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Aug 10, 2021


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Statistically, people are getting less sleep than ever. With cell phones disrupting our light cycles, stress from 2020, and unhealthy diets, tossing and turning seems to be status quo for many people. But the importance of sleep cant be understated. Not only is sleep imperative to feeling rested, but its also crucial in the support of our immune system and even weight gain. And those factors are incredibly important in 2021. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to getting enough zs at night.
Weight Gain and Sleep Loss
Believe it or not, short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. This is believed to be caused by multiple factors, including hormones and motivation to work out. So, if youre trying to lose weight, its important that you get the sleep you need.
Concentration and Productivity
Sleep is critical for brain function. More sleep means improved cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. So, if youre not feeling your sharpest, try to get some rest before tackling the more challenging tasks on your list.
Immune Function and Mental Health
During a pandemic, sleep is more important than ever. One study found that those who slept less than 7 hours were almost 3 times more likely to develop a cold compared to those who slept 8 hours or more. Similarly, its estimated that 90% of people suffering from depression have poor sleeping habits, as well. Quite simply, better sleep is better for your overall health.
Tips for Better Sleep Habits
Now that you know some of the major effects sleep can have on our lives, here are some things you can do to improve your rest quality.

Find a Routine-Try to follow a nightly bed schedule and stick to it so your body can adjust.
Dont Nap Late-If you nap too late in the day, chances are your eyes will be wide open at night.
Avoid Screens-When youre in bed try to avoid looking at your phone, laptop, tablet or TV. The artificial light can disrupt our normal sleep patterns.
Exercise-Try to move your body and sweat during the day, so your body has a reason to relax and sink into your mattress.
Avoid Caffeine-As the day winds down, try to avoid that afternoon cup of coffee so it doesnt keep you up all night.

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Social connection in the form of family and friends is highly important for anyone. However, learning how to be independent is equally essential. It is all about being confident and secure with who you are and what you do. Being in control of your life and making your own choices can be highly empowering and increases the ability to belong, contribute, and participate fully in life.Here are some benefits of being increasingly independent.Develop Life SkillsIndependent living helps you develop life skills. This could include simple daily things like basic housekeeping, cooking meals, or managing your finances sensibly. It will make you physically capable of taking care of yourself despite disabilities or difficulties in the environment around you.Increase Self-ConfidenceIncreased independence means you trust yourself with your decisions and believe you can confront any situation. This will boost your self-confidence and help you have a positive outlook on life. Discovering your abilities can also help you increase your self-worth and live happier and much more fulfilling lives.Can Help Other PeopleEveryone needs help at some point in their lives. When you are self-sufficient, you can care for yourself as well as those around you who require support. People will begin to trust you and regard you as a valuable resource for help and guidance. Furthermore, when you lend a helping hand, you feel confident and begin to like yourself more.Reduces StressSometimes, depending on others becomes tricky and can make you anxious and stressed. Though having an inner circle of support is vital for every human being, being independent and self-confident makes you handle situations better and deal with difficult things efficiently.Helps Find Your PassionIncreased independence allows you to develop an identity as an individual by allowing you to explore new things and work towards your goals. It gives you a chance to explore your passion and find purpose in your life. It creates opportunities to learn something new, helps you find out what makes you happy, and allows you the freedom to make choices. You Feel FreeWhen you are self-sufficient, you can travel to any location, explore new places and things, and even learn new hobbies. This will allow you to think more freely and become more creative and innovative. It will help develop your versatility and make you a powerful asset to your employer or your own business.Being independent does not imply being able to do everything on your own, but instead having the skills and resources to deal with life's challenges on your ownas well as the confidence that comes with knowing you can. We at Mobility City of Southwest Florida are on a mission to help senior and people with disabilities become more independent and have a better quality of life by providing mobility solutions. We are spread across thirty locations (and growing) in the US and are always ready to assist you with all your mobility needs. Find your closest Mobility City location to take a step toward independence or contact us for more details.

Jeff Weinberg from Caregiver Champion's New Book published in October 2022

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