How Pictures and Photo Albums can Help you Downsize


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Oct 31, 2023


Pennsylvania - Greater Pittsburgh Area

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Downsizing can be a major turning point in someone’s life. Whenever someone moves, they have to pack up everything in their home, interview movers and get estimates for their services, and deal with the stress from shifting their current life to a new location. Downsizing is even harder! Not only are they dealing with the stress from moving, but they are also moving into a smaller space which adds several new challenges to the process. If someone is downsizing, they are probably leaving a home they have inhabited for years. Also, they may have to let go of several cherished items or pieces of furniture in their home to make sure everything fits in their new space. This emotional time can be very taxing! Did you know that accessing and interacting with your pictures and photo albums can make this experience actually less stressful? It can, and here’s how:

Use Those Pictures Like a Blueprint!

When you start to think about downsizing, take a look around your home. Which pieces of furniture display your favorite decorations? Do you have your countertop items arranged in a specific way? What about the curio cabinet that you spent HOURS arranging “just so”? You have spent the time to make your house into a home. You have organized everything to make sense to you. But now that you're moving, you may feel that you have to start all over again. Not so! By using pictures, you can make the downsizing process go much smoother.

Use pictures like a blueprint! Go around your home and find every location that has a specific organizational structure, then take a picture of these locations. Now that you have the images saved, you can recreate your home in your new space! Because you took the time to document how things were arranged throughout the house, you can save time in the new space when you unpack everything. You will not have to second-guess yourself when you try to remember how your curio cabinet was set up; you have the blueprint!