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Oct 27, 2022


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Nobody enjoys getting older, but it’s inevitable. Everyday things may seem like they’re becoming increasingly difficult if not impossible. Your family and friends may be there for you, but you don’t want to become a burden. Should you move to a senior living community? Is it right for you? You shouldn’t worry about the stereotype of being “put in a home”, today’s assisted living homes allow you to be yourself and live as independently as you want to. In fact, privacy and independence is encouraged.

5 Signs You Need Assisted Living

There are numerous things for you to do, you can enjoy dinner with people your own age, play games, watch movies, even dance and get exercise. If you’re still not sure if assisted living is the right move for you, ask yourself the following five questions:

1. Do your family and friends have difficulty providing you with care? No matter how much they care and want to help family and friends are not professional caregivers. If you’re becoming overwhelmed by the activities of daily living and your family is not able to be there for frequently enough assisted living may be the right choice.
2. Are you no longer able to drive? As people get older, they find that they’re not able to do the things that they were once able to do. Unfortunately, for many seniors driving is one of those things. If public transportation or other alternative isn’t available, you may feel like you’ve lost a large part of your independence. Something as simple as picking up groceries now becomes a major task. Assisted living facilities provide transportation to appointments and events, so you won’t have to rely on friends or family that may not always be available.
3. Is maintaining a home becoming too much for you? The daily chores that come with living in your own home can become cumbersome. If you feel like you can no longer keep up with the work of cleaning, cooking, laundry and shopping for groceries an assisted living center can do these tasks for you while you live in cozy surroundings that resemble home.
4. At home, do you feel lonely? Living alone, especially if you’re a recent widow or widower, can quickly become depressing and make you feel isolated. It’s important to have an active social life maintain your happiness and health. A major benefit of a quality assisted living community is a wide selection of social events and recreational activities.
5. Are you worried about safety? There are a lot of potential dangers of living all by yourself. You may feel vulnerable at your age especially if your mobility is limited. If you’re afraid of what could happen if you fell and were stranded in your own home for hours or even days an assisted living facility could be right for you. Many communities have safety systems in place so residents can alert caregivers and staff in case of an emergency.

Moving is always a stressful event in one’s life no matter what the situation is. This is especially true if you’re thinking of leaving your home for an assisted living facility. While it is ultimately up to you and your family to decide, these five things should help you consider if assisted living is the best next step for you.

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Three Ways Seniors Can Remain Active

Seniors struggle to stay active due to disabilities, health issues or reduced flexibility. Daily physical activity is critical for one's health. Why is it important for seniors to remain active?Like everyone else, seniors benefit a lot from maintaining active lifestyles. However, reports have found that one in three aging men and one in two aging women do not participate in any physical activity. If your senior loved one is not active, they could be at a higher risk of developing health issues in the future.Here are three ways seniors can remain active:Take daily walksWalking is a good form of cardio. This kind of cardio is low intensity and perfect for seniors. Walking is beneficial for older adults because it helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bones, reduce blood pressure and anxiety.Participate in daily activitiesWith many more people spending time alone, it can be tempting for seniors to sit on the couch all day. Moving around the house and doing daily activities helps seniors remain active. They can get into the habit of doing daily chores like cleaning, laundry or cooking.Starting an at-home exercise routineDid you know that exercise helps seniors improve their balance and increases their independence?  The first step for seniors to start working out is finding one that accommodates their needs. If a senior has limited mobility, look at a routine they can do while seated. Seniors who have more mobility could also join a Pilates or yoga class online.Editors Note: This article was submitted by Chelsea Carroll with Akkase Home Health Care.  Contact her at 402-359-1265 or visit their website at

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Franciscan Adult Day Center Franciscan Centre

Adult Day Services 900 N 90th St, Omaha, Nebraska, 68114

New Cassel Retirement Center

Adult Day Services 900 N 90th St, Omaha, Nebraska, 68114

New Cassel is a vibrant and affordable community of older adults who live, eat, worship, and have fun together without sacrificing their privacy. Our team strives to keep our residents active and healthy by providing a variety of life-enriching activities and outings, in addition to regularly scheduled exercise classes in our new Fitness Center.

New Cassel Retirement Center

Faith-Based Senior Groups 900 N 90th St, Omaha, Nebraska, 68114

New Cassel is a vibrant and affordable community of older adults who live, eat, worship, and have fun together without sacrificing their privacy. Our team strives to keep our residents active and healthy by providing a variety of life-enriching activities and outings, in addition to regularly scheduled exercise classes in our Fitness Center.