How to Remain Safe at Home with Chronic Conditions

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Nov 23, 2010


Colorado - Colorado Springs

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When people with Diabetes, Heart Failure, COPD, or other chronic conditions return home after a hospital stay, it can be an uncertain time. It may be difficult for them to manage their condition on their own, and they may end up being readmitted to the hospital within a few weeks or months. Most would prefer to remain at home in the comfort of family, friends, and familiar surroundings, instead of having to go back to the hospital. And rehospitalization is quite costly.
If you need home care services when you return from the hospital, look for a company that is committed to keeping patients with chronic conditions safe at home, and out of the hospital. You may need a comprehensive range of home health care services, including skilled nursing, therapy (physical, occupational, or speech), or home health aide or social work services. Be sure to enlist a company that works closely with hospital discharge planners, follows up with you after your discharge from the hospital, monitors your condition, and acts as a liaison between you and your primary care physician. Make sure the company has the clinical expertise that your condition requires, provides you with a treatment plan created especially for you, and is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If you have a chronic condition, its very important to understand the disease and your role in keeping it under control. Enlist a company that teaches techniques and methods to help you self-manage many aspects of your condition, and helps identify what you can do on an ongoing basis to improve your own health. Be sure you know what the signs and symptoms are when your condition may be worsening and when you may need to call your physician or your home health care company. By working with your home care company and taking charge of your own care, you can achieve the best possible health and highest possible level of independence.
By managing your own chronic condition, a crisis can often be avoided, and you will be able to remain safely at home, where you want to be.
Editors Note: This article was submitted by Lynda Van Dyke, director of the Bayada Nurses office in Colorado Springs. For additional information, she can be reached at 719-598-9100

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Minnesota winters can be beautiful with the fresh snow and iced lakes, but they can also be brutally cold and rough on the body. One common frustration for many people during the winter months is excessive dry skin. If youre suffering from dry skin this winter or during any time of year, there are steps you can take to keep your skin healthy and glowing.What is Dry SkinDry skin is a common condition that often flares up during the colder months because there is less moisture in the air. The signs and symptoms of dry skin can vary with age, your overall health, and your environment, but they tend to include tightness on your skin, itching, flaking, scaling, or peeling. If left untreated, dry skin can lead to eczema, which causes the skin to be itchy, cracked, and inflamed. Excessive dry skin can also lead to infections if the skin cracks and is exposed to bacteria.Tips for Preventing Dry SkinAccording to theAmerican Academy of Dermatology Association, nearly everyone experiences dry skin by 60. Dry skin is common, especially in the winter, but you can take steps to keep the skin from drying out.MoisturizeApply moisturizer to your body as soon as youve finished bathing. Moisturizer acts as a seal on the skin to keep water contained. Make sure to use a gentle moisturizer free of fragrances and other harsh chemicals as they can further irritate the skin.Keep Skin DryIt might feel like a contradiction, but too much water exposure can dry your skin out. Try to limit how much time you spend in a bath or shower, and thoroughly dry your skin as soon as youre out. Also, make sure to keep your skin dry if you get caught in the rain or snow.Cover Skin in the ColdThe cold air can worsen dry skin and its symptoms, so keep your skin covered when youre outside. Wear thick gloves, scarves, and hats to protect your skin. If you experience dry skin on the face, you can wear a face mask or find a hooded jacket that blocks the breeze from your face.If your dry skin doesnt seem to improve in warmer months, comes with redness, or interferes with your sleep, talk to your doctor about treatment options to soothe your discomfort. You also want to see your doctor if you develop sores or open wounds as they may lead to an infection.How Visiting Angels Can HelpIf you or an aging loved one needs help caring for their dry skin this winter, the team at Visiting Angels can help. Our caregivers provide in-home services to help seniors safely age-in-place. In addition to assisting seniors in keeping their skin healthy, caregivers also help with light housekeeping, personal grooming, meal preparations, medication reminders, mobility assistance, and more. OurWayzata officeserves those in Minneapolis and the west and southwest communities. If youd like to learn more about our services, you cancomplete this online formor call us at 952.935.0789.

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