-based care, nutrition and wellness, creative engagement, calm environments and best-in-class training for staff.We also support the families of our residents living with memory loss through a variety of resources, current research and activities designed to bring our Sarasota, Florida community together. Our Memory Care program features an easy-to-navigate Market Street, offering residents a greater sense of independence as they explore our bakery, salon, barbershop and ice cream stand. Residents can get out and about to meet new people and take part in activities and events. Our spacious enclosed outdoor courtyard and garden provide a lovely spot to enjoy Floridas sunshine and fresh air. A comforting fireplace lounge is the perfect place to relax when residents need some downtime before dinner. To fully support our residents nutritional needs, we provide three chef-prepared meals daily in our dining room and always have a variety of snacks on hand.---We are pleased to announce Amira Choice Sarasota is under new management! As part of the Fairview Health Services system in Minnesota, Ebenezer has provided compassionate, community-centered care for older adults since 1917. United Properties and Ebenezer have partnered in the senior living space since 2012.Although the management company has changed, the ownership of this community has not. United Properties remains committed to Amira Choice Sarasota and is excited to welcome this community into the Amira Senior Living family.