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Aug 03, 2023


Florida - Sarasota, Bradenton & Charlotte Counties

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Sarasota has many ghosts who are just dying to tell us their stories! Hop aboard a Haunted Sarasota Trolley Tour to hear their side of the story. During the month of October Haunted Sarasota, Discover Sarasota Tours’ beloved Friday night tour returns for the Halloween season for 13 nights starting October 14 and running through Oct 31 at 8 PM.

Kaylene McCaw and Tamara Solum portray the ghost hostesses and actors Daniel Pelissier and Ren Pearson take on three mystery roles who jump aboard as spirits to tell their side of the story. This 90-minute tour includes free beer/wine before boarding.

In addition, this year, Discover Sarasota Tours will offer their FIRST tour for kids called The BooMobile which runs at 6:30 PM on weekends starting October 14. This 45-minute magical musical adventure is perfect for kids 3+ and features WitchyPOO and the wily Pumpkin. This funny, family-friendly tour travels around Sarasota as guests help look for the wily pumpkin—who does not want to be caught!

Children and their parents will delight in singing along to Halloween songs, hearing spooky stories, and searching for the sneaky pumpkin. Cider and cookies offered before the tour, and prizes given for best costumes. The show features actresses Sarah Haun and Liz Pascoe.

“I just love Halloween and seeing all the creative costumes guests show up in,” said Tammy Hauser, DST founder and CEO. “We give prizes for best costume on each tour and it’s always a challenge choosing our winners!”

The Halloween tours will join DST’s popular ongoing tour themes:

  • Amish Experience led by Kendra Cross, Thursdays at 10 AM, November-May.
  • NEW Architecture Tours led by Tammy Hauser Tuesdays at 10:30 AM.
  • Art Crawl Gallery Tour led by local artist Jerome Chesley, Tuesdays 6-8 PM. November-April.
  • Boutiques & Bubbles Shopping Tour, monthly or as a custom tour.
  • NEW Christmas Carol Trolley Family fun with sing-along music and downtown holiday lights, led by Kaylene McCaw, 7:30 PM daily from December 9-30.
  • Circus Secrets led by Bob Collins, Wednesdays & Saturdays at 1PM. • City Sightseeing led by multiple guides, Tuesdays-Sundays 10AM, 1PM & 3PM
  • Leading Ladies of Sarasota led by Kathryn Chesley, Wednesdays at 10 AM
  • Murder Mystery Trolley: Who Killed The Circus Queen? Interactive mystery musical. Thursdays & Saturdays 7:30 PM.
  • Psychic Sundays exploring Sarasota’s psychic history, led by Michael Newton-Brown & Kaylene McCaw. Sundays at 1 PM.
  • Public Art Tour led by Jerome Chesley, Thursdays at 1:30 PM November-April.

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Discover Sarasota Tours is a locally owned tour company offering many entertaining, interactive and informative air-conditioned trolley or van tours about the most interesting people, intriguing places and amazing stories that have shaped Sarasotas rich cultural past.If you are looking for a fun activity for your next group outing, look no further. Our tours are perfect for groups. Check out our private group tours and nonprofit programs pages.Our tours run year-round, but during our hottest months of the summer, we don't run all tours every day, so please check the calendar. If there is a date not listed when you would like to tour, please email us at info@discoversarasotatours.com.