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Oct 27, 2015

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Motivated by heart-breaking stories her own mother told about growing up in foster homes and determined to protect children in that situation now, Elaine Ellis became a Guardian ad Litem volunteer six years ago. Mom wasnt abused like many were back then, but she wasnt loved either, Elaine recalls. Now, shes working to make sure children in state custody, like 7-year-old Sarah and her 8-year-old brother, Elijah, are treated the way she wishes her Mom had been. Twice last year Sarah and Elijah needed someone in their corner, and both times Elaine was ready to stick up for them. The childrens father disappeared years ago and their mother, Linda, fell and hit her head while working in Lewiston. Her injuries required a long hospital stay and months of rehabilitation. Doctors said it would be at least a year before she could care for herself and the children. With no one to care for them, Sarah and Elijah were placed in a foster home to wait for Linda to recover. Sarah and Elijah were devastated when I met them, Elaine said. Ive never seen two sadder kids. Elaine visited them regularly - working hard to earn their trust in the months that followed. She took them books and blankets, checked on their grades, and listened to their stories about their Mother and all the things they would do when she was well. It was two months later that Sarah shared a secret with Elaine - a teenager in the foster home was abusing her brother, she confided. Elaine reported the abuse and Sarah and Elijah were immediately moved to another foster home. In the meantime, Lindas therapy progressed. Her condition improved enough to have visitors, and Sarah and Elijah were ecstatic to learn they would be able to see their mother over the Holiday break. Every time Elaine visited they were making plans for the visit. It was only four days before Christmas when Elaine got a frantic phone call from Carrie, the foster mom. Carrie told Elaine the arrangements for the childrens Christmas visit with their mother hadnt been finalized, and no one at the Department of Health and Welfare had given approval for the trip. The person with the authority had left town, Elaine said. I just couldnt stand for them to have that kind of disappointment. It took dozens of calls and three trips to state offices but Elaine finally found someone with the authority and willingness to approve the trip, but there were still no travel arrangements. Finally, on Christmas Eve, Elaine found friends from church, foster parents, who were traveling to Lewiston and had room for two more passengers ensuring Sarah and Elijah would spend Christmas with their Mom as promised. There wasnt anyone to watch out for my Mom, Elaine said, Im happy to be part of a program that watches out for kids like her now. Names changed to protect the identities of those we serve. This year over 1,100 children in the Treasure Valley were placed in foster care because of abuse or neglect. Family Advocates has trained over 350 volunteers to provide a voice to children in foster care through the Guardian ad Litem program. Family Advocates is in need of 120 additional volunteers to help meet demand and ensure all children have someone to stand up for them in times of need. If you are interested in becoming a Guardian ad Litem and making a difference in a childs life contact Brad Talbutt at 345-3344 or email No experience is required. Family Advocates provides all volunteers with training and supervision by experienced staff.

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Traveling is not just about reaching a destination; it's about embarking on a journey filled with experiences, adventures, and moments that create lasting memories. In this dynamic landscape of exploration, GOMO Travel emerges as a pioneer, dedicated to revolutionizing the way people discover, explore, and embrace the world. With a focus on redefining travel experiences, GOMO Travel offers a plethora of opportunities, catering to the diverse needs and desires of modern adventurers. Unveiling GOMO Travel's PhilosophyAt the core of GOMO Travel lies a philosophy centered on the essence of exploration and discovery. GOMO, an acronym for "Go Out More Often," encapsulates the company's ethosencouraging individuals to step out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of the world. The GOMO Experience: Beyond the OrdinaryGOMO Travel is not just about booking flights and accommodations; it's about curating experiences that go beyond the ordinary. The company understands that modern travelers seek more than just sightseeingthey crave immersive experiences that enrich their lives. Whether it's trekking through remote trails, indulging in culinary adventures, or discovering hidden gems off the beaten path, GOMO Travel ensures that every journey is a tale waiting to be written. Tailored Experiences for Every AdventurerRecognizing the diverse preferences of travelers, GOMO Travel offers a spectrum of tailored experiences. From adrenaline-pumping adventures for thrill-seekers to serene getaways for those seeking relaxation, the company caters to the varied interests and desires of its clientele. Whether it's solo explorations, family escapades, or group adventures, GOMO Travel ensures that every itinerary is curated to perfection. Embracing Technology for Seamless TravelsGOMO Travel harnesses the power of technology to ensure seamless and hassle-free experiences for its travelers. The company's user-friendly platform and mobile app provide easy access to a wide array of travel options, allowing users to personalize their journeys effortlessly. From booking accommodations and activities to accessing travel guides and essential information, GOMO Travel integrates technology to enhance the travel experience. Sustainable Travel and Responsible TourismIn an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, GOMO Travel champions sustainable travel practices. The company places a strong emphasis on responsible tourism, encouraging travelers to minimize their carbon footprint, respect local cultures, and contribute positively to the communities they visit. GOMO Travel's commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing global movement towards eco-friendly and socially responsible travel. Personalized Service and Expert GuidanceWhat sets GOMO Travel apart is its dedication to providing personalized service and expert guidance. The company's team of seasoned travel advisors and destination experts ensures that each traveler receives tailored recommendations, insider tips, and unparalleled support throughout their journey. GOMO Travel's commitment to delivering exceptional service and attention to detail ensures that every trip is a seamless and memorable experience. Conclusion: GOMO Travel - Inspiring Journeys, Creating MemoriesGOMO Travel stands as a beacon for modern adventurers seeking unforgettable experiences and meaningful connections. With a commitment to redefining travel through personalized experiences, sustainable practices, and a dedication to seamless service, the company continues to inspire individuals to explore, discover, and create cherished memories around the globe. As a trailblazer in the travel industry, GOMO Travel's philosophy transcends mere travelit's about fostering a sense of wonder, igniting the spirit of adventure, and creating moments that linger in the hearts of travelers. With GOMO Travel, the world becomes an expansive canvas waiting to be explored, promising adventures that redefine the essence of travel.