Dementia Uncovered Podcast (by Clear Thoughts Foundation): Episode 3 with guest Apryl Garrett


Clear Thoughts Foundation

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May 22, 2024


Pennsylvania - Greater Pittsburgh Area

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Dementia Uncovered Podcast hosts chat with Apryl Garrett, Owner & Publisher of Seniors Blue Book Pittsburgh, about the information and services offered in this FREE comprehensive seniors resource guide. Apryl gets personal in sharing her own dementia story, why she is so passionate about her work, and discusses specific categories found within this guide that can be helpful for families navigating a dementia diagnosis.

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Clear Thoughts Foundation

Clinical Studies 3000 Village Run Road Unit 103, #225, Wexford, Pennsylvania, 15090

Clear Thoughts Foundation (CTF), established in 2010, is a nonprofit organization located in Pittsburgh PA. Our primary purpose is to raise funds to discover breakthrough drugs and novel treatments to stop the progression of dementia and eventually eliminate this terrible disease. All of the founding members of CTF have had some personal experience with dementia, such as Alzheimers disease and FTD. All of them are disappointed with the lack of available and effective drugs and therapeutics in todays market.The timing is right for you to join our fight against dementia! Dementia is a fast growing problem, not only in the United States, but globally, affecting billions of people with that number growing higher daily and inflicting many at a much younger age. We have the connections, the energy, and the backgrounds to make an immediate effect, as we are surrounded in Pittsburgh by a wealth of outstanding health organizations. This offers us relative ease in accessing a very talented scientific community making our organization well positioned to tap into a wealth of novel scientific ideas and discoveries. Now all we need is YOU!