10 Warning Signs to Look for When You Visit a Senior this Holiday Season

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Nov 29, 2016

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Adult children of an aging parent often find themselves in a difficult position. While they know how important it is for a senior loved one to maintain their independence, they also worry about keeping them safe at home. Understanding if and when to intervene can be tough to do.

If you will be heading home for the holidays to visit an older loved one, there are a few warning signs you should be on the lookout for when you are there. They are good indicators that the time has come to talk about making a change.

10 Signs an Aging Loved One Needs More Help

If you are noticing more than one or two of these behaviors in a senior you love, it might be time to talk about making a move to a senior living community. These communities offer older adults a combination of safety and independence, in addition to a wide variety of life enrichment and wellness activities.

Personal Hygiene: An early indicator that a parent or other senior loved one is struggling is their personal appearance. Have you noticed a change in their hygiene habits? Is their clothing appropriate for the time of day and season of the year? Changes in this area can be signs an older adult is having trouble with personal care.
Less Social: Has an always involved and social older loved one withdrawn from favorite pastimes and organizations? It might be a sign they are having problems with transportation or that they are aware something is wrong but arent sure what it is.
Depression: Along those same lines is a case of the blues that goes on for many months. Seniors who are isolated or live alone are at higher risk for depression. If the older adult in your family seems tired, uninterested in carrying on a conversation or is sleeping a lot, it might be time to intervene. Make an appointment with their primary care physician.
Falls: Have they experienced any falls or near falls? Is your senior loved one struggling with balance problems or are they a little unsteady on their feet? Older homes may not be the safest environment for a senior who is experiencing mobility issues. Falls remain the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among seniors.
Accidents: When a senior driver bumps their car in to things like a curb or the garage door, it might not seem like a serious concern. But small accidents can indicate they may not be safe behind the wheel of a car any longer. Slower reflexes, problems with vision and hearing loss are just a few reasons why.
Housekeeping: If your parent has always kept a tidy house it is usually easy to spot when there might be a problem. Is laundry piled up? Is the trash overflowing? A dirty house is not only a sign a loved one is struggling, it can also present health and safety risks.
Finances: Is your senior family member safely managing their finances? There are a few ways to tell. Are bills stacked up unopened on their counter or desk? Another tip off is calls from bill collectors. When an older adult is having trouble keeping their financial house in order, they may pay some bills twice while neglecting others.
Being Scammed: Criminals often target seniors. They believe them to be lonely and confused. It puts older adults at higher risk for fraud and scams such as fake sweepstakes prizes, phony roofing companies and identity theft. If your loved one has fallen victim to a scam, it might be a sign they need to make a move.
Nutrition: When you visit your loved one this holiday season, take a peek inside their pantry and refrigerator. Are they full of out-of-dated foods? Does your senior loved ones diet seem to consist primarily of fast food? Poor nutrition can contribute to a variety of health conditions, as well as increase their risk for a fall.
Mismanaging Medication: Mistakes with medication are a leading reason seniors end up in the emergency department of a hospital every year. Some take too much medication and others forget to take it altogether. Thats why medication management is one of the most commonly utilized services in senior living communities.

If you are noticing more than one or two of these behaviors in a senior you love, it might be time to talk about making a move to a senior living community. These communities offer older adults a combination of safety and independence, in addition to a wide variety of life enrichment and wellness activities.

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Embracing Gratitude with Your Aging Loved Ones: Unwrap the Joy of Memories this Holiday Season

During this festive season, amid the bustling holiday cheer and gift-giving, lets remember that this season also holds a special opportunity to reconnect with our aging loved ones. Their lives are a treasure trove of experiences a tapestry woven with laughter, resilience, and enduring love. Together, lets embark on a heartwarming journey: the Reverse Bucket List, celebrating the remarkable chapters of their lives.Shimmering Moments, Great and SmallRenowned surgeon and expert in longevity medicine, Peter Attia encourages a shift in perspective, urging us to marvel at whats been accomplished. Reflecting on past accomplishments can bring immense joy and a sense of fulfillment, says Attia. Its about acknowledging how far youve come and finding gratitude in those moments. Unpack LaughterEncourage storytelling where mischievous adventures and heartwarming triumphs take center stage.  That first nervous dance at the high school prom. The thrill of landing your dream job. The quiet contentment of raising a family. Savor the SweetnessEmbrace poignant memories. Tears and laughter are the consistent treads in lifes tapestry, creating a deeper understanding and strengthening the bonds between generations. Attia says, Instead of looking at what you havent done, look at all that you have done. Be amazed by yourself. Its a simple yet powerful message: replace regret with wonder. Treasure the TapestryCreate tangible memories a photo album, written stories, or recorded recollections. These keepsakes will become cherished heirlooms, passing down stories through generations.The Gift of GratitudeThe Reverse Bucket List isnt about erasing unfulfilled dreams, its about adding layers of gratitude. Witnessing the richness of your loved ones lives becomes an inspiration, honoring their past, enriching their present, and nurturing the connections that bind us. This holiday season, gather around the warmth of the fire or the comfort of the kitchen table, bask in the shared laughter, and embrace the wisdom etched in your aging loved ones faces. As Peter Attia reminds us, The things weve done, the experiences weve had, those are the things that define us. Remember them. Celebrate them.Article written by Patty Toner, Director of Marketing (patty@seniorsbluebook.com).  

Entertaining Ways for Seniors to Keep an Active Mind in the New Year

Its a New Year, and the tradition of making some positive resolutions is at the top of everyones mind. Yes, it is important to stay healthy, to eat well and set goals but it is also important to exercise the mind just as much as the body. Some enjoyable ways to keeping a happy and healthy mind in 2021 are to indulge in activities such as reading, writing, solving puzzles and so much more! Here are some fun ways to keep an active mind for the upcoming year.Reading, Writing and SmilingReading is an engaging way to not only pass time but to also keep your mind sharp. There are so many great new book releases that have recently come out which provide an exciting escape for people of all ages. Most books even come in a large print option for those challenged with reading up close, or those who just like having a larger font size. Reading strengthens the brain, helps reduce stress levels and has even been told to increase longevity. Mental health is such an important aspect of todays society, and reading a good book to be able to escape reality is one of the best ways to spend the day!Along with reading and its positive stimulation on the brain, writing your own stories is a great way to keep an active mind and to help set personal goals for the New Year. Many of our communities have a full-time Activities Director that tailor toward peoples special interests in areas such as these for reading and writing, along with other areas like cooking, crafts and much more. A fun New Years resolution to pursue this year could be something such as striving to write a different short story a day or other type of narrative. Then, you can share it with friends and family, a great way to maintain these valuable personal relationships and of course, show off your creativity!Games, Puzzles and MorePuzzles come in a wide variety of forms that are fun for everyone. There are so many different options to keep you occupied in the New Year like crosswords, word searches, Sudoku and even your traditional jigsaw puzzles. Your brains health is just as important as your bodys, especially during these unprecedented times. Doing just one type of puzzle a day will help keep a sharp mind, since it exercises both sides of the brain and improves spatial reasoning. Something similar to puzzles that is also fun and an efficient way to pass time is playing cards. Games such as Go Fish and Solitaire help enhance your memory and mood all great things when starting off fresh for a New Year. You can always take a look at our Celebrations Activities and Events program to see all the different, diverse and fun recreation that is offered on a daily basis.In all, do your part to experience life to the fullest, and make sure to set daily goals for yourself even if they are small. The key to having a happy New Year is staying busy and exercising the mind throughout the day. Just a few minutes of taking care of your brain makes a world of a difference!