Senior Living Communities are Safe and Open

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May 07, 2021

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What a year 2020 was for all of us and especially for those who were living in senior living. When everything shut down in March 2020, senior living had to pivot and activate their emergency plans to keep their residents safe. All the Front Range and throughout Colorado, senior living communities did an amazing job keeping their residents safe. According to AARP covid deaths in the southwest were substantially lower compared to the rest of the country. Covid restrictions, population in communities and local leadership contributed to these lower numbers.
An astounding 93% of residents and staff have been vaccinated in senior living communities. In-person visits are happening again and communities are safer than ever. If you or a loved one needs to move to a senior living community, the best way to do this is to work with local GDPRA agents who are ethical and knowledgeable.
Do you wish you had someone with experience walking beside you through this journey? Someone that can narrow down your search and offer insight that is relevant to your situation?
The Greater Denver Placement and Referral Alliance (GDPRA) was created in 2018 to educate the public about Professional Placement Agents. Even though placement agents have been around for over 15 years, many families do not know this service exists. Placement and Referral agents specialize in helping families find appropriate senior living options. GDPRA agents provide hands-on assistance for your unique situation. The agent members adhere to Best Practices and a code of ethics. Working with a GDPRA agent offers peace of mind.
You may worry that using an expert will be expensive. The good news is that a placement agent is typically compensated by selected communities. Therefore, placement agents do not generally charge a fee.
What to look for in a local professional placement agent?

An agent who meets with you and/or your loved one in-person
Assesses your care needs, budget, location, and social needs
Vets the quality of care for communities
Walks beside you through the entire process

The benefits of using a local placement agent:

Determines what are your best options
Alleviates the stress of making dozens of phone calls to communities that dont fit your needs
Saves you time by touring with you and helping ask the right questions
Acts as a neutral party during the decision making
Helps with a smoother transition by connecting you with local resources

If you start your search online, what you may find:

An online agent, who may or may not be local, will contact you
You will be contacted by a dozen communities who may or may not be a good fit financially or meet your care needs
Online referral agent may not have vetted or visited communities
You are required to do the leg work without a neutral party
Your contact information may be sold

We understand that organizing the search for senior living can take a considerable amount of time and research. Local agents are available to save you time and relieve the pressure.
If you would like to work with a local GDPRA Placement Agent, please contact or GDPRA at 720-390-1383

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