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Jul 13, 2023


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Staying in touch with old friends, and making new ones, can be a challenge in your later years. People change, schedules get in the way, and health issues can make it difficult to get out as much.

With that being said, having friends is crucial for staying well and maintaining good mental health. As such, it can be helpful to know how to make new friends during retirement.

Join a Club

Clubs are one of the best ways to easily and naturally connect with others in your community. Whether you’re living alone or enjoying retirement in St. Petersburg assisted living, becoming a member of a club is a surefire method for making new friends. 

Examples of clubs you might find in your community may include: 

  • Book clubs
  • Walking clubs
  • Church groups
  • Charity organizations
  • Card players
  • Bakers clubs

Clubs meet regularly and change membership often, giving you a new wave of people to connect with each time you get together.


Volunteering is another great way to link up with peers with common interests. It’s also beneficial to your community, as it allows you to give back. Regardless of your abilities or level of mobility, there are bound to be many volunteer opportunities in your area.

Consider walking dogs in your neighborhood, reading to bed-bound patients in the hospital, or offering a helping hand at a local soup kitchen. Doing so will give you a chance to form meaningful relationships with fellow volunteers, charity staff, and the people you’re helping.

Host a Party

Many people think you can’t have a party without friends, but hosting a party is actually a great way to meet people. You might invite casual acquaintances from the community who you’re close to or even open up the invitation to the whole neighborhood.

As the host, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to get to know your guests — and possibly make some lasting friends along the way.

Take a Class

One of the best ways to spend your retirement years is by embracing lifelong learning. 

Take advantage of your newfound free time by picking up a new hobby or skill, such as painting, baking, ceramics, or a second language. Learning can be a great way to make new friends, as you’ll already have at least one thing in common with your classmates.

Some community colleges and organizations even have senior-focused classes, providing an ideal environment for older adults to mingle.

Set Goals

It may sound like advice meant for the young and ambitious, but setting goals is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting out there and creating the possibility of making new friends. Without concrete goals, you’ll have nothing to aim for.

For instance, you might set a goal to go to a community event once a month or perhaps once a week. You might also resolve to introduce yourself to one new person each time you attend an event.

While not every interaction will result in friendship, you’d be surprised how many exciting new connections you can make by setting and following through on incremental goals.

Stay Open

Lastly, you’ll need to stay open if you want to make new friends in retirement.

You’ll frequently need to put yourself out there to spark a new relationship, and you may be unaccustomed to this kind of boldness if your social circle has been relatively small over the past years. Now is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Another way to stay open is to give everyone a chance. Not all of your friends have to be your age or even have much in common with you — great friendships can form no matter how different two people are.

Make New Friends in Assisted Living in Bradenton, Florida

There are many benefits of entering assisted living in Saint Petersburg, Florida, but one of the biggest is the built-in social network. With group dining, communal areas, and activities open to all, senior communities make forging new friendships easier than ever.

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Myth-Busting: Active Senior Living Communities

What if you could live in a community that is designed to support your active lifestyle, overall health, and well-being with resources right at your fingertips? What if you could say goodbye to shoveling snow in the winter, mowing the lawn in the summer, and home maintenance chores all year long? This can all be yours when you make the choice to live in an active senior living community. And dont believe the myths it can be one of the most liberating and exciting times in life, especially now with all the current options available.Unlike in our parents time, today there are vibrant independent living options that actually enhance your lifestyle with resort-like amenities, resources, and a community of like-minded people. Its a far cry from when nursing homes were the only option for older adults who wanted a maintenance-free lifestyle with assistance if needed.A new era of community living became prevalent for older adults in the early 1960s when the demand for more options for older adults started shifting. Now communities from coast to coast offer amenities and opportunities that maintain active lifestyles and social engagements that make these communities appealing to many older adults.Debunking the Myths About Active Senior Living CommunitiesThinking of senior living communities in the same breath as nursing homes is so last century and couldnt be further from reality. Lets debunk a few of the myths about retirement communities:Myth #1: Does moving to a retirement community mean I will lose independence?Fact: Depending on the community, many have different styles of living from completely independent to more support levels if needed. Todays retirement communities are designed to create independent living options in order to meet the needs of this generations active lifestyle. Holly Creek offers options of stand-alone cottages and individual apartments where you are free to live as you wish and participate in events, dining and other social engagements when and if you choose.Myth #2: Is retirement living boring?Fact: Almost all senior living communities offer a variety of events that you can choose to participate in. In some cases, the residents create the calendar and events and in others, staff put together activities based on residents interests. When you dont have to spend time and energy on home maintenance chores, you can fully enjoy current interests and perhaps gain new hobbies while meeting new friends. In fact, moving to senior living is one of the best ways to help older adults prevent boredom and avoid social isolation. Holly Creek has so many opportunities, it might be a challenge to fit in all the activities you like, from enjoying the indoor/outdoor pool or fitness center to visiting the theater and art gallery to taking part in exercise classes.Myth #3: Is retirement living for people too old to live on their own?Fact: Older adults are increasingly embracing the idea of living in active senior living communities. According to USA Today, more than 600,000 older Americans like the idea of getting settled in a community and staying there if their care needs change. While there is no magic age to transition to a senior living community, there are some benefits to making the move while you are able to enjoy the amenities and activities offered in a retirement community. In addition, moving sooner will allow you to maintain living independently, but get adjusted to the community environment and be in the company of others.

What Are Active Adult Communities and Which One Is Best for You?

If youre over 55 you may have considered a senior living community but have concerns that the traditional retirement community may not be a right fit for you. If youre still active and have a social life, engaging with friends and family, these communities may be less appealing. But there is an option that allows you to enjoy maintenance-free living with greater independence and a more active lifestyle: its called active adult communities.Active Adult Community BenefitsAs people become healthier and more independent in their later years, interest in active adult communities continue to grow. So, what is the draw?As noted, they offer a more independent living than other types of retirement communities. Residents dont need skilled nursing or help with daily self-care or meals. Active adult communities are usually more lifestyle oriented with a focus on socialization, wellness, and programs for active seniors. You will usually find:Outdoor activities and sports like tennis, golf, pickleball, basketball, etc.Exercise and wellness classes like yoga and mindfulnessUpdated fitness facilitiesOutside trails and parksAnd when you live in an active adult community youre still free from the burdens and demands of home maintenance. This is a big reason why many seniors choose retirement communities, and you still gain this advantage when you choose this more active and independent option.Some of these communities require that at least one person in each residence meet a minimum age requirement. About 80% of retirement communities have age-restrictions. Other communities target seniors over age 55 but dont limit residency based on age.You have the option of owning or renting properties that include townhomes, apartments, condos, and single-family homes. Some communities even offer the option of renting or buying a mobile home.Active Adult Community CostsThe average cost of a 55-plus community ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 per month. Of course the price depends on the specific community and its location. Typically, you can cage senior community costs by the cost of real estate in a given area. Other factors like the number of bedrooms or luxury amenities will affect the cost of an active adult community.Typically, your community will charge an HOA (homeowners association) fee in exchange for grounds keeping, landscaping, snow removal, and general maintenance. Be sure to ask about HOA or maintenance fees before you buy into a community. These fees vary widely, and you want to be sure there are no unwelcome surprises. Some good questions to ask:What are the additional fees?What do the fees cover?How much have fees increased in the past?How much are they expected to increase in the future?Before you sign for a property, also ask if there is a down payment for renting and what amenities are included with your property.Niche CommunitiesThe average cost of a 55-plus community ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 per month. Of course the price depends on the specific community and its location. Typically, you can cage senior community costs by the cost of real estate in a given area. Other factors like the number of bedrooms or luxury amenities will affect the cost of an active adult community.Typically, your community will charge an HOA (homeowners association) fee in exchange for grounds keeping, landscaping, snow removal, and general maintenance. Be sure to ask about HOA or maintenance fees before you buy into a community. These fees vary widely, and you want to be sure there are no unwelcome surprises. Some good questions to ask:What are the additional fees?What do the fees cover?How much have fees increased in the past?How much are they expected to increase in the future?Before you sign for a property, also ask if there is a down payment for renting and what amenities are included with your property.Niche CommunitiesA typical active adult residence varies from 650 to 2,200 square feet and sometimes more. Many are situated with easy access to trails and parks and are close to shopping centers. Some communities are even connected to retail businesses like coffee shops and cafes. For convenience, most active adult communities are located in suburban or urban areas with access to entertainment, museums, and restaurants.Youll find a variety of common areas are also typical. These encourage socialization as people interact in fitness centers, dog parks, pools, clubhouses, and outdoor kitchens. Some active adult communities offer concierge services to help coordinate third party grocery deliveries, housekeeping services, and transportation.Healthcare services arent usually part of an active adult community, some have on-site offices for home health agencies or rooms set up for telehealth visits. Just keep in mind that active adult communities are primarily lifestyle oriented and not health care oriented.Is Active Adult Living Is Right for YouActive adult communities are an attractive option for seniors over 55 who want a more socially engaging and active retirement community. If you dont need daily health care and want to maintain an independent lifestyle, an active adult community may be a right fit. You can enjoy the benefits and amenities of an engaging community without the burden of maintaining a home and property.Just be sure to consider several options, tour facilities, and ask questions before making a decision.TYE Medical offers premium incontinence products in various sizes and absorbency levels. Shop our online store for free and discreet shipping on all orders. 

What to Do When a Loved One Refuses to Recognize Health Concerns

What to Do When a Loved One Refuses to Recognize Health ConcernsProviding care for a family member as they age or face health challenges is an act of kindness that can bring you closer together, but what if your loved one doesnt share your concerns about their health? Recognizing health concerns is the first step toward finding the right support, but denial can be a formidable obstacle. Community Senior Lifes senior living communities in Alabama are dedicated to creating a safe and empowering environment for residents. We tailor our services to meet each individuals unique lifestyle, preferences, and needs, and were sharing some valuable insights into what to do when your family member refuses to acknowledge health concerns.Recognizing Health ConcernsThe health and well-being of our family members are often at the forefront of our minds. However, when those we care about refuse to acknowledge health concerns, it can become a source of tension and constant worry.Understanding the root of this denial and developing a strategy to address it is essential not just for their health but also for maintaining a trusting relationship.There could be numerous reasons why someone might refuse to acknowledge health concerns. Fear of a potential diagnosis, the perceived stigma associated with illness, or simply the reluctance to face the reality of aging can prompt denial. There are also many emotional factors that can come into play in these situations as well, such as pride, fear of losing independence, or a desire not to cause worry among family members.Approaching the IssueWhen initiating this difficult conversation, its critical to approach your family member with empathy and actively listen to their perspective. Choose a time and place where you can communicate honestly, calmly, and without any distractions. Its essential to voice your concerns without casting judgment or assigning blame, as this can often deepen their resistance. Reassurance is key, and by telling your loved one that you want to help them rather than make them feel bad, you can create a sense of support. Here are some ways you can express these feelings: I want you to enjoy the best quality of life that you can; you deserve it! I understand that you want to remain independent. Can we talk more about how senior living can help you do that? You mean so much to me, and I would love to have the opportunity to help you. Seeking a Support SystemA united front can also be very effective when discussing the situation, and including other family members can help ensure everyone delivers the same message of concern and support. Sometimes, the authority of a professional can make all the difference when encouraging your loved one to visit a healthcare provider. It can help alleviate their apprehensions and provide them with the guidance they need to seek a proper assessment and get advice. If they remain resistant, including a therapist or counselors unbiased and professional opinion in these discussions could be beneficial.Aside from therapy or counseling, you can also turn to your family members close friends, neighbors, or even a community figure that your loved one trusts. This will strengthen the support system surrounding your loved one and help emphasize just how important they are to the people around them. Taking Care of YourselfWhile caring for others, dont forget to take care of yourself. Managing your emotions and stress is vital for your health, so contact your close friends, discover support groups, or even consult professional support for your emotional well-being. Additionally, be sure to get quality sleep and plenty of exercise to maintain your physical health.Facing a family member who denies their health issues is a daunting task, but its a challenge that requires persistence, patience, and, most importantly, love. Your support and understanding can make all the difference in helping them recognize the need for care.Remember, youre not alone in this journey, and with the right approach, your family member can get the help they need to live a healthier and fuller life.Community Senior Life understands that recognizing health concerns is only the starting point, and were here to remind you that with time, your efforts can lead to better health and quality of life for those you cherish most. Our senior living communities in Alabama aim to provide the comfort and peace of mind that families need when their loved one is facing difficult times.  Contact our senior living team at 251-981-0200 in Alabama today to learn more!

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Assisted Living 1700 21st Ave. W., Bradenton, Florida, 34205

Westminster Manor has been serving seniors in the Bradenton/Sarasota area for over 50 years. We are a not for profit, faith-based Continuing Care Retirement Community.  Sunny skies and warm hearts beckon at Westminster Manor, with A Strong Foundation for Your Future.  Our beautiful community is conveniently located on quiet neighborhood streets in Bradenton.  Enjoy a lifestyle enriched with maintenance-free living, a wide variety of choices in residences, our exclusive My W Life wellbeing program and access to great amenities and services. You'll choose from a variety of affordable apartments, villa homes and modular homes, all at a fantastic value. No matter what choice you make, were here for you, because every residence is backed by the assurance of a full complement of healthcare services. At Westminster Manor, you'll find something to make you smile.

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Westminster Manor is a dream for a LifePlan Community! Those seeking an active and fulfilling lifestyle without the hassle of household chores and maintenance. It's wonderful to hear that life at Westminster Manor doesn't replace an active lifestyle but enhances it, providing residents with the freedom to pursue their happiness however they choose.The wide range of activities available, from wellness programs to lifelong learning opportunities, ensures that residents can stay engaged and stimulated, contributing to their overall well-being. And for those moments when relaxation is preferred, residents can simply kick back and enjoy the comforts of their beautifully appointed residences, complete with modern appliances and customizable features.The convenience of having upkeep tasks like maintenance and lawn care taken care of allows residents to focus on the activities they love, whether it's taking a leisurely stroll, enjoying delicious restaurant-style meals, or socializing with friends and neighbors.The value offered at Westminster Manor is evident not only in the quality of the residences but also in the access to fantastic amenities and services like the exclusive My W Life wellbeing program, fitness center, on-site security, housekeeping, and scheduled transportation. It's clear that Westminster Manor is dedicated to providing a vibrant and enriching lifestyle for its residents, ensuring that every day is filled with opportunities for joy and fulfillment.

Westminster Manor

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Westminster Manor sounds like a haven of comfort and care for seniors in the Bradenton/Sarasota area. With over 50 years of trusted service, your not-for-profit, faith-based approach undoubtedly sets a strong foundation for the well-being of residents.The emphasis on maintenance-free living and a variety of residence choices, from apartments to villa homes and modular homes, ensures that there's something to suit everyone's preferences and needs. And with the My W Life wellbeing program, residents can enjoy a holistic approach to their health and happiness.It's wonderful to hear that Westminster Manor offers exceptional amenities and services, providing residents with everything they need for a fulfilling lifestyle. And with healthcare services readily available, families can rest assured that their loved ones are in good hands.Most importantly, the emphasis on joy and smiles speaks volumes about the positive atmosphere you cultivate at Westminster Manor. Thank you for providing a caring and compassionate home for seniors in your community.