Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado Continues to Support Local Families Amid Uncertain Times

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Apr 21, 2020

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Declared an Essential Health Service, Local In-home Senior Care Company to Add 15 New Caregivers to Support Northern Colorado-Area Seniors and their Families; Partners with local businesses to deliver meals to families in need.

FORT COLLINS, Colo.,April 16, 2020/PRNewswire/ --Declared an essential health service as a home health agency,Senior Helpers,one of the nation's premier providers of personalized in-home senior care, today announced its locations acrossNorthern Colorado, includingFort Collins,LaporteandGreeley, will bolster its corps of caregivers to support local seniors and their families.Further, Senior Helpers ofNorthern Coloradohas partnered with several local businesses to produce and deliver meals to families in need throughout its communities.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seniors are exceptionally vulnerable to the novel Coronavirus and should avoid being out in public. This situation makes in-home care one of the safest options available for seniors today. Asa result of the community's growing needs, Senior Helpers will immediately add up to 15 new caregivers across its regional franchise network, to include personal care workers and home health aides that will complement its existing team of professionally trained in-home senior care experts.
"We know that older adults and their families need tremendous support in keeping elderly loved ones healthy and safe during this global pandemic, and we are committed to offering this essential service safely in their homes," saidGil Atanasoff, owner and executive director at Senior Helpers ofNorthern Colorado. "Our community can rest assured knowing the Senior Helpers team is dedicated to offering premier in-home care and that we will do so with proper precaution."
Senior Helpers provides each franchise owner across its nationwide network with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that is needed to help ensure all caregivers and clients remain safe under its care amid the current pandemic. Further, Senior Helpers ofNorthern Coloradowill host virtual interviews, pre-hire, and new hire sessions for a safe and effective hiring process for all new team members.The company recently digitized all documents and forms to ensure the safety of its new and existing team members, while also improving and streamlining the hiring process.
"In this time of complete uncertainty, we are proud to be able to continue offering local-area seniors and their families the care they need," saidPeter Ross, chief executive officer, Senior Helpers. "Preserving the safety and health of our team and clients will continue to be our highest priority, and we encourage seniors and their families to continue seeking safe, effective in-home care, knowing Senior Helpers will follow every precaution and procedure with the utmost consideration."
Additionally, Senior Helpers ofNorthern Colorado, together with FoCo Caf, Jay's Bistro, Fort Collins Delivery Network, The Alternative Board Northern Colorado, Me Oh My Caf and Mill City Church, is coordinating meal deliveries and pickup sites to support families in need. The meals, created by Jay's Bistro for Easter and by FoCo Caf ongoing, are hand-delivered to Senior Helpers clients, low-income independent living senior apartments, homeless community members, families with school-aged students and more. The company has also collaborated with Me Oh My Caf and Mill City Church to set up pickup points for local families to safely obtain meals to take home. The initiative beganEaster Sundaywith a brunch menu consisting of Glazed Ham & Herb-crusted Leg of Lamb, Bistro Potatoes, Deviled Eggs and much more, and FoCo Caf anticipates delivering meals ongoing to those in need within the community during these uncertain times. The organizations delivered over 250 meals onEaster Sundayalone.
"With schools closed until the fall and older adults relying on others to bring them groceries so that they stay out of harm's way, we know that far too many families in our communities are struggling to obtain daily essentials like food," added Atanasoff. "We knew we had to do something more to help our clients, their families and others throughoutNorthern Colorado, and we are so grateful for our partners who have given us the opportunity to be involved in the distribution of meals to those who need it most."
Senior Helpers ofNorthern Coloradoand its caregivers are available to continue providing immediate care and support for the local senior community and their families. Senior Helpers will continue to be transparent with any new developments and will provide any further updates as necessary.For more information on Senior Helpers ofNorthern Coloradoand how to apply, please visit To find out more about Senior Helpers ofNorthern Colorado'smeal donation program, visit
About Senior HelpersSenior Helpers is the nation's premier provider of in-home senior services ranging from specialized care for those with diseases, such as dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, to personal and companion care to help individuals looking for a little assistance with daily activities. Founded in 2002 with a vision to help seniors age with dignity despite age-related illnesses and mobility challenges, Senior Helpers has hundreds of franchised and owned businesses that have cared for tens of thousands of seniors.
Senior Helpers was the first and remains the only national in-home care provider to be certified as a Great Place to Work. The company has been named by Fortune Magazine as one of the best places to work in the aging services category and one of the best places to work in the state ofNew York. Senior Helpers is one of Entrepreneur's Top 500 Franchise Companies and is an approved partner in the Military Spouse Employment Partnership. Senior Helpers is also an active member of the Healthcare Leadership Councilan exclusive alliance of leading healthcare companies from all health sectors committed to advancing the American healthcare system. Learn more by visiting
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