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Aug 04, 2023


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Technology has improved the lives of many across all generations. Millennials have apps to keep them socially and politically engaged, and even some to help find their future life partner. Generation X has thought-provoking articles and sub-culture blogs to keep their inquisitive minds satisfied, but what about Baby Boomers? How has tech improved their lives and are senior living communities including these advancements in their lifestyle programs?  Short answer- yes. Here’s how:

What’s Old Is New Again

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid. Classic films are available on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu at an increasing rate. When it comes to a cinematic education, it can be hard to find early films and brush up on the classics – especially on a budget. Luckily, many of the most iconic films of the last century have slipped into the public domain, making them free to stream for the general public. Renowned, enduring titles across genres including foreign, comedy, romance, film noir, and more are all waiting for you to watch. Senior living communities take advantage of this with regularly scheduled classic movie nights in their state of the art theaters.

Travel Without Leaving Your Home

No longer does it take planes, trains, and automobiles to see the wonders of the world. The advances in digital photography and artificial intelligence make it easy for anyone to “visit” the Grand Canyon, Pyramids of Egypt, and even experience the islands of Greece from the comfort of their own homes. The most innovative senior communities are implementing virtual travel programs, where residents can join clubs full of like-minded travel buffs to virtually tour The Louvre, explore the canals of Venice, or even view their hometown as it is today with the help of Google Earth. Sure to be amazed at the differences between the times they lived there and how it appears today, it is a bonding experience for all involved.

The Resurgence of House Calls

Remember when doctors made house calls? A simple in-home visit when the common cold hit so hard that getting to the doctor’s office was nearly impossible made all the difference. Well, the times they are a changin’… back. With the success of ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft, it was only a matter of time before someone developed an app where one could request a doctor visit to their home with the click of a button. Again, senior living communities are mimicking this, with some even providing in-home intake assessments for potential residents who face debilitating ailments.  The Summit in Hockessin, Delaware, for example, happily provides this service free of charge for their Assisted Living and Memory Care prospective residents.

Technology is here to stay and there is no going back, but how and why it’s used? Well, every generation has a say in that!

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How Do You Bridge the Gap Between Independent and Assisted Living?

How Do You Bridge the Gap Between Independent and Assisted Living? We all want to be independent and engaged citizens its human nature. So, when everyday tasks begin to become challenging, how do you stay actively engaged in the life you know and love? This is where hiring a "Nabor" with Naborforce is the ideal solution. Seniors and their families agree that hiring a Nabor can be an absolutely lifesaving and lifegiving experience. Who is Naborforce? What is a Nabor? Naborforce was created from a passion to help seniors and their families reduce stress and restore joy in the aging process. Founder Paige Wilson saw that if she could connect older adults with compassionate community members as helpers, they would regain access to the things they valued, improving their quality of life. A Nabor is not a caretaker, but rather a helper of sorts. These rigorously vetted helpers are simply Nabors helping older neighbors, providing the kind of light support and friendly hand a neighbor might offer. In days gone by, it was easy to ask a neighbor for help. But todays communities are less close knit as they once were. The Naborforce platform makes it safe and simple to get that help.  A Nabor does not provide any personal care bathing, feeding, medication management, etc. but, instead, offers on-demand support for errands, transportation, help around the home and companionship. For seniors who arent ready for the assistance of licensed home care, this kind of service helps them address the challenges at hand while not feeling like a burden to family or friends. If one hour of help is all thats needed, thats available and the minimum required sometimes that one hour makes all the difference in the productivity of that day. The unintended, beautiful result of a productive day is often a feeling of purpose, mental positivity and increased confidence. Naborforce helps aging seniors retain their independence and dignity, leaving them feeling more engaged and connected to the world around them.What Kinds of Services are Offered?Returning freedom and flexibility to both grown children and their aging parents, Nabors are able to offer (but are not limited to): Meal prep Transportation and companionship to appointments, work, classes, functions, salon and more Help with correspondence Organizing/cleaning out Light support with technology computer, tablet, smart phone Social engagement/conversation Help with pets Playing cards, games, reading aloud and assisting with hobbies An extra set of hands around the house and light housekeeping Taking the Pressure Off of FamiliesYou cant put a price on peace of mind, and this is especially true when it comes to the safety and happiness of family. The mental, physical and emotional load associated with worrying about aging parents can be overwhelming Are they OK? Am I doing enough? Many adult children face these challenges while also juggling the seemingly never-ending demands of their own children and careers. And if you are a grown child who lives in a different town from your aging parent(s), the whole situation is that much more difficult to manage.We desperately wish we could do it all, but the reality is that we cant. Its OK to need a little back up. In many ways, Nabors are thought of as backup sons and daughters, helping with the daily tasks and lengthy to-do lists, in turn enabling family time to be quality time. Seniors and their adult children can let go of the worry and get back to just enjoying each others company.  More Than Just Help Joy Ask seniors about their experience with Nabors, and they will tell you that its as much about the fellowship as it is the help. Nabors see it as their mission to spread joy and goodwill through their service, and that mission is felt. Nabors help their clients feel joyful, comfortable and connected to the community around them. It is so important to remain active and engaged throughout ones life, and Nabors make that easier and more fun -- than ever. Clients enjoy the freedom and autonomy of not having to be dependent on friends and family for assistance. Instead, they gain even more friends in their Nabors, and the pleasure is mutual.  The delight in hiring a Nabor is not only felt in the engagement, but also in the joyous aging such a service facilitates. Life doesnt have to slow down when this kind of help is available. Clients in their 80s and 90s are more than able to and do go into the office, attend art classes, keep up with volunteer jobs, and more with the help of their Nabors. This service is freedom. Seniors know they have much more to give this world, and they arent done yet!  Making An Impact on Future Generations The real beauty of Naborforce is found in the wealth of knowledge gained by the Nabors and the reciprocity of goodwill. The visits are not only rewarding for the seniors, but for the Nabors as well. They feel that they get even more out of the experiences than the seniors do! During their visits, it allows them to slow down and feel more grounded, and they benefit from the wisdom and perspective offered to them. They all remark about the countless ways it has enriched their lives. They have been given the opportunity to experience the richness of multi-generational friendships, while they serve the cherished new family who brings them joy.Your Dallas - Fort Worth Naborforce team is ready to assist with of your help at home needs!PLEASE NOTE: Naborforce DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL CARE. We do not assist with bathing, feeding, dressing or toileting. Additionally, we do not provide medication management, wound care, safe transfers, or any other regulated activities. Should you need that level of care, please contact a home care agency. This article was written by Paige Wilson, Founder, Naborforce.

Fitness is About More Than Exercise - 4 Things You Can Do To Stay Active and Independent

Fitness as we age is not just about muscles - it's about the mind and the spirit as well.  Here are 4 things to focus on to live your best life at any age:Keep your mind sharp through games, hobbies, reading and learningGet enough physical exercise. Not only does it improve balance and strength , it also grows and strengthens brain areas that often shrink with ageUse good sleep hygiene to get enough sleep. It's a myth that you need less sleep as you ageMaintain social connections - these are critical for staying healthy in body and mindIf you need help staying fit and connected, see how Rose Hill can help:

The Importance of Socialization for Seniors: Exploring Florida Senior Activities and Clubs

Senior living communities offer many benefits, including maintenance-free living, chef-prepared meals, and plenty of amenities. But some of the most crucial benefits of senior living communities are the many opportunities for seniors to interact with others, make connections, and stay social.  Assisted living and independent living communities are the perfect places for seniors to meet and interact. From sharing meals and playing cards to attending fitness classes and going on outings, the chances to socialize with others are limitless.    Socialization is essential to seniors overall health and well-being. The emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits of socializing all contribute to seniors wellness as a whole. In fact, many people believe that socialization is the secret ingredient to a healthier, happier life. In a study by the Mather Institute, 69% of older adults reported that moving to a senior living community improved their social wellness, and therefore, their overall health.  In honor of July being Social Wellness Month, lets dive right into the many ways socialization improves seniors overall wellness. Mental and Emotional Health Benefits of Staying SocialMany people struggle with depression, anxiety, and isolation as they age. Whether they experience loss, live alone, are far away from loved ones, or have limited mobility to visit others, there are plenty of reasons why so many older adults are facing these mental health issues. Socialization is one significant way seniors can improve their mental health. Interacting with others is a natural way to stave off loneliness and isolation, which in turn reduces anxiety and depression. Socializing also improves peoples moods and provides a sense of worth and belonging within a community. Overall, positive interactions with others increase self-esteem and feelings of purpose, which also greatly contribute to improved mental health.  Physical Health Benefits of Staying SocialSocialization naturally requires seniors to be more active as they participate in activities with others. Having a strong social life helps seniors stay engaged and reduces their stress levels. As we know, decreasing stress is one of the best things you can do for your physical health. Because of this reduced stress and other factors, staying social improves seniors cardiovascular health and immune system. It also lowers the risk of developing many chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Studies have even shown that older adults who socialize more frequently actually live longer than those who do not. All the more reason to start getting social!Cognitive Benefits of Staying SocialNot only does socialization have numerous mental and physical health benefits, but it also has many positive impacts on the brain. In fact, studies have shown that social engagement actually slows peoples cognitive decline. Participating in conversations and group activities stimulates seniors minds and keeps their brains sharp. This in turn leads to improved cognitive function and memory skills. A study from the American Journal of Public Health showed that older women who had a social network had a reduced risk of dementia, and experienced delayed or no cognitive impairments. Another study found that seniors with no social connections were over 2 times more likely to experience cognitive decline than those who had 5 or 6 social connections. And, seniors who felt lonely had more than double the risk of developing Alzheimers disease. The cognitive benefits of socialization are clear, and they are powerful. Social Activities for Seniors in Southwest FloridaThere are plenty of activities, groups, clubs, and organizations available for Florida seniors who wish to stay social and active. And with over 4.5 million people over the age of 65 in the state of Florida, there are plenty of seniors to meet. Factor in the nice weather year-round, and there are countless opportunities for seniors to meet others and get involved in a wide variety of activities.Below are some socialization opportunities for seniors in Southwest Florida.Senior Friendship Centers(Charlotte County, DeSoto County, Lee County, Sarasota, Venice)Photo credit: Senior Friendship CentersThis organizations mission is to build vibrant communities through advancing wellness, connection, and enrichment for seniors. They offer many opportunities for seniors to socialize at their Activity Centers. At these locations, seniors can gather, have coffee with friends, take classes, exercise, play cards, attend special events, listen to live music, and more.YMCA of Southwest Florida(Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Englewood, Fort Myers, Lakewood Ranch, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Venice, Florida)Photo credit: YMCA of Southwest FloridaThe YMCAs Active Older Adults program holds many social gatherings for seniors, including bingo nights, barbecues, holiday parties, dances, Senior Olympics, group exercise classes, tennis and pickleball leagues, and more. Lehigh Acres Senior Citizens Center(Fort Myers, Florida)Photo credit: GoogleThis non-profit organization provides opportunities for seniors to meet others, stay active, volunteer, learn, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the programs they offer include billiards, Tai Chi, jewelry making, karaoke, yoga, Zumba, Mahjong, cribbage, various day trips and many more.Town Square(Sarasota, Florida)Photo credit: Town SquareTown Square is a 1950s-themed adult day care center in Sarasota, Florida. They offer a wide variety of immersive, nostalgic activities and spaces for seniors to enjoy with peers, including classic films, vintage garages, diners, salons, and art studios. They also offer Reminiscence Therapy, which is designed to help those with dementia or Alzheimers reconnect with their past memories. Adult day care centers such as this one are a good option for seniors who do not live in residential senior living communities but do require some personal care. The Sunshine Senior Center(St. Petersburg, Florida)Photo credit: Sunshine CenterThis senior center in Tampa Bay is a great option for older adults to gather for support, socialization, fitness and other services. Some of the socialization opportunities available at the Sunshine Senior Center include fitness classes, congregate dining, day and overnight trips, card games, dancing, crafts, seminars and more.Helping Your Senior Loved Ones Stay SocialMaintaining an active social life is a surefire way to improve your senior loved ones quality of life. With improved self-esteem and sense of purpose as well as enhanced cardiovascular health and cognitive function, the benefits of socialization are endless.One major way to ensure your loved one gets the social engagement they need is by moving to a senior living community. With full daily schedules of events, activities, classes, and outings, there is always something exciting and social happening at a senior living community. Residents can interact with others, find people with similar interests, and build connections with ease.But how do you find the right community?Thats where Florida Senior Consulting comes in. We are a family-run, Florida-based company that helps seniors and their families find the best senior living. We make your loved one part of our family and make sure they get the care they deserve, even after they move in.Our expert senior advisors have decades of experience in the field and are familiar with every community in the area. We can help match your loved one to the perfect community based on their interests, preferences, and needs.We believe senior living should be on our terms, and the choice should always be yours.To start enjoying your golden years, call us at (800) 969-7176 or visit us at

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Discovery Commons At Bradenton

Memory Care 2614 43rd St. W., Bradenton, Florida, 34209

Discovery Commons At Bradenton is a licensed assisted living residence dedicated to providing quality services in a warm, comfortable environment. We offer professional, personalized services designed to enhance the quality of life for those we serve. We have been serving the needs of senior adults since 1990 and remain dedicated to those who entrust their housing and service needs to us. At Discovery Commons At Bradenton, we are dedicated to each resident's independence, choices, and dignity. Visit us for a tour, and you'll see how our combination of a warm residential setting along with the caring, helpful staff at Discovery Commons At Bradenton is just the right choice for your housing or service needs

Discovery Commons At Bradenton

Assisted Living 2614 43rd St. W., Bradenton, Florida, 34209

Discovery Commons At Bradenton is a licensed assisted living residence dedicated to providing quality services in a warm, comfortable environment. We offer professional, personalized services designed to enhance the quality of life for those we serve. We have been serving the needs of senior adults since 1990 and remain dedicated to those who entrust their housing and service needs to us. At Discovery Commons At Bradenton, we are dedicated to each resident's independence, choices, and dignity. Visit us for a tour, and you'll see how our combination of a warm residential setting along with the caring, helpful staff at Discovery Commons At Bradenton is just the right choice for your housing or service needs.