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It all starts with mom asking for help in running a couple of errands, we gladly accept because we know we can make her happy and we are running errands for ourselves anyways. Soon, those few errands become more frequent. One day, mom falls and hurts herself, you run to her home to take her to the hospital, fortunately she didnt hurt herself badly. On her next doctors visit, he says she cant longer live by herself. Overwhelm is all you can feel.

You now have a new role in life, that one of being a caregiver, but where do you start? You have already had a very heated discussion with your siblings about what to do with mom, and you would prefer that one to be the last one you have.

After a few months of taking care of mom full time, you feel like you are totally losing yourself. Does any of these sounds like you:

  1. You feel unappreciated.
  2. Nobody understands what youre going through.
  3. You have lost many friends.
  4. You keep fighting with your siblings and other family members.
  5. Your full day goes by cleaning and taking care of mom.
  6. When you have free time you spend it doing doctors appointments
  7. You can barely remember when was the last time you had some time for yourself.
  8. Time off is not an option.
  9. You are really close to burn-out (maybe you have reached this level already).
  10. You wish you could disappear for ever.
  11. You dont remember the last time you slept 8 hours uninterrupted.

We know how overwhelming all this is and we know we can help you out. 

We want you to avoid conflict as much as possible, and we have noticed that when decisions are made in advance then a lot of conflict is avoided, because families have time to research different resources and options. Because we know it is important for you to avoid conflict, we start by doing a very thorough plan that will help you and your family make decisions and will give you time to research the different options, this plan will help you make decisions in the legal, financial, health and home accommodations for mom. And of course we will guide you through all those difficult conversations we know you dont want to have, but need to.

Having a plan doesnt solve the fact that theres a lot of hustle to keep mom healthy and all her needs up to date. We can help you with that as well, no more making calls, no more making appointments, no more worrying about where to find the right resources for all the problems that just pop up. We will help you do all that so you can enjoy moms company and have time to do those things you love to do. And, because we know your mental health should be a top priority, every month we offer resources you can use to keep the peace in your life.

Imagine how your life could look like if all the hustle was done by somebody else, what would you be doing with all that extra time? Maybe go out with some friends you havent seen in a while, maybe getting the much needed sleep, enjoying a whole meal in peace or even go on that desired vacation! When you work with us you will be able to do all that and you will also forget about those fights. We have you completely covered!

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