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Jul 21, 2023


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As I recall, the National Geographic magazine of my youth published stories about the natural world most of us would have never dreamed of visiting in person. There were pictures of kangaroos in Australia, penguins in South America, and mountains in Africa to climb.

Now, there’s a new study from the National Geographic Society, who owns the magazine, which has leaned into another strange new world - the world of aging. In partnership with AARP, researchers set out to confirm what those of us in our late-50s and above have already suspected or lived.

We are not our stereotypes.

The Study

Journalists and researchers gathered 2,500 Americans from age 18 into their 90s, to see how their opinions on six indicators of health, money, happiness, relationships, life stages and final years, vary over the arc of adulthood. According to the AARP, they “represented the full range of America’s backgrounds, demographics, and ethnicities. Another 25 adults age 40 and older participated in in-depth interviews.”

One question inquired, “Would you take a pill that immediately granted 10 bonus years of life?” Three-quarters of the adults said yes. However, the group of 80-year-olds were most likely to decline and better understood the condition of “healthy with conditions,” as scholars refer to that time in our lives when we are more likely to be discussing ailments than anything else.

We all age with conditions. Overall, life is good, especially for older Americans - especially for those over 60. The person you see in the mirror, the person you feel you are each morning as you engage with the world, is far different from the type of person younger generations might think you are.

Recently, I was visiting with friends at a lake where I was presented with an opportunity to ski. The early morning water was nearly soft in its stillness. I hadn’t been on waterskis in a year. On the water, no other boats cut into my wake. There was nothing stopping me from skiing the length of the long lake. The younger me might have pushed harder, but the older me knew when to stop. My body eased into the water, and I let go of the rope. Being healthy with conditions calls for knowing when to let go of the rope.

What About Death?

Somewhat surprising, most respondents “aren’t afraid of death,” says Debra Whitman, chief public policy officer for AARP. Indeed, the survey shows fear generally decreases with age. However, “people want choice and self-control when dying,” she says. Most survey respondents endorsed medical aid in dying, having witnessed the agony of parents who did not have access to those options, or we know more about how to control pain when the body ceases to function as it should.

Ironically, it’s not until their 80s when many people reported making plans for financial, funeral, and long-term care arrangements, thereby helping their families and medical team understand and honor their wishes.

We talk good game about not fearing death but rarely want to look at it. When my husband died at the age of 40, he and I carried on countless conversations about his wishes. Many more discussions than my parents who were in their 70s at the time. A few years later, my father had a cancer scare and a kidney removed. He finally sat down for “the talk.”

In his defense and that of others, nowadays, there are more non-profits in existence to help us understand and speak the language necessary to confront death. There are more support structures in hospice. There are more people practicing a wide variety of faiths, giving us all a wider lens from which to view life.

National Geographic Society

Though the magazine was all I once knew about National Geographic, the society is “dedicated to scientific discovery and understanding of our world.”

This includes aging. How it is viewed inside of us and outside too. When my husband and I first moved to the city after our children moved away, we went out every night. There was always free music to hear, free events to attend. Our kids joked we acted like we were in college and our city blocks were the campus. We surrounded ourselves with younger generations and learned what it was like to not be a parent. We saw who we were when we didn’t have to parent.

We discovered we were individuals. Perhaps that’s the most remarkable revelation left out by the studies. Who do we think we are?

Helping younger adults to appreciate what we still bring to the table can be accomplished by encouraging them to find positive images of aging in the older people they admire. They can ask more questions. We can divulge more. We never knew our parents were aging because they never told us they were. They never complained about it, unless with friends. The more we share about our challenges, the more we educate future generations on how to age with grace.

Annette Januzzi Wick is a writer, speaker, and author of I’ll Have Some of Yours, a journey of cookies and caregiving. (Three Arch Press). A frequent contributor to Cincinnati.com, her work has appeared in Cincinnati Magazine, nextavenue.com, Still Point Arts, 3rd Act MagazineBelt Magazine (forthcoming) and others. Visit annettejwick.com to learn more.

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In an age where technology is rapidly shaping our daily lives, its important to recognize that the benefits of digital innovation are not limited to a specific generation. Seniors are often overlooked in the fast-paced world of app development and technology. However, seniors are starting to discover the advantages of convenience apps designed to enhance their lives.These applications have the power to simplify tasks, increase access to essential services, and improve seniors independence. In this article, we will explore a range of convenience apps tailored to the unique needs and preferences of seniors, shedding light on the digital tools that are helping them lead more comfortable, connected, and fulfilling lives.Best Multifunctional Apps for Seniors A number of multifunctional apps have emerged as helpful tools for seniors. These tools offer a wide array of benefits that can enhance seniors daily lives. They also empower seniors to maintain their independence, especially if they are aging in place. Below are some of these useful multifunctional apps for seniors.GoGoGrandparentPhoto credit: GoGo GrandparentGoGoGrandparent is an over-the-phone service that helps seniors access apps for transportation, groceries, meals, medication delivery, household chores, and more. This service screens and monitors services from Uber, Instacart, DoorDash, and other companies to ensure the senior gets their needs met. With this tool, seniors can schedule rides, get groceries and meals delivered, hire someone to do household tasks, and have their prescriptions delivered straight to their home. For a senior who has difficulty driving or moving around, these services can be invaluable. By calling the phone number no smartphone required the senior can select the service they are looking for, and GoGoGrandparent will coordinate the request. An operator is available at all times to help the senior if they need it.There are different GoGoGrandparent membership packages available depending on how often the senior wishes to use the service. The most basic plan best for occasional usage is $10.39 a month. There are also three other plans available with increasing levels of services.Life360Photo credit: Life 360Life360 is the #1 family locator app and safety membership. In fact, 1 in 9 families use Life360 in the U.S. This app allows families to track one anothers locations along with location histories, arrival alerts, and emergency dispatch. It also provides driving safety services with crash detection and roadside assistance. This type of service is helpful for all families to have peace of mind about everyones safety. It is especially beneficial for seniors whose families may worry about their whereabouts, safety, and location. Google HomePhoto credit: Google HomeThe Google Home system and its accompanying app have proven to be immensely helpful tools for seniors by making everyday tasks more accessible and convenient. Through voice commands, seniors can effortlessly set reminders for medication, appointments, or important events, and access a wealth of information, from weather updates to news headlines. The app, which can be installed on smartphones or tablets, provides an intuitive interface for managing various aspects of their Google Home devices. Whether its adjusting thermostat settings, playing music, or making hands-free phone calls, Google Home offers seniors an accessible and user-friendly way to stay connected and manage their environment. This ultimately contributes to a greater sense of independence and comfort in their daily lives.Amazon AlexaPhoto credit: Amazon AlexaThe Amazon Alexa and the accompanying app are a virtual assistant technology that simplifies seniors daily routines and enhances their quality of life. With voice-activated commands, seniors can effortlessly control smart devices, set reminders, and access a plethora of information. From playing music to providing health tips, the Amazon Alexa helps seniors maintain their independence while enjoying the convenience of a voice-activated digital assistant.Ride Hailing Apps for SeniorsRide-hailing apps have emerged as lifelines for seniors who no longer drive or do not have easy access to transportation. These apps offer a user-friendly and convenient way to secure reliable rides to medical appointments, social gatherings, or everyday errands. For seniors, this newfound mobility can significantly enhance their quality of life. Having a mode of transportation helps seniors access the essential services they need, and allows them to stay connected to friends and family. Socializing is key for seniors mental and physical well-being, and having access to transportation helps make that possible. Below are some apps seniors can use to find reliable transportation.Uber and Uber AssistPhoto credit: Phone ArenaUber is one of the most well-known ride sharing apps. It can be found in every state in the US along with 10,000 cities in 72 countries around the world. In 2021, Uber reported having approximately 100,000 drivers in the state of Florida. Seniors can enter their desired destination, and an Uber driver will come pick them up and bring them where they want to go.One tool for seniors who need more help is Uber Assist. This rideshare program provides special assistance for people who might need extra assistance, including those who are older, less mobile, or have disabilities. Drivers for Uber Assist have been specially trained on helping these riders into vehicles and loading and unloading assistive devices. Seniors can access Uber Assist in the regular Uber app, as long as the service is available in the area. After entering the desired destination, simply select Assist at the bottom of the screen. This service is also available for caregivers and family members who request a ride for a senior. And, you can even schedule an Uber Assist ride in advance on the app. Uber Assist is currently available in 40 cities.    Lyft and LivelyPhoto credit: LyftLyft is another major ridesharing app. Lyft works the same as Uber people can input their desired destinations, and a car will pick them up and bring them where they wish to go. Lyft is available in all 50 states as well as 72 countries. They also offer discounted rides for low-income families and seniors to access healthy food through their Lyft Up program. Lyft has partnered with Lively to create a service just for seniors who have Jitterbug phones. Seniors can simply dial 0 on their Jitterbug phone to be connected with an operator who will schedule a ride for them. This service is available anywhere Lyft operates.Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for SeniorsGrocery and meal delivery apps can be life changing for seniors, ensuring they have access to fresh food and prepared meals without the challenges of in-person shopping or cooking. These apps allow seniors to conveniently browse, select, and order groceries or meals from the comfort of their own homes. With doorstep delivery, seniors no longer need to worry about transportation or navigating busy stores, which can be particularly taxing for some. In fact, seniors are using food delivery services at record-breaking rates. A recent study found that in 2020, 1 in 4 seniors ordered groceries or food delivery.This technology not only simplifies seniors daily routines but also contributes to their overall well-being, offering a lifeline for those who may have limited mobility or want to avoid crowded public spaces. Food delivery tools are another way seniors can maintain their independence and quality of life. Below are some of the most prominent.InstacartPhoto credit: InstacartInstacart is a grocery delivery service that allows you to shop from your favorite grocery stores with your computer or mobile device. Simply add items to your cart and schedule your preferred delivery time, which can be as fast an hour, or even several days in advance. Then, a shopper will gather your items and deliver them straight to your door.Instacart even has a special Senior Support Service for customers over age 60. With this service, Instacart specialists help customers who may need additional assistance to set up their accounts and place grocery orders. The Senior Support Line is available in the U.S. and Canada at 18449813433, daily from 8 a.m.-11 p.m. ET. Amazon Prime and Whole Foods deliveryPhoto credit: Food Business NewsWith over 200 million members, Amazon Prime has become an exceedingly popular service. Amazon Prime is a great tool for seniors to get household items delivered straight to their home. They can even schedule the items for repeat delivery so they never need to worry about reordering items. One useful feature that comes with Amazon Prime is Whole Foods delivery. For $9.95, Amazon Prime members in select regions can order Whole Foods groceries via Amazon.com or the Amazon app, and schedule them for same-day or next-day delivery to their home. Customers can also order Whole Foods groceries for curbside pickup at no additional cost. Grocery pickup is available at 500 Whole Foods stores in the US.UberEatsPhoto credit: UberEatsFor seniors who are already familiar with the Uber app, UberEats can be a great way to have meals delivered from their favorite restaurants. The companys food-delivery platform is similar to its rideshare platform, which can be helpful to streamline the experience for seniors. DoorDashPhoto credit: AllrecipesDoorDash is widely considered the most popular food delivery service in the US. Available in about 7,000 cities, DoorDash delivers food from more than 300,000 restaurants. It also saves your previous orders to make it easy for seniors to reorder from their favorite spots.GrubhubPhoto credit: GrubhubGrubhub delivers to about 8,000 cities in the US. In Florida, Grubhub delivers groceries and household items from about 260 restaurants and stores. The platform works the same way as UberEats or DoorDash, but some believe GrubHub has a wider selection of restaurants to choose from. Health Apps for SeniorsApps related to health and wellness are another beneficial technology for senior citizens. By enhancing health awareness and accessibility to care, health apps are valuable assets that enable seniors to maintain their health as they age. Below are some popular apps for senior health.MediSafePhoto credit: BridgingAppsMediSafe is the #1 rated pill reminder app by pharmacists and physicians. The app keeps track of your medications, reminds you when to take them, and tracks when you have or have not taken them. It also provides drug interaction warnings if they occur. And, it can alert seniors caregivers of missed doses.Medication management can be a challenge for some seniors, especially those who are experiencing memory difficulties. An app like MediSafe helps seniors keep track of their pills and prevent the dangers that can come with mismanaging medication.GoodRXPhoto credit: Medcity NewsThe GoodRX app and website provide coupons that can save customers up to 80% on their prescriptions. This service also allows customers to compare prices of prescriptions across 70,000 U.S. pharmacies. In Florida alone, there are over 1,300 pharmacies that accept GoodRx coupons and discounts. Overall, this service is a helpful resource for seniors to save money on necessary medications, which can quickly get expensive.ConclusionWhether seniors are aging at home or in a Florida assisted living community, convenience apps have proven to be invaluable tools for improving independence and quality of life. By making everyday tasks more accessible and efficient, these apps empower seniors to lead more full, connected lives, while also providing peace of mind to their loved ones. As technology continues to advance, the positive impact of convenience apps for seniors will continue to increase, creating a more inclusive and supportive digital landscape for our senior community.Need more senior guidance?Navigating the challenges that come with aging can be difficult. If you or a loved one could use no-cost guidance on finding the best senior living and care, give Florida Senior Consulting a call at (800) 969-7176.We help seniors find their perfect senior living communities, and we help with every step of the process along the way! Touring, packing, moving, unpacking, settling in we help with it ALL!Visit FloridaSeniorConsulting.com to learn more.

Cold and Flu Prevention for Seniors: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy this Flu Season

As the leaves start to fall and the air turns crisper, we are reminded that flu season is around the corner. For seniors, staying healthy during the fall months is especially crucial, as the flu can lead to serious complications in older adults. But, with the right precautions, seniors can significantly reduce their risk of getting sick. Keep reading to learn how seniors can stay healthy during this flu season.Why are Seniors More Susceptible to Complications from the Flu?People ages 65 and older are more susceptible to complications of the cold and flu due to several factors associated with aging. As we age, our immune systems tend to weaken, which can make it harder for the body to fight off sicknesses like the common cold and flu. Additionally, seniors with certain chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease are at a higher risk of developing life-threatening complications from the flu. That is because these health conditions can further compromise seniors immune function, therefore increasing their vulnerability to illness. Since flu strains and cold viruses in the environment pose a higher risk to seniors, it is crucial to take extra precautions to stay healthy during this time.9 Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu SeasonWash Your Hands OftenFrequent handwashing is a simple yet powerful way to combat cold and flu viruses. Make sure to frequently wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds (or sing Happy Birthday twice). This is especially important after being out in public or touching surfaces like door knobs, railings, light switches, and more. When soap and water are not available, hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol can be used. This can be a good option for seniors with less mobility to still keep their hands clean.Be sure to also wash your hands after coughing, sneezing, and using the bathroom to prevent the further spread of germs. Avoid Close Contact with Sick PeopleDuring flu season, remember to limit close contact with people who are sick. It may sound obvious, but it is an important reminder for seniors.Viruses spread easily through close contact. If your friends or family members are feeling under the weather, encourage them to take precautions and wait to visit with them until they are better. If you find yourself near someone who is sick, avoid touching, shaking hands, hugging, or sharing drinks with them.  Maintain a Healthy DietA balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will provide seniors with essential nutrients that can improve their immune system. Certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc are particularly important for maintaining immunity. In fact, studies show that additional Vitamin C can shorten the length of an illness or limit its severity. So grab some oranges and get in that Vitamin C (but be sure to consult with your doctor first)!Get Your Flu ShotOne of the most effective ways to protect yourself from the flu is by getting an annual flu shot. The flu vaccine is specifically designed to match the common flu strains that year. Seniors should prioritize getting a flu shot because it can lessen their risk of developing the flu. It can also reduce the severity of flu symptoms and protect against complications. Click here to find locations near you that offer the flu vaccine.Stay Physically ActiveRegular exercise not only helps seniors stay in shape, but also contributes to a strong immune system. According to the Cleveland Clinic, just 20-30 minutes of exercise per day can boost your immune system significantly, helping you fight off illnesses.Staying active can also improve circulation, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being. Seniors can participate in countless fitness activities such as pickleball, walking, Zumba, swimming, aerobics, yoga and many more. Most assisted living communities offer fitness activities for seniors as part of their daily programming. Learn more about how you can participate on FloridaSeniorConsulting.com. Get Enough SleepGetting adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining a strong immune system. Studies have shown that sleep helps the immune system function properly, and that chronic sleep loss is a risk factor for an impaired immune system. So, make sure to prioritize a good nights sleep as much as possible. Seniors should aim for 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night. Drink Plenty of LiquidsStaying hydrated is a crucial part of maintaining your health during flu season. Drinking water helps the body fight off germs. Women should aim to drink 2.7 liters of water per day, and men should aim for 3.7 liters. Florida seniors in particular need to make drinking enough water a priority because Florida temperatures can still be high during the fall, increasing the risk of dehydration and heat stroke. Avoid Touching Your FaceMany of us touch our faces as a mindless habit. However, it is best to avoid touching your face if you can help it, or to wash your hands first. Germs can easily enter your body through your eyes, mouth, and nose. So, the more you touch your face, the more germs you may be introducing. Avoid Crowds and Unnecessary TravelBeing in crowded areas increases your chances of catching the cold or flu from someone else. This risk is increased in indoor and poorly-ventilated areas. If you cannot avoid being in these crowded areas, try to keep your distance from others as much as you can.Keeping Your Loved Ones HealthySeniors should be vigilant when it comes to cold and flu season. By taking proactive steps to prevent sickness, seniors can significantly reduce their risk of getting sick and continue to lead an active and fulfilling life.  Making sure your loved ones stay healthy can be difficult, especially if you live far away. Florida Senior Consulting treats seniors as part of the family. We will guide them through the senior living process to make sure they get the care they need to stay safe and healthy. Visit FloridaSeniorConsulting.com or call (800) 969-7176 to speak with an expert senior advisor based right in Florida. Our services are at no cost to you.

Transforming Joint Health: The Promising Role of Connective Tissue Matrix in Osteoarthritis Treatment

The new wave of umbilical cord tissue (UCT) and Connective Tissue Matrix (CTM) products are allograft injectables that are very exciting and proving to be tremendously successful in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal disorders such as Osteoarthritis (OA).From the outset, Spruce Health Group (SHG) has implemented cutting-edge therapies and services for our patients in order to bring them back to better musculoskeletal and metabolic health. Our variety of Healthy Mobility treatments helps to fight the most common cause of disability in the United States, Osteoarthritis (according to the CDC). OA has been a focus for SHG since our inception and we continue to offer an evolving scale of treatment options. The team of providers at Spruce continuously monitors the new potential treatments and therapies that are being developed in the field of integrative medicine in order to offer our patients the best-proven options available.With that in mind, amid these exciting developments, lets explore the science behind these innovative treatments.Here are the facts about the new wave of umbilical cord tissue (UCT) and Connective Tissue Matrix (CTM) products:These UCT and CTM products are obtained from healthy, carefully screened mothers at the time of normal delivery from the umbilical cord and the chorionic plate of the placenta.In addition to a stringent social screening interview, all mothers undergo serology testing to ensure there is no risk for a communicable disease.No harm is brought to the mother or her newborn.Recovery of the tissue is performed at the time of delivery by trained technicians in a sterile environment.Processing is done following all of the current good manufacturing practice regulations of the FDA and the guidelines of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) as well as the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).How do Connective Tissue Matrix products promote tissue healing and repair?Human Connective Tissue Matrix products are able to stimulate the patients own regenerative healing mechanisms to progress from a pro-inflammatory environment within the tissue to one of healing and remodeling. This transition allows for connective tissues in the dysfunctional area to restructure, rebuild and regenerate the deficiency or injury by allowing the natural healing components of the patients system to be drawn into the appropriate area for healing and providing a native matrix for structural cellular attachment.SHG provides FDA-approved CTM injections for joint pain relief from OA or injury, with insurance and self-pay options.There are many options available for alleviating joint pain due to OA or injury, and these injections are proving to be the next step. SHG leads the way for Integrative Medicine in the Denver Metro area, providing innovative and effective therapies for the treatment of OA. Many of these products are FDA approved and are gaining popularity in the mainstream because of the large number of formal studies being performed and the peer-reviewed publications being published. As such, some insurances are beginning to allow coverage for these products but many patients also take advantage of self-pay discounts to get back to their healthy mobility. There are new product options that have a very low price point and still offer amazing pain relief. If you are interested in a risk-free consultation to determine whether or not this cutting edge medical treatment for OA is right for you, give us a call or request a risk free consult at any one of our Denver area locations. We are looking forward to working with you to improve your health and quality of life.

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