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Apr 10, 2018

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Few subjects can be as unsettling as creating an end-of-life (EOL) medical plan, also called an advance directive, that outlines the care you would want if you were too ill to speak for yourself.
On the other hand, taking the time to complete an advance directive form could bring untold peace of mind to distraught family members should you become terminally ill, seriously injured, dealing with advanced dementia or near the end of life.
Monday, April 16, 2018 is National Healthcare Decision Day. This day has been designated to highlight this critically important subject, even if most folks are reluctant to broach it.

If you neglect to create an EOL plan while youre in good health and of sound mind, you risk leaving critical decisions about your medical care in the hands of loved ones and medical professionals.

Anyone who has visited a seriously ill family member in the hospital knows that it can be a time of stress and difficult decisions. Any decisions you make now spare the people you love from additional painand spare you from medical procedures you dont want, while keeping medical expenses in check.

Among the issues an advance directive can tackle are:

The types of life-support treatments you would want, or not want, at the end of life
Whether you would want tubes inserted to provide nutrition and hydration
The name of the person you authorize to make medical decisions on your behalf

In honor of National Healthcare Decision Day, put your wishes in writing. Start by going to or

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