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Sep 25, 2022

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COVID monoclonal antibody therapy can reduce the risk of severe illness and hospitalization when you test positive for COVID-19. American Infusion offers the treatment in the convenience of your home or a long-term care facility, administered by our own trained nursing staff. Monoclonal antibody therapy is for emergency use in individuals with high-risk COVID factors or those in danger of developing severe illness. We provide the treatment with zero out-of-pocket fees. Contact us to find out more today.

Learn more at home monoclonal antibodies and COVID antibody treatment on our website.

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How Covid-19 Has Impacted Our Lives

Through the pandemic, many changes were taking place. One of the most serious tasks was making sure everyone was staying healthy. When it came to visiting doctors or hospitals, people were not the happiest about it because there were chances that they could get sick. The virus was spreading, and no one was super about how they would get through. As a company, we were doing alright with the main focus of the work that we did was looking after the health of people. We had to make sure that they were safe and would work on providing their medication and looking after them in their homes, especially for people who were a bit older.One of the most significant challenges we were facing through the pandemic was staff shortages. People were getting sick across the board, and we had to source new people to assist with our requirements. Another challenge was that our staff had to be tested regularly because they were dealing with older people, and we would not risk getting our clients sick, which could be challenging to get through. If we had to predict the changes that would take place in the upcoming months, it would be that we would see a lot more people coming back into the workforce. We also predict that we would be able to hire a lot more.We had to make some changes to the way we were communicating which was challenging to adapt to immediately. There was a lot less face-to-face time with clients and staff, and we would work with them remotely for as much as we could. We had to work from the office space, for the most part, because of the nature of our work. While there were a few aspects that we could assist our clients with remotely, we would do most of our work in person. We were so used to it and following all the safety protocols that we did not find much of it challenging.There were certain safety norms that we had to follow when getting our work done. All workspaces were regularly wiped down and hand sanitizers and wipes were available throughout the office suite. We provided PPE kits for field staff and office staff if necessary. We made sure that we handled free Covid testing on location so that it would not be a task for our team to get through those tests. We did not want to take any chances that could cause our clients to get sick.While there were so many changes taking place, we did not want to burden our clients anymore, so we stuck to the same working hours. When working, we wanted to make sure they could come to us and find us at work during the same hours. We are using secure platforms to hold our clients information, and we make sure that their details are safe and dont get misplaced.We also work with our clients in person for the most part, and we make sure we follow all the rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. Additionally, if there are aspects that we can assist with remotely, we are more than happy to do that.We have meetings via video conferencing and use a series of apps that work for our clients. We are not too particular about the ones we use and find the most convenient ones that are easy to understand. Furthermore, we participate in virtual public events and business expos whenever we get the chance. It gives us the opportunity to showcase the work we do and meet a few more interesting clients.Through the pandemic, we learned that our staff remained dedicated and committed to providing care for our clients for the duration. We would not be where we are without their dedication and most of our clients know that and say the same.If you are looking for Caregivers and Registered Nurses in Denver, Pueblo, Caon City, La Junta, Colorado, connect with us at Argus Home Health. We provide a range of services that assist our clients and allow them to stay healthy through the pandemic. There are times that they cannot get to a hospital, and there are other minor requirements that might need registered nurses but are not a major hospital requirement, and we are more than happy to assist. We were doing this for a long time, and our clients are quite happy with the results. While all the assistance we provide might not be medical, there are other aspects of being in the house that we can assist with. If you want a better understanding of our services, please click here. If you are looking to connect with us or think that we can assist with a requirement that you have, please click here. 

Feds Advise Nursing Homes on Reducing Winter Covid Infections

In the new year, the country continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States Department of Health and Human Services(HHS) recently released guidance to nursing homes and long-term care facilities on practical steps they can take to help reduce the COVID-19 infection rates among residents and staff this winter.The HHS encouraged nursing homes and long-term care facilities to focus on achieving three goals meant to reduce the hospitalization and death rate among its residents, the population most vulnerable to severe complications from COVID-19 exposure. Nursing homes and long-term care facilities are being advised to focus on these three goals:Help residents and staff access updated COVID-19 vaccinesIncrease access to testing and awareness of treatment options Improve air quality in nursing homes and long-term care facilitiesThese practical steps can promote healthy living for older Americans and the professionals that care for them in these facilities, HHS says.Helping Residents and Staff Access Updated COVID Vaccines Since the initial nationwide push to get people vaccinated against COVID-19, the rate of nursing home residents getting boosters dropped to 42 percent, and the rate of nursing home staff that received updated COVID-19 vaccines dropped to 10 percent. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) reported that increased access to COVID-19 vaccines and education about the need for boosters and updated vaccines correlated to decreased infection rates. The HHS guidelines recommend that:Nursing homes and long-term care facilities offer updated COVID-19 vaccines throughout the winter Residential facilities partner with vaccine providers to create on-site vaccine clinicsCare facilities educate residents and staff about the need for annual flu shots and updated COVID-19 vaccinesIncreasing Access to Testing and Awareness of Treatment Options Prompt testing and effective treatment are necessary to reducing the spread of COVID-19. According to HHS, residential facilities should ensure each resident and staff member who shows symptoms gets tested. Nursing homes and long-term care providers should also explain to residents or staff their treatment options and other available resources. Among these resources are the following:Weekly tests kits are available, free from the federal government, to nursing homes and long-term care facilities Telehealth and virtual care options for COVID-19 evaluation and treatmentFree at-home test kits available for residents through their health insuranceImproving Air Quality in Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities Improving air quality is correlated with decreasing the transmission rate of COVID-19, influenza, and other respiratory diseases. Health care facilities are also being encouraged by the HHS to improve air quality in their facilities. Nursing homes and long-term care facilities can improve their air quality by:Using portable air cleaners in dining, recreation, and resident rooms and other areas where people congregateUsing ceiling fans where availableScheduling an inspection for the HVAC systemReplacing air filters in ventilation systemsUsing restroom fans or kitchen vents to remove contaminated airRepairing or replacing broken or damaged windows and doors to promote air ventilationIn acting on the above guidance, the HHS states, nursing homes and long-term care facilities can help decrease the rate of COVID-19 exposure and infection among the population of Americans most vulnerable to the effects of the disease.

The Importance of Vaccines

In 2020, COVID-19 changed our lives and how we view vaccines. Today, more Americans have received their initial vaccines and are following up with regularly scheduled booster shots than ever before. But COVID vaccines arent the only type you should be considering this fall. Flu VaccinesEvery year, more than 10% of Americans catch the flu. Each flu season is different, and each flu strain can affect people differently. Thats why its important to get the vaccine each year to protect yourself and loved ones from illness. The flu vaccine has been shown to have many benefits including reduced risk of illness, hospitalization, and even flu-related death. In 2019-2020 alone,  the flu vaccine prevented an estimated 7.5 million flu illnesses and an estimated 105,000 flu-related hospitalizations.Pneumonia ShotsSeniors should also consider receiving a Pneumonia shot. In the US, more than 250,000 individuals are hospitalized annually for pneumonia, and approximately 50,000 of those hospitalizations result in death. Adults aged 65 years or older are at a higher risk of catching bacterial pneumonia, as well as people with certain conditions including diabetes and chronic heart diseases. Pneumonia vaccines are shown to be highly effective at protecting against and reducing symptoms of the disease.ShinglesAnother vaccination that may go overlooked by seniors is the Shingles vaccine.  Shingles is a painful rash caused by the same virus that may have affected people as a child--the chicken pox. The CDC recommends that adults aged 50 and older receive two doses of the vaccine to prevent occurrence of the disease.  In fact, the vaccines have been shown to be up to 97% effective in adults aged 50 to 69 and 91% effective in seniors over 70.Vaccinations help protect us from harmful diseases while lessening the impact of symptoms.  They also aid in recovery time.  Depending upon your insurance coverage they may even be low cost or no-cost to you.  With many pharmacies and grocery stores offering them regularly theyre easy to get. So, whats holding you back?  Talk to your pharmacist or other healthcare professional today about getting vaccinated. Editors Note: This article was written by Jay Pagni. Jay is the Vice President of Legislative and Government Affairs with PA Health & Wellness