How Do You Tell A Parent It's Time For Assisted Living?


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Sep 05, 2023


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Adult children of aging parents are all too familiar with what it means to have those “difficult conversations.” There’s the one where you ask Dad to stop driving. Or try to convince Mom she needs a walker. Perhaps one of the toughest conversations to have is talking to your parents about assisted living.

Many seniors choose to move into senior living communities on their own during their younger, more active years so they can easily transition to assisted living. However,  it’s not uncommon for aging parents to hold on to the notion of remaining independent or believing that loved ones can help with the home care they need. That’s often the case even when it’s clear a parent requires the kind of daily care that assisted living facilities are best suited to provide.


The answer to that question varies. It’s no surprise that the effects of getting older can sneak up. Maybe you’ve noticed Mom is having trouble with activities of daily living (what clinicians call ADLs) like dressing, mobility, hygiene or toileting alone. Those are signs that shouldn’t be ignored. If at all possible, it’s even more considerate to have the conversation with her about elder care before the need arises and to continue an open dialogue as the situation evolves.

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Talking to your parents about assisted living isn’t easy for any adult child, but it’s so vitally important. Here are few pointers to keep in mind as you begin:

  • Casual Is Best: Keep your talks from seeming confrontational. Have them over a cup of tea on the porch and don’t overwhelm Mom or Dad by getting too many family members involved in the discussion. Experts suggest making your initial conversations loose and casual. Get an idea of your parent’s attitude and desires – he or she may be more open to the idea than you expected.
  • Write It Down: This isn’t a time for chatty spontaneity – write down your thoughts in advance to help you stay on point and keep emotions in check. Plan to engage in several conversations of this nature and go slow. If things start to get heated, retreat and bring up the topic another time.
  • Employ Positivity: Sometimes a parent just needs to hear out loud what they already know. But it’s important to word it in a positive, caring way like, “Mom, you’ve done everything for our family and you’ve always been strong for us … now it’s your turn to get a little extra help so you can relax and enjoy life worry-free … you deserve it.” For many aging adults, it can be a relief to have someone tell them it’s OK to lean on others.
  • Sell the Benefits: There are so many wonderful advantages to assisted living in addition to daily attention by trained health care team members. Remind your Mom or Dad about the pleasure of being served delicious meals instead of having to cook; having friends and great activities just outside their door; and how nice it would not to worry about paying bills, cleaning the house, repairs, etc.
  • Do Your Due Diligence: Sit down at the computer together and spend time browsing several senior living community websites. You’ll quickly come to see that not all communities are alike in their philosophies and especially in what they offer. A community offering Life Care like Friendship Village of South Hills will allow your mom or dad to receive increasing levels of care, including long-term care, with virtually no increase in monthly costs.
  • Seek Out Referrals: Look to friends and co-workers for recommendations. You’ll be amazed at how many people in your age group have gone through exactly what you’re experiencing. Their tips, advice and referrals are invaluable.
  • Take a Tour Together: Assisted living communities love to show off the various living options and amenities they offer. Definitely plan to visit a few different communities with Mom or Dad to compare and contrast. You may even be able to arrange to have lunch together in the dining room, which is a great way to get a feel for the culture, meet some residents and sample the food

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If youre looking for senior living in Pittsburgh, PA, or Allegheny County, Friendship Village of South Hills should be at the top of your list. Friendship Village seamlessly combines the advantages of Pittsburgh retirement communities with the security of Life Care, the relaxed ease of small-town living, and the serene natural environment Upper St. Clair is known for. Here youll find like-minded individuals who share your down-to-earth attitude as well as your curiosity, creativity and desire for growth. And youll find a senior living community that is grounded, strong and adaptable. Just like you.

Friendship Village of South Hills

Independent Living 1290 Boyce Rd, Upper St Clair, Pennsylvania, 15241

Located on 73 beautiful acres in Upper St. Clair, in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA, Friendship Village is the perfect community for those who enjoy the resources and attractions of big-city life, but prefer to live in the more serene atmosphere of a small town. Here youll find like-minded individuals who share your down-to-earth attitude as well as your curiosity, creativity and desire for growth. And youll find a multitude of opportunities to make this community your own.Choices abound here. Apartment home or Carriage Home? Formal dining or something more casual? Take a painting class or a community trip to the art museum? Swap stories with friends in the pub or challenge them to a round of golf? Maybe its all the above because when you live at Friendship Village, what you do every day is only up to you.Everyone needs a little help from time to time. When difficulty with activities such as bathing, dressing or remembering to take medications threatens your independence, the experienced senior care team members at Friendship Village Assisted Living in Pittsburgh provide the personalized assistance you need to continue living the life you desire.Unlike many other Pittsburgh assisted living facilities, Friendship Villages comfortable, all-new alcove, one- and two-bedroom apartments are specially designed to support and enhance your independence and quality of life. Our new assisted living community also offers an array of wellness programs, social activities, cultural events and other opportunities for engagement. And, of course, our care team is with you whenever you need us. Because life is better with friends by your side.HELPFUL SERVICESDedicated assisted living nurse and certified nursing assistant 24 hours a dayPersonalized plan, developed with resident, residents loved ones and our caring teamProfessional, friendly assistance with activities of daily livingAssistance with medication managementDieticianHousekeepingDaily MonitoringOpened in 1984, Friendship Village of South Hills is part of Lifespace Communities, Inc., a not-for-profit, multi-state system of senior living communities that currently serves more than 5,100 people. For more than 40 years, Lifespace has created beautiful spaces for seniors to thrive and celebrate life every day. With decades of success and financial stability under its belt, Lifespace has earned national respect and recognition and, even more importantly, the trust of thousands of team members, residents and their families.