5 Ways to Plan for the Holidays After the Death of a Loved One

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Nov 12, 2020

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Facing the holidays after the death of a loved one is difficult, especially the first few years.
The bereavement experts at VITAS Healthcare offer suggestions to helpyou and your familycope, enjoy time together, and honor a deceased lovedone during the holidays.

Ask each family memberfor theirthoughts/preferences about participating in holidaytraditions.

A family meeting will help you discuss the role your loved one played in your holiday traditions.By talking about what youll miss most about your loved one's absence, you and your family are taking the first stepto copewith your grief.

Reviewholiday-associated activities. Consider what to keep and what to change.

If you and your family decide to continue with holiday family traditions, allow someone to fulfill the role of your loved one.Each member of the family should do only what they feel most capable of handling, and everyone should honor the choices made by the entire family.
This is a time to be kind to yourself and to help others understand how you feel and what you need.

Decide how to include the memory of your loved one.

Achair may be empty, but your loved one will be present in your mind and heart. Look through photo albums and tell stories about your loved one who is gone.

Respond toinvitations.

Plan to be with people you enjoy, even if just for a few moments. Ask a friend to accompanyyou, andstay only as long as you want. Allow yourself to decline invitations you dont want to accept.

Realize that your fear of the holidays may be worse than the reality.

Allow yourself to enjoy golden moments when you can see the joy of the season. Your loved one would want that for you.
VITASoffersfree remote grief support groups. Led by bereavement specialists, these sessions provide information and guidance to those experiencing grief and loss. Learn more and sign up atVITAS.com/grief.

Rikki Muro, RN, MSN, is general manager for VITAS Healthcare in Chicago. For more information about end-of-life care options, call VITAS Healthcare at 866.759.6695 or visit VITAS.com.

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How To Plan A Funeral

Planning a funeral for your parents is a difficult and emotional process. It can be overwhelming and confusing, with so many decisions needing to be made. However, by being organized and methodical in your approach, you can ensure that the funeral is a meaningful and respectful celebration of their lives.Choose a funeral home.The first step in planning a funeral is to choose a funeral home. While this can be a difficult decision, it's important to find a funeral home that you trust and feel comfortable with. Look for a funeral home that is reputable and has experience in planning funerals. You may also want to consider the location, price, and accommodations offered by each funeral home.Notify family and friends.Once you have chosen a funeral home, it's important to notify family and friends about the funeral arrangements. You may want to send out an email or phone call to let people know about the funeral date, time, and location. This will give people plenty of time to make travel arrangements and plan accordingly.Plan the funeral service.The funeral service is an important part of the funeral, as it provides an opportunity to honor and remember your parents. When planning the service, you may want to include music, readings, and personal anecdotes about your parents. You may also want to consider hiring a minister or celebrant to lead the service.Choose the burial or cremation option.Another important decision to make is whether to have a traditional burial or cremation. Consider your parents' wishes and religious beliefs when making this decision. If you choose burial, you will need to select a cemetery and purchase a burial plot. If you choose cremation, you will need to select an urn for their remains.Consider other services.In addition to the funeral service and burial or cremation, there may be other services that you need to consider. For example, you may want to have a wake or visitation period to allow friends and family to pay their respects. You may also need to arrange transportation for the remains, as well as flowers and other funeral decorations.Deal with financial matters.Finally, you will need to deal with any financial matters related to the funeral. This may include paying for the funeral home services, burial or cremation, and other related expenses. You may also need to file any insurance claims or arrange for payment from your parents' estate.In conclusion, planning a funeral for your parents can be a difficult and emotional process, but by following these steps, you can ensure that it is a meaningful and respectful celebration of their lives. Remember to take your time, be organized, and seek support from loved ones throughout the process.Article Written By: Seniors Blue Book