Dr. Labriola joins Jeff Weinberg from Caregiver Champion for a conversation about integrative healthcare & palliative care


Caregiver Champion, LLC

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Dec 22, 2022


Pennsylvania - Greater Pittsburgh Area

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Suzanne Labriola, DO, talks about integrative health care and palliative care in this video interview with Jeff Weinberg from Caregiver Champion. Dr. Labriola talks about important conversations families should have about end of life decisions, palliative care, advance directives, and other difficult healthcare conversations.

NOTE: The book Jeff references in the video, The Emperor Needs New Clothes: Or Why The Caring Disappeared from Health Care is available now. You can order it today on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Jeff Weinberg's new book,

which is designed to provide caregivers with real life solutions,

resources, and a call to action, is on sale now

The title of the book is: The Emperor Needs New Clothes: Or Why The Caring Disappeared from Health Care


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