Professional Home Care Can Help Seniors Remain with Their Pets



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Jul 27, 2023


Minnesota - Twin Cities Metro Area

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Pets have an extremely positive impact on the health and wellness of seniors. One of the benefits is elderly companionship, which helps to reduce feelings of social isolation, loneliness, depression, and cognitive decline. Pets also help seniors stay active and give them an added purpose in life.

However, certain physical or health limitations can make pet ownership difficult or nearly impossible for some individuals. Professional senior care services can help by keeping older adults safe and comfortable at home while helping them tend to their furry friends.

Getting Help at Home with Pet Ownership

Seniors may develop health, cognitive, or mobility issues that make it challenging — or even unsafe — to look after a pet on their own. Because most living assistance facilities prohibit animals, an older adult may have to painfully say goodbye to their four-legged buddy if moving to a nursing home.  Senior home care services from Visiting Angels can be a better alternative.

Visiting Angels’ dedicated caregivers offer the following resources for seniors who own a pet:

Reminders and scheduling support

A Visiting Angels’ caregiver will alert your senior to perform daily duties, including giving the pet food, water, and medication. A caregiver can assist with scheduling vet appointments, finding a mobile groomer, setting up automatic pet food deliveries, or hiring a neighborhood dog walker.

Transportation assistance

Just like humans, pets need medical care, food, and supplies. If your senior is unable to drive, a Visiting Angels’ caregiver can provide transportation to vet appointments and pet stores and assist with shopping.

Hazard and safety monitoring

Although pets can be loving companions, they can sometimes cause unsafe situations. For example, a pet’s food bowl or toys in the middle of the kitchen floor could create a tripping hazard. A senior with mobility issues who attempts to walk a large dog alone could get hurt. Additionally, pet messes that aren’t cleaned up properly could cause a health hazard. Having a Visiting Angels’ caregiver in the home can ensure your loved one’s pet isn’t becoming too much to manage.

Learn How Visiting Angels Can Help Seniors With Pet Care

In-home caregivers can make it possible for aging adults to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership by providing much-needed support to overcome age-related challenges.

To learn more about how Visiting Angels West Metro can provide seniors with personal home care and pet care assistance, contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 952-935-0789. 

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Real Client Story's on the struggle with Incontinence

Darren H., Any Age  AgeI smoked cigarettes for over 20 years. At the time, I didn't realize they could actually weaken your bladder. The worst part of having to wear diapers as an adult is that whenever you are working or just going out, you always have to carry a bag with you to the restroom. Plus, with bowel incontinence the smell can be embarrassing at times. I've come to accept my incontinence, and even tell people about it if they ask. Im not afraid to let people know, because it becomes part of your life, just like anything does. Being a single widowed father to a special needs child has also helped me cope and deal with my disability. I know that it can happen at any age. Just be confident in who you are, accept the change, and live your life.Chelsea S., Ask QuestionsLate in life I was told that I had a problem with my kidneys where they were working more slowly than they should be. I thought my doctors were keeping it in check, but at 81 I had progressed to sudden kidney failure. I went to the Emergency Department with a faint heartbeat and was hospitalized for two weeks. I am still living with the impacts of my medical emergency. I still cant hold my urine so I have to wear pull-ups, and I still need help when I walk. My advice is to pay attention to yourself and your body, and its always better to ask questions than not have the information you need. I hope this will let people to know that doctors dont always know or share everything, so ask questions!Taylor S., Get the The Right ProductsI was a late bloomer and struggled with wetting both day and especially night as a child. As I got older, into my teens and twenties, I would still have bedwetting and sometimes daytime accidents. Not fitting in pullups or Goodnites diapers anymore, I eventually switched to adult diapers. They were store brand diapers at first, and they often leaked. Those leaks caused me embarrassing moments and wet sheets with a smelly mattress. Trevor H., Find Your Own WayWhen I was very young, I was diagnosed with cancer. After various treatments, I ended up losing my left testicle when I was just three and a half years old. This resulted in bedwetting, which eventually developed into full-blown incontinence by the time I was 13. I've tried many products and many ways of dealing with the various situations that inevitably arise with incontinence. So many ways. So, I think I'm well aware of what to look for in products at this point, which is if the whatever system you buy actually makes the situation better for your health. Everyone who experiences incontinence needs to find a safe way of dealing with their bodily fluids and disposing of them properly. For me, diapered up is way better then without one.Melissa B., Gave My AllI was a teacher for over 31 years. Frequently, I was forced to wait hours to be allowed to leave my classroom to go to the toilet. Towards the end of my career, I would even ask office staff to cover my class for a few minutes while I went to the bathroom. When I retired, I found out that I was developing an inability to get to the bathroom in time. All that time I was giving my all to my job, it was taking its toll on my body. I started taking a medication called Mybetric, which treats OAB by relaxing your bladder muscles, and that helped some. However, after a life threatening hospital event, I started using productive underwear. After several different brands tried and failed, I found LivDry diapers and found a better fit.Judy K., Dignity is Worth ItBoth my husband and I suffer from incontinence... his from a fall that resulted in a brain-bleed (stroke) leaving him incontinent. Mine is from bladder issues. Needless to say, incontinence is embarrassing and expensive plus the necessity of constantly shopping for products! I tried many over-the-counter products, with disappointing results!!! Being in our 80s, going shopping is an effort, so I do a lot of it online and discovered TYE Medical. WHAT A BLESSING! We have been using them to supply us with all our incontinence supplies for several years now. We have a subscription with them, so they ship our supplies each month right to our door. If any changes in our order is necessary, just go online or call them so easy! Their pull-up briefs and shaped pads (inserted for added protection) are the most absorbent products on the market not cheap, but our dignity is worth it!!!Sophie S., Find Your ConfidenceI have had a weak bladder for as long as I can remember. It was difficult growing up knowing I might have an accident, especially in my teen years. My parents were very understanding of my condition and the doctor concluded its not my fault, some folks just have weak bladders. The doctor and my parents finally came to the joint solution for me to try protective underwear, and they assumed the issue would just get resolved as I got older. Unfortunately worsened over the years, and by the time I hit my twenties I was having to wear protection 24/7. After trying all sorts of brands and all types of styles, I really would just end up leaking due to my active lifestyle. I was so embarrassed that I didnt want to go out as much and became a recluse and had severe depression. Finally, around my 23rd birthday I was talking to a friend who is also incontinent, and they recommended for me to try LivDry briefs with the two piece system and explained that you can use them with booster pads as needed. This was a game changer for me, it was like a light clicked. I tried them for a week and never looked back. The durability of them for my active lifestyle and the way they can be used with or without a booster pad made wearing the discrete in the day simple and at nighttime I could greatly increase the absorbency by using an insert. The best part is I got my life back. I got my confidence back. These briefs literally changed my life overnight. I am 36 now and have been wearing them over ten years and I will never look back. They really are the most absorbent and comfortable product Ive used. No more leaks, no more bulky mess. Odor free - there is no downside to these briefs! Thank you TYE Medical.

Ken Faces Two Fears with a Flight to the Ocean

We all have fears in our lives, and at certain times, most of us would admit that theyve held us back from doing something we wanted.But, when it comes to fear, theres also a silver lining: the feeling of overcoming it and moving forward. And from that day forward, that personal victorythat sense of accomplishment is something we can turn to whenever we need some extra courage.Ken, age 70, is no stranger to adversity and fear. And in this season of his life, hes been reflecting on his fears and is no longer content letting them hold him back.One fear has been with him since he was young. Kens family lived close to an airport while he was growing up. Standing in his backyard, he would look up and marvel at the airplanes coming and going all day long. He wondered what it would be like to be inside one of these planes, looking out the window and floating through the clouds. But paired with his curiosity, a sense of fear was also growing inside him.This fear of heights and flying has followed Ken into adulthood. Adulthood came early for Ken, as hes been working hard to provide for himself and his family for as long as he can remember. In fact, Ken was already working at age 12.Ken had a job in a state park close to his home. One day, while Ken was helping remove debris in the park, a falling tree knocked him into the water. Ken was stuck, and he remained submerged until he was rescued.It was a terrifying moment that has stayed with him since that day, resulting in a deep fear of water.Its true that Ken has faced many obstacles and heartbreak throughout his life. But hes never allowed that to stop him from working hard, especially when it comes to providing for others. Ken is proud to have raised a family, including adopting two children with his wife, Elizabeth. He shared that this has made him the proudest and happiest hes ever been.Those who know Ken well would tell you hes the kind of person who shows he cares through his actions. Like how he mowed his mothers lawn for over a decade, caring for her until she passed away three years ago.Ken was everyones favorite BINGO caller at his local church and would help them with maintenance and by fixing things whenever he could. The same goes for any neighbor or friendall they had to do was ask, and Ken would be there.Kens dedication and generosity have kept him continually working, and not having many opportunities to do something meaningful for himself. But, recently, Ken has expressed the urge to conquer his fears.When Wish of a Lifetime heard Kens story, we were honored at the chance to help him take some time for himselfand to face his fears in the process by flying on a commercial flight for the first time.When asked what this experience would mean to him, Ken said, Id be happyId get to do something I never did and face my fear of going high.But thats not the only fear Ken would face during his wish of a lifetime!Every flight must have a destination, and Kens was the ocean. Ken was thrilled to share this special trip with his wife Elizabeth. Together, they flew from Pennsylvania all the way to Florida, landing in Tampa.Kens first time on an airplane was positive, and he said the flight felt like riding in a Cadillacit was so smooth.After they arrived at sunny Clearwater Beach, they could see the glittering, white sand welcoming them. Hand in hand, Ken and Elizabeth walked across the beach, taking in all the sights and smells of the ocean.I think he was amazed, Elizabeth said, describing the moment when Ken saw the ocean for the first time in his life. With deep emotion breaking up her voice, she expressed how much the experience meant to them both.Thank you guys very much, I dont know how to express the thank you, I really enjoyed it, she said.As he stood with the tide tickling his feet, Ken felt the warmth of the sunshine on his back, but also the glow of pride from within him.I feel this would make me fulfilled that I overcame two lifelong fears, he said.Reflecting on his wish, Ken said he hoped his story could help others to do the same, at any age. And, to keep hope alive, even through challenging times:Keep your nose to the grindstone, he said. Someday, something good will happen.