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Apr 10, 2018

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As the aging in place trend continues with seniors staying in their homes longer than ever before, widely accepted voice-activated technology gadgets like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are now in three million households.
These stand-alone innovations are easily embraced by seniors and are useful tools to improve quality of life for older adults. The Amazon and Google devices cant completely replace human touch or real conversation, but the smart voice controls can make it feel like a helpful intelligent friend to those who may feel isolated from the digital world with music, voice games, trivia, and reading the news verbally to their owners.

Why this is useful for seniors?

They are easy to install, user friendly, and instantly answers questions, like what day is it? or what time is it?
They play a huge database of free music no need to fuss with complicated controls. Example: Play me 1940s music.
They tell fun jokes, riddles and offer interactive games.
They look up information about anything an inquisitive senior may want like, whats playing on TV tonight?
They can report the weather, news, and sports at an instant.

Sold at major retailers, these devices are worthwhile investment in our opinion to get seniors a running interactive start onto the digital highway. Patrick Yanahan, President,

Editoris Note: Silver Companions is a technology introduction and concierge service for independent seniors located in Wheaton, IL please call 630-877-4882, website can be found at or Facebook at or email at

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