COVID-19 Vaccine: Be Kind

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May 11, 2021

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Be Patient. Be Ready.
Fighting the pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially older adults. With vaccines now available to those over 65, here is what you need to know to get your COVID-19 vaccine:

Register with your local Health Department.
Check local pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS and Walmart) for availability
No access to a computer? Call your local Health Department to register.
Be patient and continue using the 3 Ws: wash your hands, wear a mask, and watch your distance.
As the state of Illinois and the nation ramp up vaccine availability, older adults have many decisions to make and challenges to navigate. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you through the vaccine maze.

Q: Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?
A: Yes. The COVID-19 vaccines currently available have Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA. They have gone through the U.S. vaccine safety system which ensures all vaccines are as safe as possible.
Q: Do I need a vaccine if I already had Covid-19?
A:Yes. People who have already had COVID-19 should receive the vaccine. The science is currently inconclusive as to whether you will be naturally protected from a second COVID-19 infection in the future.
Q: Will undocumented people be able to get the vaccine
A:Yes. Everyone in Illinois, including individuals who are undocumented, can receive the vaccine.

Editors Note: This article was submitted by AgeGuide, the Area Agency on Aging for Northeastern Illinois. Contact AgeGuide at 630-293-5990 or
Source: Illinois Department of Public Health

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