3 Facts Comparing Assisted Living and Independent Living

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Jun 25, 2021

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While some of the realities of aging can be stressful for seniors or those approaching senior age, its comforting for many to know that there are several excellent care options for those who have certain needs due to age. And while there are several different programs or community types to consider among seniors who are considering a move to a location where they can receive assistance, two of the most common such communities are assisted living and independent living these are similar in some ways, but also have some notable differences that separate them.
At Cozy Retire, were happy to offer high-quality, award-winningassisted living communityservices to numerous seniors throughout Ogden, Kaysville and Layton, offering several levels of assistance and personalized care plans depending on each individuals needs. How do our services compare with independent living communities, and which should you be considering if youre a senior or a caregiver helping with this decision? Here are some basics on each.
Assisted Living Basics
Assisted livingcommunities for seniors are meant to combine themes of independence with the basic forms of support that some seniors require. This support will vary widely between individuals some may have physical needs in terms of dressing or grooming themselves, while others may have needs in healthcare, social engagement, bathroom usage, meal consumption and many other areas, and assisted living staff are here to help with all of them.
Its important to note that assisted living communities arenotthe same as nursing homes. Nursing homes tend to refer to those for individuals with even more significant medical needs, including complex care programs that involve daily services. Those in assisted living communities may have some of these needs, but theyre generally less intense.
Independent Living Basics
Independent living communities, on the other hand, are meant for seniors who are still pretty active but want to be free of some of the burdens and responsibilities of homeownership while also having care resources on-hand if needed. Basic maintenance and household duties are carried out by staff, giving residents plenty of time to participate in various programs, enrichment activities and more, both on-site and off-site. However, independent living communities tend to have somewhat fewer specific care resources, and may not be ideal for seniors who have particular health or related needs.
Choosing Between Them
To be clear, there is no wrong answer here whether a senior chooses assisted living, independent living or even one of a number of other setups in this realm comes down completely to their needs and preferences. Seniors who dont have many health issues and just want to lessen their responsibilities while enriching their life may gravitate toward independent living; those with a few more care needs who want these maintained while also living an independent life may look to assisted living.

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How Elderly Care Makes Daily Living Comfortable

Seniors who might need assistance with their activities of daily living (ADLs) are benefited greatly by staying at assisted living facilities or having trusted caregivers. ADLs cover the essential tasks necessary for maintaining a comfortable and healthy daily life. These include the following:BathingBathing helps in maintaining personal hygiene and also improves ones sense of well-being in general. Seniors who may have mobility issues or require assistance due to medical conditions can benefit significantly from the support offered by our senior care in Minnesota. With our assistance, they will feel fresh every day and prevent infections or skin problems.DressingAnother daily activity that seniors frequently require assistance with is dressing. People with physical difficulties or cognitive problems benefit from having trusted caregivers. With this help, seniors may express their unique personalities via their wardrobe choices while preserving their sense of self-worth and sense of fashion.EatingMaintaining proper nutrition is essential for the health and well-being of seniors. Some elderly may require assistance with eating due to difficulties with swallowing or using utensils. At our assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, we ensure that residents receive balanced and nutritious meals.These elderly care services can be provided at the seniors home or in assisted living facilities. The aim should be providing comfort and support for seniors. At our home care, we make sure that the assistance we provide addresses the needs of our residents.At Cardenas Friendship Homes, we assist our residents with their activities of daily living while still encouraging their independence. Our residents enjoy happy lives in a secure and comfortable setting with our waivered care services.  Call us today at 612-616-7105

Benefits of Customized Living in Elderly Care Homes

Customized living in elderly care homes offers a personalized approach to senior care, tailoring services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each resident. As a provider of senior care in Minnesota, we have enlisted the benefits of embracing customized living in these compassionate environments:Tailored Care PlansCustomized living allows for individualized care plans that take into account the specific health, mobility, and cognitive needs of each resident. This personalized approach ensures that seniors receive the right level of assistance and support, promoting their overall well-being.Enhanced Quality of LifeBy tailoring services to residents preferences, elderly care homes create an environment that feels like home. Whether its choosing, daily activities, meal preferences, or the level of social engagement, customized living empowers seniors to maintain a sense of independence, fostering a higher quality of life.Flexibility and AdaptabilityAs the needs of seniors evolve, so too can their care plans. Customized living, including waivered care services, allows flexibility in adjusting services and support levels. This adaptability ensures that residents receive the appropriate care as their health conditions or preferences change over time.Holistic WellnessBeyond addressing physical health, customized living considers the holistic wellness of residents, including their emotional, social, and mental well-being. By crafting leisure activities, social interactions, and wellness programs to individual preferences, elderly care homes contribute to a more comprehensive and fulfilling lifestyle for seniors.If you are seeking an assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, that offers customized living, Cardenas Friendship Homes is here for you! Contact us to learn more about the services we offer!  Call us today at 612-616-7105.

Are You Eligible for Elderly Waiver Care Homes?

Elderly waiver care homes provide a valuable resource for seniors seeking personalized and supportive living arrangements. Understanding the eligibility criteria for these homes is crucial for individuals and their families navigating the complexities of senior care in Minnesota.    To qualify for elderly waiver care homes, individuals typically need to meet specific age requirements, with the most common threshold being 65 years or older. This age criterion ensures that these homes cater specifically to the needs of seniors who may benefit from additional assistance and a community of peers in a residential setting. In addition to age, many elderly waiver care homes consider the functional abilities of potential residents. Individuals who require assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, or meal preparation, are often eligible. The goal is to provide a supportive environment that enhances the quality of life for seniors who may face challenges in maintaining independence due to physical or cognitive limitations.  Financial eligibility is another crucial aspect. Elderly waiver care homes often accommodate individuals with limited financial resources, and some may accept Medicaid or other state-funded programs. This financial inclusivity ensures seniors from diverse economic backgrounds can access the necessary care and services.   Furthermore, elderly waiver care homes may consider individuals with specific medical conditions or disabilities that warrant specialized care. This criterion aims to create a community where residents with similar health needs can receive tailored waivered care services and assistance from trained caregivers.  Experience compassionate care tailored to your unique needs at Cardenas Friendship Homes. Our state-of-the-art assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, awaits, providing personalized support for a fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle.  Contact us today at 612-616-7105.  DISCLAIMER  Blogs, content and other media uploaded online are for informational purposes only. Contents on this website should not be considered medical advice. Readers are strongly encouraged to visit their physician for health-related issues.