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May 27, 2021


Utah - Utah

More than a year has passed since we first heard of Covid 19. The world has changed around us. What do we do now?
This question is not something that is unique to you. It is a question that is on the minds of many these days.
What can I do now?
Do I need a mask still?
Why are there still all these rules if we are getting vaccinated?
This stuff just doesnt make any sense, you might think to yourself.
You are not alone. I would bet if you can see another person from where you are right now, they probably have the same questions.
My advice to you is to just get outside and enjoy life!
The truth is that outdoors is one of the safest places to be related to the reduced risk of Covid 19 in the world today. And, I think we have all spent enough time indoors this past year.
Get outside. Take a walk, a drive, play some golf or pickleball, or anything. Just get out and get a little bit of sun.
Oh, and dont forget to try to do something with someone else!
For most of us being with others brings us joy and happiness. So go be with other people. Havent we had enough isolation this past year?
Something I would encourage each of us to do is to take time each day to recognize how much we enjoy the privileges we have today. When we do something take a minute to appreciate that and remember that not long ago, we couldnt get out and do these things.
I make a point to be grateful each day and see how blessed I am to do the things I love to do. I try to be grateful for my good health, or that I can walk, or even that I can breathe on some days.
The point is that recognizing the good in our lives each day helps us make the most out of the hard times. And this past year has brought most of us plenty of hard times.
The world is your oyster, is a phrase that comes to mind here.
Go out and open that oyster and you may just find a pearl inside. Some will find larger pearls than others. But Im pretty sure if you go out and crack open a bunch of oysters, you will end up with your own treasure of pearls.
Time to get crackin!

Article submitted by Daniel S. Short with Simply Seniors

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