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Dec 19, 2022


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For many seniors, independent living sounds like a dream. A hassle-free, social community with engaging activities, housekeeping, home maintenance services, and meal preparation all in one place? What could be better? But if you are an active, physically independent older adult, this dream could be your reality.

What is an independent living community?

what is independent living

An independent living community refers to a variety of residential options that offer a convenient lifestyle for active, social adults while allowing for independence. These communities are usually intended for adults ages 55 and older. Often these adults are retired or have plans to retire in the near future.

Independent living communities offer a range of amenities and services, such as housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and home maintenance. They also usually include fitness classes, travel opportunities, educational and cultural events, and plenty of other offerings. 

Independent living community residences can consist of apartments, townhomes, or single-family houses. Different levels of amenities, services, and benefits are available in independent living communities of varying price ranges. There are over 600 independent living communities in the state of Florida.

If you are physically independent but want to live near other people of the same age with similar interests, an independent living community may be your best choice.


Types of independent living communities

retirement communities

There are 2 main types of independent living communities: retirement communities and continuing care senior housing communities (CCSHCs).

Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are intended for adults ages 55 and older who want to live independently while enjoying certain amenities. Retirement communities frequently have a swimming pool, golf course, clubhouse, tennis courts, bocce ball courts, and billiards, among other amenities. Retirement communities also usually offer a variety of opportunities for socializing, such as parties, cultural events, entertainment, and fitness classes. 

Some retirement communities offer options to lease or buy a residence. Usually, rent includes basic utilities and the use of all amenities. For those who choose to buy a residence, there are extra fees involved for maintenance and upkeep services.

Continuing Care Senior Housing Communities (CCSHC)

Also known as senior housing communities, CCSHCs offer higher levels of care along with independent living. Specifically, these communities usually also offer in-home care, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing care.

A benefit of CCSHCs is that they offer on-demand medical care if needed. They also allow seniors to transition from lower to higher care levels as needed while remaining in the same familiar community.

What are the benefits of independent living communities?

five benefits of independent living communities

There are countless advantages of moving into an independent living community. As people age, they do not want to worry about making meals, keeping up with home maintenance, and traveling far distances to see friends and family. Fortunately, independent living communities make these tasks easy. They remove the burden from seniors and allow them to live their best lives with minimal stress.

1. Independent living communities eliminate the stress of homeownership

happy senior couple

It is no secret that plenty of work is involved in owning and maintaining a home. Keeping up with bills, cleaning, handling repairs, buying groceries, running errands, preparing meals, and mowing the lawn are all necessary tasks with homeownership.

To some, these responsibilities may seem easy. However, as many people age, they often start to consider these duties stressful and inconvenient. 

Independent living communities take away the responsibilities of homeownership, allowing older adults to live a “maintenance-free” lifestyle while otherwise remaining independent.

2. Independent living communities offer numerous amenities and activities

senior fitness class

Most independent living communities offer plenty of opportunities to stay busy, social, and fit. Communities will often have a fitness center, tennis court, golf course, swimming pool, and workout classes for residents. Many independent living communities have a dining hall with freshly-prepared meals, so cooking is not necessary. They also usually have laundry and cleaning services along with transportation.

3. Independent living communities provide plenty of opportunities for socialization

happy seniors at reitrement community

There are many opportunities to socialize within independent living communities, including events, parties, shows, movies, games, and more. 

Activities such as these prevent isolation in older adults. Isolation can be highly detrimental to seniors’ mental, emotional, and physical health.

Instead, these opportunities promote wellness, reduce stress, and contribute to overall happiness for older adults. 

4. Many independent living communities have assisted living on the premises for easier transitions

Home care - Caregiver

As previously discussed, some communities – including CCSHCs – also offer higher levels of care along with independent living. This additional care can include assisted living, in-home care, memory care, and skilled nursing care.

Because of this setup, seniors can transition from lower to higher levels of care as needed while remaining in the same community. They can still enjoy the same amenities, activities, and services as before, just with additional care. This arrangement eliminates the possibility of difficult transitions and allows residents to remain in their familiar surroundings with their established social connections.

5. Independent living communities give peace of mind about safety and security

happy seniors

One final benefit of independent living communities is the safety and security measures in place. Safety is one of the main priorities of independent living communities. 

Residences in independent living communities are designed with safety in mind. Most independent living residences are single-floor with fewer steps, wide doorways and hallways, and ample lighting. Many communities also offer intercom and emergency call systems for quick access to help if needed.

In addition, most communities have a gated entry point or require visitors to sign in at the front desk to prevent trespassers. There are also usually 24/7 security cameras on the premises to discourage crime. Many communities even have their own security personnel who patrol the area and secure the entrances around the clock.

These safety and security measures give seniors and their families peace of mind about their well-being and protection. 

What is the difference between independent living and assisted living?

senior group discussion

Independent living communities are best suited for older adults of ages 55 or older who are primarily independent and in relatively healthy condition. They are intended for people looking to socialize with others, stay active, attend events, and take advantage of the amenities offered.

Some seniors like the idea of independent living but need a higher level of care. According to Forbes Health, a common way to determine the level of care someone needs is by measuring activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs include everyday tasks such as moving around, dressing, eating, grooming, and using the bathroom. 

Adults who require more help with ADLs are less eligible for independent living communities. Instead, they would be better served in assisted living communities or skilled nursing facilities to receive higher levels of care. 

Assisted living communities usually offer almost the same amenities as independent living communities, such as housekeeping, meal preparation, maintenance services, transportation, events and activities. However, assisted living also provides seniors more support with health and ADLs with trained nursing staff.

How much does independent living cost?

The average cost of independent living communities in the U.S. is between $2,000-$5,000 per month. In Florida, the average cost of independent living is about $2,500. However, this price can vary greatly depending on location, services, and amenities. Often included in this fee is housekeeping, home maintenance, utilities, a calendar of events, wellness programs, transportation, and sometimes a dining plan.

Most people pay for independent living using private funds. Still, other financial means can be used, including a bridge loan, senior line-of-credit, life settlements, Veteran benefits, or a deferred annuity with a long-term care rider.

Next steps

independent senior living

If you dream of the maintenance-free, independent living lifestyle but are not sure where to start, Florida Senior Consulting can help. 

There are over 600 independent living communities in Florida, and it can be overwhelming to explore all these options on your own.

Our senior advisors are experts in the field and will help you find the best independent living options based on your budget, interests, and preferences. We provide these consulting and placement services at no cost to you.

Call us at (941) 661-6196 or visit floridaseniorconsulting.com to get started on making your dream of independent living a reality.

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How Residents Are Transitioning From Independent Living to Assisted Living: Grace Pointe of Greeleys Continuum of Care

Life is a journey filled with transitions, and one of the most significant transitions many individuals face as they age is transitioning from independent living to assisted living. This transition can be a challenging decision, but it often becomes necessary when daily tasks and self-care become more difficult to manage alone. In this blog, we will explore the steps and considerations for patients and their families when making the move from independent care to assisted living, with a special focus on the Grace Pointe Continuum of Care difference.Assessing the Need for Assisted LivingThe first step in transitioning to assisted living is recognizing the signs that indicate a need for additional support. These signs may include:Difficulty with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and meal preparationMemory problems or cognitive decline that impact safety and well-beingFrequent falls or injuries due to mobility issuesSocial isolation and lonelinessMedication management challengesThe need for regular medical supervision and assistance Open CommunicationOnce the need for assisted living becomes apparent and the process of transitioning from independent living to assisted living begins, it is essential to have open and honest discussions with the individual who will be making the transition. This may involve a family meeting or conversations with healthcare professionals. It is crucial to listen to the concerns and preferences of the person who will be moving, as their input should be valued throughout the decision-making process. Navigating the Continuum of Care with Grace Pointe: Your Assurance of a Smooth TransitionAs weve discussed earlier, the decision to move from independent care to assisted living, marking the transition from independent living to assisted living, is a significant one, and its natural to have concerns about the future. Many individuals and families worry about whether theyll receive the care they need as their health requirements change.At Grace Pointe of Greeley, we understand these concerns and are committed to ensuring a seamless transition through our Continuum of Care. Lets explore how Grace Pointes approach is different and how we provide residents with the assurance they deserve.The Continuum of Care Approach: A Personalized PathwayOne of the key features that sets Grace Pointe apart is our Continuum of Care approach. This approach is designed to help residents and their families identify their current care needs and anticipate future requirements. Ongoing assessments are done by our care team to help create a personalized care plan that evolves with the individuals changing needs. This means that residents at Grace Pointe who are looking into transitioning from independent living to assisted living are not locked into a specific level of care, and theres no need to worry about a dishonest bait and switch scenario.Heres how the Continuum of Care approach works:Initial Assessment: When a resident joins Grace Pointe, we conduct a thorough assessment of their health, preferences, and care needs. This forms the foundation of their care plan.Regular Reassessment: We understand that health can change over time. Thats why we commit to regular reassessments of our residents. If their care needs increase or decrease, we adjust their care plan accordingly.Transparent Communication: We foster open and transparent communication with our residents and their families. If a change in care level is required, we discuss it thoroughly and collaboratively.To provide you with a deeper understanding of the exceptional care and support offered at Grace Pointe of Greeley, we invite you to read testimonials from residents and their families who have experienced our continuum of care firsthand. These heartfelt accounts will shed light on the compassionate and personalized care that sets Grace Pointe apart in the journey and benefits from independent living to assisted living.The benefits of independent living at Grace Pointe of Greeley are clear; here, residents can enjoy a worry-free life without the burden of household maintenance while maintaining a healthy level of independence. Yet, when it comes to transitioning to higher levels of care, such as assisted living or nursing care, the process can be emotionally challenging for both loved ones and their families. This shift can be accompanied by mixed feelings, as it often involves adapting to new routines, healthcare requirements, and a shift in the level of autonomy. Grace Pointes Continuum of Care approach supports each transition without the need for residents to physically relocate. Instead, they add necessary services while remaining in their current living units, tailored to each individual and their family for the ultimate peace of mind.Your Peace of Mind at Grace Pointe of GreeleyAt Grace Pointe of Greeley, we are deeply committed to our residents well-being. The transition from independent living to assisted living should not be a source of anxiety. At Grace Pointe of Greeley, we go above and beyond to ensure that residents have peace of mind about their care journey. Experience the Grace Pointe difference through our Continuum of Care approach, where we tailor each transition, ensuring that your family member moves seamlessly from one living arrangement to another with care, compassion, and a deep sense of belonging.We understand that everyones care needs are unique, and we are dedicated to providing the right level of care at the right time, tailored to you and your familys needs. With Grace Pointe, you can be confident that you or your loved one will receive the care and support needed to thrive at every stage of life.

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Senior living on your terms.Whether you are looking for care at home or senior living options, Florida Senior Consulting is here to help.Our approach is different. We are the only senior service provider in Florida that:Provides direct care management at homeCoordinates senior living placement at no cost to youEmploys licensed nurses as senior advocates for optimal careAnd stays connected with you for up to 90 days after move-in to help you acclimateCall us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help with your senior living choices and assure your quality of care. The choice should be yours.