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Sep 23, 2022


Pennsylvania - Greater Pittsburgh Area

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As part of Caregiver Champion's series, this episode features Jessica Neiss, Physical Therapist and owner of To Life! Therapy & Fitness. Jessica is a part of the Caregiver Champion team.

Jessica has a passion for helping Older Adults and people with Chronic Disabilities to maximize the enjoyment in their lives. She has 20 years of experience as a licensed physical therapist, and loves the challenge of creating therapy and exercise programs for people of all abilities and ages. Jessica has prior experience as a Spinal Cord Injury Team Leader and Director of Neurorehab in an outpatient clinic.

To Life! is a one-stop therapy and wellness center and a community where people of all ages and abilities can exercise and work towards  their goals with the help of Physical Therapists and other allied health professionals. She is so excited to help you live your life with vigor, confidence, strength and balance!

To Life! is located at 826 Hazelwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. Their phone number is 412-414-1988.

To learn more about To Life! click here.

To learn more about Caregiver Champion and how we can help caregivers like you, click here.

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Local Services By This Author

Caregiver Champion, LLC

Advocacy for Seniors 6414 Landview Rd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15217

Caregiver Champion reduces your stress,and saves you time and money. Caregivers, the chronically disabled, seniors, and their families often need professional assistance to sort through complex changes and problems that accompany disability or the aging process. When a healthcare crisis occurs, the caregivers, the chronically disabled, seniors, and their families are faced with decisions they are unprepared to make. The landscape of healthcare is changing daily. Our expertise can ultimately save you time and money, and provide you with peace of mind, knowing you are doing absolutely everything possible to ensure your family members are receiving the best possible care and consideration.ADVOCACY for caregivers and their families faced with the challenges of care at home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. CARE MANAGEMENT which includes assessment, developing a plan of care, and monitoring of care.CORPORATE CAREGIVING PROGRAMS for employees faced with the many issues of care giving while maintaining employment.MOVING ASSISTANCE which includes a Transition Specialist that assists clients with moving, downsizing and relocation.INSURANCE ASSISTANCE including social security, veterans, waiver programs, medical assistance and healthcare bills.