Is There a Move In Your Future?

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Oct 27, 2015

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Our market downturn over the past few years is making the decision to sell harder for many would be sellers. Having sold Real Estate for the past 25 years, I can attest to how stressful moving itself can be in itself without thinking about where the market has been in the past and how much you could have gotten for your lovely home. Rather than dwell on the past, why not think of the future and what your personal needs will be? Is your current home too large to care for inside or out? Have some of your friends from the neighborhood moved into another community, one that may be more attractive to an over 55 crowd than where you currently live? Is it time to settle into a new-to-you home and surroundings that will fit both your lifestyle and needs for the rest of your life?
Since I mentioned the stress families go thru at moving time, lets also talk about the fun it could be and how you can help others that may be in a time of need. Since your new home may not be similar in size to where you currently live, think about the things we all collect throughout the years, from the trinket treasures to multiple kitchen items that have not been used in awhile to the odd pieces of furniture that go mostly un-sat in or just unused. Wouldnt it be a good feeling to invite family members that may have always admired a certain item in your home to take it into their home and enjoy and think of you each time they see it or perhaps donate items you no longer need to a charitable organization that runs sales throughout the year? Giving and being in control at the same time can be an easy way to not only benefit by getting the no longer needed items out of your home but can also make you feel good knowing that you may be helping someone out that is currently in need.
Downsizing in preparation for a future move may not be a bad thing for any of us to seriously consider. Why not get ready so when it is time you will not feel the same stress many others do when being forced to prepare their home for a buyer that is looking for openness when walking through your home or when opening closets or looking to see the shelf or countertop space they would have if making a purchase ? The buyers benefit: being able to visualizing their stuff set around the homes they are viewing; YOUR benefit: a possible higher price for your home in less time and keeping yourself busy while questioning am I ready to be a seller?!
As a Seniors Real Estate Specialists I am a REALTOR qualified to address the needs of home buyers and sellers age 50+. The SRES Council has awarded me the SRES Designation based on my having successfully
completed its education program. By earning the SRES designation, as a REALTOR, I have demonstrated necessary knowledge and expertise to counsel clients age 50-plus through major financial and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating, refinancing or selling the family home. I have received special training, get regular updates from the S.R.E.S. Council, and am prepared to offer options and information needed if you are just preparing for... or are being faced with life changing decisions.
Thank you for thinking of me if you are thinking of making a move to be closer to your family or closer to comfort and relaxation. I welcome the opportunity to put my S.R.E.S. designation to good use if only for a one-time consultation.

This article*submitted by Angeline Scakett., Realtor, ABR, CSP, CRS, ePro, GRI, SRES
(239) 898-0524. Denny Grimes & Co.

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