Benefits of hiring a Senior Move Professional

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Oct 27, 2015

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What is a Senior Move Professional?

Hiring a Senior Move Manager Professional is the answer for a growing number of older adults, families, and caregivers. Recognizing the complexities of later life transitions, seniors are benefiting from the cost effective strategies, expertise, and compassion of Move Management Professionals. The emotional and physical impact of moving on older adults should not be underestimated. The move manager stands in the gap for the senior client, without taking away the control, partnering to bring about a coordinated and seamless move experience.

Benefits of hiring a move manager:

*Provide Pro-Active Support

Many seniors have lived in their home for decades, surrounded by memories and belongings that tell their life story. The concept of moving can be understandably overwhelming! The older adult is now navigating through unchartered waters, perhaps alone, children often across the country. The magnitude of the task ahead often leads to delay, which can lead to a crisis-driven move later on. By shouldering the physical and emotional burden of the move, the process stays on course.

*Provide Needed Services

Move Managers start with a free consultation in the home to listen, determine what services will be beneficial, and design a personalized plan for the task ahead.

Move managers use floor-planning tools that help clients visualize their furnishings in the new home and avoid the costly mistake of moving too much. Considerable downsizing is often needed as most clients are moving from larger to smaller residences. Sorting, organizing, and disbursement of belongings are what move managers do best. They have the expertise to properly recommend a course of action using consignment, estate sales, gifting, and tax-deductible donations.

Other services provided include packing, moving, unpacking, and settling-in services for the new residence. Move managers are skilled at recreating the personality of the original home. Everything is unpacked and put away, beds made, kitchen recreated, and electronics set up.

*Provide Cost savings

Senior Move Managers partner with Senior Living Communities, realtors, attorneys, financial planners, and other professionals. Hiring a move manager brings access to a host of proven resources that have been prescreened for the best quality at best pricing.

Often the largest lifetime asset, the home, will need to be sold to fund the next residence. To bring in top dollar, homes most likely need de-cluttering, removal of furniture, staging, repairs, updating.

Senior Move Managers partner with their clients and reduce the vulnerability that comes with change.

Editors Note: This article was submitted by Darcy Barnhill, President/Owner of Senior Life Space, LLC Certified Senior Move Manager, Member of NASMM and NAPO. She may be reached at 720-272-1789 or by email at

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