Home Downsizing Solutions Launches Consumer Protection Information To Help Senior Home Sellers Weed Out Fake Cash Home Buyers


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Aug 04, 2022


Kansas/Missouri - Kansas City

Home Downsizing Solutions®

 Home Downsizing Solutions

Launches Consumer Protection Information To Help Senior Home Sellers Weed Out Fake Cash Home Buyers


Lincoln, Nebraska


Even with a red hot real estate market for home sellers, there is still a need and want by some home sellers to sell their house quickly to a direct cash home buyer. Maybe the house needs repairs or updates that the home owner just doesn’t want or have the resources to do.  Maybe the benefits that a cash home buyer provides are of value to the home seller, and the home owner just doesn’t want

to sell their house in a traditional manner and list it on the market. But as some home sellers are discovering, finding a “real” cash home buying company can be a challenge.


Unfortunately, with the current real estate market, combined with today’s technology, the “barrier of entry” for someone to say they are a “cash home buyer” is VERY low.

 Today, someone is able to easily create a web site, put an ad online, and make it look like they are a home buying company. Then add the ballooning “creative real estate” industry of the self-proclaimed gurus (even calling their groups cartels) teaching others how easy it is to get involved in real estate with the practice of “wholesaling,” and you have a dangerous situation for home sellers that want to sell their house in a non-traditional manner. Identifying a legitimate cash home buying company can be a challenge for individuals that don’t typically work in the real estate market.  But, there are a few questions to ask home buying companies to help ensure they are “real.” One, ask if they are actually going to look at your house.  Some of these companies will want to just make you an offer based on pictures they ask you to send them.  You will typically want a company to actually come and inspect your house to provide you with an offer. Two, ask for a reference of a local title company.  You will want to call the local title company to confirm that this company actually does buy houses and not just “flip” or sell the contract to another company. Three, ask how fast they can close and buy the house.  A real cash home buying company can close as soon as the title company checks title and prepares closing paperwork, typically in less than a week. These wholesaling companies will generally ask for 21 days or more “to get their contractors in to see the house” which is a red flag. There are a few other questions you can ask home buying companies to ensure they are legitimate. 

To get this information, just go to www.StopLowBallOffers.com or contact Ben Souchek at Ben@SGRealEstate or call/text him at (402)-450-0199.


To check out more about Ben’s company, a legitimate cash home buying company, just go to www.HomeDownsizingSolutions.com Home Downsizing Solutions has been buying houses direct from home sellers for more than 20 years. We also can assist with our concierge services of locating moving services and senior community locating services, to make the transition to senior living as stress & hassle free as possible.


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Whenever you think of lifes big moments, its hard to find one without Mom and Dad. Theyve been an unwavering source of comfort, inspiration and strength. So when its time to talk to your parents about assisted living, you might find yourself overwhelmed with emotions.Youre not alone. Many adult children face the arduous task of finding a safe place for their parents to age. However, you can make the transition a lot less stressful for everyone by following these 4 steps in planning for assisted living with your parents.1. Hold a family meeting.The choice to transition into assisted living is life-changing, which is why its essential for your parents and supportive family members to be involved in the process as much as possible. The best way to get the conversation about assisted living started is by holding a family meeting.Here are some tips on how to hold a family meeting about transitioning your parents to assisted living:Include everyone who will be part of the caregiving team for your parents. This could include family members, close friends, neighbors, their minister, or a paid caregiver.Prepare an agenda to keep communication successful and the group focused on supporting your parents. Be sure to stick to a clear timetable, so you dont overwhelm those attending the meeting.Choose a comfortable setting to keep tension low and positivity high. Find a location that has adequate seating and few distractions.Make sure everyone is heard. Moving your parents into assisted living can stir up emotions for everyone involved. People are more willing to talk about the situation if they feel they have a safe place to speak.2. Evaluate their needs.An in-person visit with their primary care physician is the ideal way to accurately evaluate the needs of your aging parents. Not only will you get a comprehensive evaluation of their functional abilities, youll get an assessment of their physical health, too.In order to provide the right level of care, their doctor will evaluate how well your mom or dad perform Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs . These are activities in which your parents engage on a day-to-day basis, such as:BathingEatingDressingGroomingOral hygieneClimbing stairsWalkingUsing the toiletYou also need to evaluate how well your parents perform Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, or IADLS. Adults need to perform these activities in order to live a successful, independent life. Evaluating IADLS is also a way to measure what level of care your parents might need when they enter assisted living. Examples include:CookingDriving or using public transportationDoing houseworkKeeping track of financesDoing laundryUsing the phone and looking up numbersManaging medications3. Create a sound financial plan for assisted living.After youve determined the level of care your mom or dad might need, its time to take a deep look at what your family can afford on a monthly basis. Most families use private funds to pay for assisted living. Your parents may be able to pay for this by combining their  personal savings, Social Security payments, pension payments and retirement accounts; they may also be willing to sell their home. In some cases, adult children may contribute some of their own funds to supplement their parents resources.You may be surprised to find out the average cost of assisted living is about the same as the cost of at-home care, which is when you choose to spend retirement in your home. However, aging in place comes with a big caveat: major home renovations.To live safely at home, your parents will probably need rooms in their home, like the bathroom and kitchen, completely reworked. This could end up costing more money and stress than originally planned.Talk to your parents about their finances and discuss the difference between aging-in-place and choosing a community that offers assisted living. That way, you can be sure youre choosing the right path for your parents retirement.4. Delight in exploring the possibilities.Assisted living communities are not the dreary and sleepy halls you may remember at your grandparents nursing home. Upscale assisted living offers unsurpassed care, services, and amenities that help your mom and dad thrive through every stage of their retirement.Housekeeping and laundry services eliminate many daily concerns,  scheduled activities help your parents stay social, and state-of-the-art fitness facilities keep them active. Theyll also have convenient access to lifes little luxuries like a hair salon, restaurant-style dining, and scheduled transportation for fun-filled shopping trips.While your parents are spending their retirement in style at a luxury community offering assisted living, you can rest easy knowing their health is always in caring hands.LIVE LIFE THE SANTA MARTA WAY WITH LUXURY ASSISTED LIVING IN OLATHE, KSDiscover Tuscan-inspired views, top-of-the-line amenities, and world-class cuisine at Santa Marta. Not only will your parents  be able to enjoy the fabulous amenities and services we offer, but theyll be able to receive  uniquely tailored care as their health needs change.To schedule a tour or learn more about our assisted living neighborhood and other senior living options, contact us online, and a senior living counselor will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Community Visit Questions

Community Visit Questions The search for the right senior living community in Kansas City can be difficult because there are many great options. So we developed a list of questions to help you choose the right one for you.OverallWhat was your first impression? Do you feel comfortable with the location and overall presentation of the campus? Do they offer an apartment style that appeals to you? What is the travel time to restaurants, theaters, airports, etc.? Do team members smile and offer courteous greetings? Do team members address residents by name and show respectful familiarity? Are the residents friendly and welcoming? What levels of living does this community have?What they offerWhat levels of living are available?  Are transportation services offered? Is there a fee? What is the process for discussing your care needs if your health begins to decline? What is their CMS quality rating? Do they have recent customer satisfaction survey results?Community LifeWhat is the minimum age? Do they embrace cultural diversity and inclusivity? Do they host events? What do the current residents have to say about the services? What are their policies related to pets Are they tobacco free? How secure is the community? How does parking work? Are there crisis plans in place? Do team members undergo screenings and background checks prior to employment? Do they have a newsletter and activity calendar?  DiningAre the dining rooms inviting and clean? Are the tables, chairs and linens clean and in good condition? May residents invite guests to meals? How does the community accommodate special diets? Is there a dietician or nutritionist involved in meal planning? Have you sampled a meal? FinancesAre they a stand-alone campus or part of a family of communities? What happens if you outlive your resources? What does the monthly fee cover? What is not included in the monthly fee? What are their policies related to transitioning to another unit or level of care? How might that impact you financially? What are their policies related to refunds? Next stepsCan you envision yourself living here? If so, what is the next step in making the move?  Editors Note: This article was submitted by Jill Lamb. Jill Lamb is the Marketing Director with Colonial Village and may be reached at (913) 730-3700 or by email at Jill.Lamb@CLV-OP.com.  

Don't be fooled by a Simple Will

Don't be fooled by a Simple WillSometimes people will say they want a Simple Will. They assume their assets are uncomplicated and their family situation is typical. But, they dont want surprises.This may be a husband and wife with responsible adult children, a young couple with minor children or a single person. They want the will to distribute their assets to their family. Some attorneys prepare a Simple Will, leaving the impression they have taken care of things. Computer based will forms can provide similar false security. It can be like getting a prescription for bad medicine. A will is not an efficient way to distribute your estate. It requires court approval and processing in accord with probate procedures. This is slow and expensive. The process takes a minimum of 6 months in Kansas and 12 months in Missouri. Typical attorney fees for a $200,000 estate are $7,000 to $10,000, or more.A will only applies to assets that are in the deceased person's name, and that have no beneficiary designations. Most married couples hold bank accounts and real estate jointly. Upon the first spouses death, the assets go to the survivor, not through the will. If the assets have a payable on death (POD) or transfer on death (TOD) designation, or a beneficiary designation as on a life insurance policy or retirement account, these arrangements take priority over the will. Disputes occur when beneficiary designations are different than will provisions.For a young couple with minor children, if their retirement accounts and life insurance beneficiary designations are primary-spouse, contingent-children, and there is no surviving spouse, or a divorce has occurred, then the will does not apply to the childrens shares. It does not matter that the will may have provisions to protect the funds for the childrens education and long-term well-being.An experienced estate attorney will review all assets, their titles and beneficiary designations. Surprisingly, this review frequently shows the Simple Will has no use. Preparing a Simple Will without understanding a clients unique needs, and confirming asset titles and beneficiary designations, provides false security and often results in more expense, delay and family disputes, down the road.Article by James P. Berger, J.D., of Berger Estate & Elder Law, P.A. who can be reached at 913-491-6332 or by email at jim@berger-lawfirm.com.