Moving: Where do you fit in?

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Sep 08, 2017

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Moving. That single word strikes fear in most people. Moving is not fun. Moving is stressful. Knowing that moving is no small feat, now add moving into a retirement community and you have what can possibly lead to a meltdown of all parties involved. Sure, there are professionals that will help guide you in this process. They will help arrange the move and they will help find you a place to live as long as that community is on their preferred list of companies who offer a commission if you move in. They might even pack a few boxes for you. What happens though after you move in?
You would think that one would choose a community based on care or amenities or even because of the activities. In the end the decision is usually made based on location; as it pertains to relatives or children in the area and the feel of the community. When it is all said and done we make a life changing decision based on our gut instincts and how that community makes you feel while you are standing in the entry way.

You want to have that feeling. You want to have choices in where you move and what care you receive. Sometimes one might not fit into a specific category. Assisted Living might not offer all of the care you need. Memory Care might not offer the stimulation you need. We have found that a transitional floor, which acts as a bridge between the two, can provide more care and more socializing. A Transitional care area gives options that might not be found elsewhere. Where do you fit in?

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