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Oct 27, 2015

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Under optimal environmental conditions, almost every physical aspect of the brain can recover from age-related losses. --Neuroscientist Michael Merzenich

Not long ago the majority of neuroscientists believed that the number of brain cells in a human brain was fixed and that there was nothing we could do to grow new ones or alter the circuitry of our brains. In recent times, this view of the brain has been completelywell, turned on its head. We now know that we all can grow new brain cells by engaging in moderate physical exercise for as little as 40 minutes three times per week (walking is fine). Weve also learned that the brain has a profound ability to rewire itself, a concept known asneuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to develop and strengthen new neural pathways at a cellular level. Whenever we attempt to do something with our minds that is new or difficult, a chemical is activated in the brain called acetylcholine. This is the brains pay attention! chemical and it is associated with neuroplasticity and improved cognitive functioning.

Concert violinists spend years learning to master difficult finger positions. As a consequence, the regions of their brain that control these movements are several times larger than those of non-violinists. Thats neuroplasticity.

A great analogy, especially here in Colorado, is a snow covered mountain slope that has sled tracks worn from many trips down the hill. If you take your sled to the top, chances are you will follow the grooves of your previous trips down unless you use great effort to lurch your sled onto a new path. On subsequent rides, however, this new pathway becomes easier and easier for you to select. You have built a new pathway. Your brain works much the same way.

To build new pathways, the key is to select things that are new and difficult. Learn to play a musical instrument or study a foreign language. Drive home a different way or attend a lecture on a topic you know little about. All of these are excellent ways to exercise your brain.

Exercising your brain increases it strength, a concept scientists call cognitive reserve. This can provide a buffer against diseases like Alzheimers and dementia. One study found a 33% lower likelihood of Alzheimers disease among those who engaged in as little as one additional cognitive activity per week!

And the best partlearning new things is fun!

Zane Robertson is the President of Active Minds, a Denver based provider of educational programs for seniors. He is a frequent speaker on lifelong learning and senior education and has served on the Denver Commission on Aging and the board of the Denver Coalition for Seniors. Active Minds programs are available in most Denver senior residential communities as well as a variety of public venues. For more information, contact Mr. Robertson at 303?320?7652 or visit

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Prime Healthcare Passionate about Seniors

Prime Healthcare Passionate about SeniorsAt St. Joseph Medical Center, weve made changes to provide specialized care tailored to seniors. As the first accredited geriatric ER in KC, we identify seniors that may need extra support during or after their hospitalization. Our inpatient Senior Behavioral Health Unit provides care for adults over 55 years of age experiencing acute behavioral symptoms associated with dementia and/or other mental health conditions.Paul Hura, MD, Senior Care Services Medical Director shares, "It is an honor and privilege to care for our seniors, and these philosophies remain very important to our physicians, nurses and entire healthcare teams at St. Joseph Medical Center.St. Marys Medical Center is a patient-centered community hospital in Blue Springs, Missouri providing comprehensive quality care with state-of-the-art treatment in a warm, caring environment.  With the only accredited Geriatric Emergency Department in Eastern Jackson County, Dr. Michael Liston, Cardiologist and Chief Medical Officer, understands this well.  We take caring for seniors to heart.  St. Marys holds numerous Grade A and 5-star ratings, while continuing to offer hometown touches such as walk-in 3D Mammograms.   As a community partner with local schools, chambers, and charitable organizations, St. Marys is Your Community Hospital.  StMarysKC.comIn Leavenworth, Saint John Hospital offers Senior Behavioral Health for inpatient care. During a patients stay, the unit uses a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary approach to care. Our specialized staff supports patients and family member with comprehensive nursing care 24 hours a day. Many times, the slow loss of a loved ones sense of self and memory is confusing and difficult for the individual and their loved ones through some of the more difficult aspects of dementia, says Dr. Amand, Psychiatrist and Medical Director. Providence Medical Center is a community hospital located in Kansas City, Kansas. Committed to excellence and award-winning patient care, Providence received an A grade on the 2023-24 Lown Institute Hospitals Index for Social Responsibility. Providence achieved this honor through strong performance across metrics of health equity, patient outcomes, and value of care, out of more than 3,600 hospitals nationwide. Providence has received a five-star rating from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The star award is given based on metrics such as mortality, readmission, patient safety and patient experience. Providence is also nationally recognized in multiple service lines, receiving 18 awards with eight Five-Star ratings, according to research released by Healthgrades.   

Mental Health Resilience Training Now Available Through Learn to Live

We all face challenges in this environment that can be difficult to navigate. If the stress of these challenges isnt addressed, it can lead to mood and behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, or insomnia.A survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Psychological Association found that more than three-quarters of adults (76%) said they have experienced a negative health impact due to stress in the prior month, including headaches, fatigue, or feelings of nervousness and sadness.Severe stress can be triggered by a wide range of experiences, including:        Conflict with others in leadership        Caring for children or ailing family members        Civil liberties distress        An uncertain future        Inflation and the economy        Concerns over crime and safetyLearning to handle lifes challenges more efficiently and effectively is where resilience comes in. According to the American Psychological Association, psychological resilience is the process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility and adjustment to external and internal demands.Learn to Live, which offers customized online programs based on the proven principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), has created a new educational program centered on resilience to help people do just that.Why is resilience important?Learn to Live, which already provided existing programs for those experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia and other challenges, wanted to create a new program that could help reduce the risk of developing those conditions in the first place.Everyone can benefit from resilience, says Dr. Russ Morfitt, co-founder and chief clinical officer at Learn to Live. Its our first program that provides participants, with or without symptoms of mental health problems, the tools to improve mental fitness. We think thats really important. According to Dr. Morfitt, resilient individuals are more equipped to:        Cope with the demands of everyday life        Manage adversity        Improve emotional well-being        Build and keep strong relationships        Think optimistically        Be able to recover from setbacksLearn to Lives Resilience program includes eight lessons that help members overcome challenges in their work and personal lives and keep moving forward in life.One of the lessons focuses on Present Awareness and learning to be more mindful and less distracted by everyday worries. This can help a person stay focused, making it more likely they will progress towards personal wellbeing goals.We want everyone to learn research-informed strategies that can help us look ahead at the day with confidence, in spite of the uncertain future, the potential for pain and disappointment, and inevitable obstacles ahead of us, says Dr. Morfitt. Its the people who keep bouncing back who are successful and we want to equip more individuals to be those people.Learn moreLearn to Live offers a free resilience assessment to identify which stressors are affecting your life and how well you are equipped to overcome life's setbacks.Get more information about Learn to Live at To find out if the Resilience program is covered under your Blue Cross MN health plan, call the number on the back of your member ID card or visit to review your offerings.