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May 15, 2024


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Cory St. Aubin: A Beacon of Inspiration at HarborChase of Plano

Cory St. Aubin, a distinguished figure at HarborChase of Plano, has recently been featured in the Plano Star Courier's "Plano Women of Inspiration" series. Known for her natural ability to encourage and inspire, Cory is passionate about seeing women thrive across various industries. Her dedication to the growth and well-being of the Plano community is rooted in her own upbringing and the impactful mentorship she received.

A Legacy of Encouragement

Growing up in Plano, Cory was fortunate to be mentored by Emily Watson, a figure who profoundly influenced her approach to life and career. Emily challenged Cory not just to think outside the box, but to live outside it. This philosophy has become a cornerstone of Cory's professional and personal endeavors.

“I’m a natural encourager and love seeing women thrive in their industry. I grew up in Plano and was blessed to have been mentored by Emily Watson, who challenged me to not just think outside the box but live outside the box,” Cory shared in her interview with the Plano Star Courier.

Fostering Growth in Plano

Cory’s career, which began in Plano, is marked by a continuous effort to build relationships and seize opportunities within the city. Her deep connection to the community has driven her to contribute significantly to its growth and well-being.

When asked about her involvement in the Plano community, Cory emphasized the importance of authenticity and relationship-building. “I advise women to keep it real and not take themselves too seriously. Create and nurture meaningful relationships that inspire women to excel, grow, and push the limits of success,” she advised.

Impactful Community Engagement

One of Cory’s notable contributions is her work with the Alzheimer's Association. Over the past few years, she has been instrumental in spreading awareness and education about Alzheimer's disease. A particularly memorable event was "Mapping the Journey," which brought together hundreds of people in Plano to foster education, awareness, and a sense of community around this critical issue.

“Seeing so many come together with one mission was significant,” Cory reflected, highlighting the power of community collaboration.

Inspiration and Faith

Cory credits her faith and the support of key individuals for her commitment to community service. “As a woman of faith, I am thankful to the Lord for the gifts that he has placed in me and the open doors he has provided to continue to make an impact in my community,” she expressed.

Looking Forward

As Cory looks to the future, she remains open to new adventures and opportunities to serve her community. “Who knows what new adventure awaits me, but rest assured I will be ready,” she said, embodying the spirit of a true Woman of Inspiration.

Cory St. Aubin’s journey is a testament to the power of mentorship, faith, and community engagement. Her story continues to inspire many in Plano and beyond, as she remains dedicated to fostering growth, encouraging others, and making a lasting impact.


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Author: Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN, RN | Publisher, Seniors Blue Book Greater Dallas

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How Social Engagement Transforms Lives in Memory Care Communities

In memory care communities, the impact of social engagement on residents' cognitive health is profound. Research findings consistently demonstrate a direct correlation between social interaction and cognitive well-being, emphasizing the pivotal role of community dynamics and social activities in fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. By exploring the significance of social engagement in memory care settings, we can uncover the transformative power of meaningful connections and the positive influence of innovative social engagement programs on residents' overall well-being.THE ROLE OF SOCIAL ENGAGEMENTS IN MEMORY CARE COMMUNITIESCommunity dynamics and social activities play a pivotal role in fostering the well-being of individuals. The positive influence of social interactions extends beyond mere engagement, significantly impacting the overall quality of life for residents. Here's a closer look at the specific ways in which community dynamics contribute to the well-being of individuals in memory care settings:Promoting a Sense of Belonging: Social interactions create a sense of community and belonging, providing residents with a supportive network of peers and caregivers. This fosters a feeling of inclusion and connectedness, which is instrumental in enhancing emotional well-being and reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.Reducing Isolation: Community dynamics and social activities serve as powerful tools in mitigating the effects of isolation commonly experienced by individuals with memory care needs. By facilitating regular social engagement, memory care communities create opportunities for residents to connect, communicate, and share experiences, thereby reducing the sense of seclusion and disconnection.Enhancing Overall Quality of Life: The presence of vibrant community dynamics and social activities contributes to an enriched living experience for residents. Meaningful interactions and shared experiences create a positive and uplifting environment, promoting emotional resilience and a higher overall quality of life.By recognizing the pivotal role of social interactions in memory care communities, we can better understand the profound impact of community dynamics on the well-being of individuals with memory care needs.THE SIGNIFICANCE OF SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT IN MEMORY CARE SETTINGSIn memory care settings, social interaction plays a pivotal role in promoting purposeful care and fostering positive outcomes for residents. Here are key insights into the ways social engagement contributes to a meaningful and fulfilling environment for individuals with memory care needs:Enhancing Cognitive Stimulation: Social interaction serves as a catalyst for cognitive stimulation, offering residents opportunities to engage in conversations, activities, and shared experiences that stimulate their mental faculties. This active engagement is instrumental in maintaining cognitive function and promoting mental acuity.Supporting Emotional Well-being: Meaningful social interactions create a supportive environment that nurtures emotional well-being. Residents benefit from the emotional support and companionship derived from social engagement, leading to reduced stress and anxiety while promoting a sense of contentment and fulfillment.Fostering a Sense of Purpose: Social interaction in memory care settings provides residents with a sense of purpose and belonging. Meaningful connections and shared experiences contribute to a feeling of significance and value, empowering individuals to actively participate in the community and engage in purposeful activities.By recognizing the significance of social interaction in memory care settings, we can better understand its profound impact on promoting purposeful care and positive outcomes for residents.ENHANCING SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT THROUGH INNOVATIVE PROGRAMSInnovative programs and initiatives are instrumental in enhancing social engagement and enriching the lives of residents. Here are specific examples of successful social engagement programs and their positive effects on residents' overall well-being:Rendever Virtual Reality: This innovative program utilizes virtual reality technology to create immersive experiences for residents, allowing them to virtually visit meaningful locations, reminisce about past experiences, and engage in stimulating activities. Rendever Virtual Reality has been shown to enhance residents' emotional well-being and cognitive stimulation, providing a unique avenue for social interaction and shared experiences.Linked Senior: Linked Senior is a comprehensive engagement platform designed to provide personalized and meaningful activities for individuals in memory care communities. Through a curated selection of digital content, including music, games, and reminiscence therapy, Linked Senior promotes social engagement and fosters a sense of connection among residents, contributing to their overall well-being.Art and Music Therapy Programs: These programs offer residents the opportunity to engage in creative and expressive activities, such as painting, drawing, and music sessions. By participating in these programs, residents not only engage in social interactions with peers and caregivers but also benefit from the emotional and cognitive stimulation derived from artistic expression and musical engagement.By highlighting these innovative social engagement programs, we can recognize their positive effects on residents' overall well-being, underscoring the importance of incorporating such initiatives into memory care communities.THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF MEANINGFUL SOCIAL CONNECTIONSMeaningful social connections play a pivotal role in empowering residents and contributing to a fulfilling and enriching living experience. Here's a closer look at the ways in which social engagement empowers residents and fosters a sense of purpose:Enhanced Emotional Well-being: Meaningful social connections provide residents with emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging, leading to improved emotional well-being and reduced feelings of loneliness and isolation.Fostering a Sense of Purpose: Through social engagement, residents are empowered to participate in meaningful activities, contribute to the community, and form valuable connections, fostering a sense of purpose and significance in their daily lives.Promoting Overall Fulfillment: Meaningful social connections contribute to a sense of fulfillment and contentment among residents, enriching their living experience and promoting a positive outlook on life.By emphasizing the transformative power of meaningful social connections, we can recognize the profound impact of social engagement on the well-being of individuals in memory care communities. This understanding underscores the importance of prioritizing social interactions and community dynamics in memory care settings, ultimately contributing to a holistic and compassionate environment for residents.From fostering a sense of belonging and reducing isolation to promoting purposeful care and empowering residents, social interactions play a pivotal role in creating a holistic and compassionate environment. By prioritizing community dynamics and innovative social engagement programs, memory care communities can enrich the lives of residents, providing them with meaningful connections and an enhanced quality of life.For those seeking a personalized and purposeful approach to memory care, Assured Senior Living offers a comprehensive and compassionate model that prioritizes the well-being of individuals with memory care needs. To learn more about their holistic approach, visit

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HarborChase of Plano

Assisted Living 5340 Towne Square Dr, Plano, Texas, 75024

Explore Luxury Assisted Living in North Dallas and Fort WorthWith abundant lifestyle options and convenient locations, our HarborChase of North Dallas and Fort Worth communities offer the perfect opportunity for you to retire in comfort and style. Whether its fine dining and luxury spa experiences or endless events and personalized care you're seeking, our Texas communities have you covered. Discover how luxury senior living allows you to thrive in an engaging and vibrant community like our HarborChase communities of Plano, and Southlake.Assisted Living in Plano HarborChase of Plano is thoughtfully designed to deliver personalized, attentive care for our assisted living residents. Located minutes from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, HarborChase of Plano offers engaging events and unique experiences for our residents. Whether it is a day excursion in Dallas or a community culinary events, we prepare a wide variety of activities for our residents to enjoy. Because when it comes to luxury assisted living, we take every step to provide care and support while fostering a spirit of independence and celebration.Located at Preston and 121 on the West side of PrestonFull Bar and LoungeDog ParkBilliards RoomTherapy Full Service SalonGorgeous apartments Licensed Nurses on Site 24 x 7Chef Prepared Meals made from ScratchGrab and Go Bistro and Al Fresco Dining.

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HarborChase of Plano: A Beautiful Community in the Heart of TexasLess than thirty minutes from Dallas, HarborChase of Plano offers exceptional assisted living and memory care services to the residents of Plano, Texas, and surrounding areas. With amenities such as housekeeping, laundry, and restaurant-style dining, residents enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a supportive environment.Discover HarborChase of PlanoHealth and MaintenanceHarborChase of Plano prioritizes health and safety by utilizing Viking Solutions' all-natural, electrostatic sprayer for cleaning. This innovative product is salt-free, non-corrosive, and mimics the germ-fighting capabilities of white blood cells. Its positively charged ions ensure thorough coverage and effective sanitization without the use of harsh chemicals, making it safe and sustainable.Hospitality & Amenities    Distinct and Beautifully-Designed Dining Venues    On-Site Salon and Spa    Pet-Friendly Community (Additional Fees Apply)    Peaceful Location in the Heart of TexasExtraordinary Dining ExperiencesHarborChase of Plano offers an upscale dining experience with handcrafted cocktails and gourmet meals. Committed to farm-to-table dining, our on-site restaurants use locally sourced ingredients to provide flavorful and nutritious meals daily.Upscale Living SpacesOur luxury senior living community features beautiful common areas and spacious senior apartments. With one and two-bedroom options, our residents can find the perfect space to fit their needs while enjoying an enhanced quality of life.Choices at HarborChase of PlanoAssisted LivingOur trained experts and knowledgeable staff support individuals in maintaining their independence while providing necessary assistance.Mild Dementia Care "The Sound" program bridges the gap between Assisted Living and Memory Care, offering support and engagement for residents with mild dementia, memory loss, or short-term cognitive impairment.Memory Care "The Cove" is our specialized memory care program that focuses on meaningful moments and comprehensive care for individuals with Alzheimers or other forms of dementia.Respite Care HarborChase of Plano offers respite care services for short-term stays, providing relief for family caregivers or a firsthand experience of our community.Start Celebrating Senior LivingBegin your journey with HarborChase of Plano today by calling 972-597-8832! Our community proudly serves Plano, Frisco, Richardson, and beyond, offering exceptional care and an unparalleled living experience.