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Mar 07, 2023


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Chronic Care Management

SummitWest Care now offers Chronic Care Management Services, a Medicare Program free to patients and an additional revenue source for agencies.

What is Chronic Care Management (CCM)?

Chronic Care Management, otherwise known as CCM is a program offered by SummitWest Care that helps patients with two or more chronic illnesses manage their health.


Enroll into the CCM Program:

We will contact your Physician for an order. You will receive a Welcome Packet in the mail and will be contact by our CCM Team.

Nurse Oversight:

Our team of medical professionals will call you two times a month to see how you are doing, ask if you need anything and give you the resources to manage your chronic illness. Call information will be given to your Physician. Our team is also available for any needs you may have outside of these calls. We are here for you!

Manage Your Health:

With CCM, you will learn things about your conditions you may not have known. You will be motived by out team to engage in your health, improving your overall wellbeing!


SummitWest Care is proud to announce that we have expanded our CCM services to better serve Western Slope communities. We are now enrolling healthcare agencies and hospitals into our program, giving their patients the extra care they deserve! Together we can help make healthier and happier communities.
Our program is not only limited to CCM services. Based on agency needs, we can provide additional services such as: Remote Patient Monitoring, Skilled Care, In Home Support Services and Newborn/Pediatric Care.

About out CCM Program

  • Client Centered, best practice virtual visits and telephone interactions, disease education and self-management support tools
  • All clinicians are certified in Integrated Care and Chronic Care Management through Health Recovery Solutions
  • Care coordination, local resource and program identification, tailored education, follow up after ER visit or Hospitalization
  • Communication with Physicians and access to specialized consultations with specific disciplines (PT,OT,ST, MSW)
  • 24/ 7 nursing on call availability
  • Client centered care
  • Ongoing education to support self-management support

Positive Outcomes

Utilizing CCM, improves patient satisfaction.

  • Increased patient engagement.
  • Increased connectivity.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Decreased isolation.
  • Decrease in hospitalizations and ER utilization
  • Improved outcomes

To learn more about our referral process and program management, please call our office at 970-263-0202

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SummitWest Care was developed as a non-profit, free-standing homecare provider. As a non-profit, home healthcare agency, we are patient-focused and develop programs that meet the needs of our patients. Our highly trained, compassionate team delivers a full-spectrum of healthcare needs, offering both medical nursing services and non-medical homecare services. We promise all our clients the best possible care and support; our team is experienced with patients of all ages, whether you need chronic illness management, pediatric homecare, or house keeping and general assistance. At SummitWest Care, our compassionate, non-medical in home care services team can help with day-to-day tasks, caregiver training and homemaking services through Medicaid programs, private insurances and private pay.

SummitWest Care

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SummitWest Care was developed as a non-profit, free-standing homecare provider. As a non-profit, home healthcare agency, we are patient focused and develop programs that meet the needs of our patients. Our highly trained, compassionate team delivers a full spectrum of healthcare needs, offering both medical nursing services and non-medical homecare services. Whether you are recovering from surgery, needing help with a chronic illness, or have other special care needs, our experienced nursing team is available to help you through it and maintain a sense of comfort and freedom that only in-home care can provide.