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Feb 28, 2023


Minnesota - Twin Cities Metro Area

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“I enjoy working with veterans because they have a wonderful view of the world and of life itself,” says caregiver Montana F. “You get to meet amazing people and enjoy each other’s company, while helping them with their daily needs.” 

Montana is just one of the caregivers at independently owned and operated BrightStar Care agencies across the country who are passionate about supporting their clients who have served our country. With more than 4,000 veterans tended to by our compassionate and experienced caregivers during 2022, we’ve found that our caregivers gain far more than they give. We’re proud to share a few of these powerful relationships. 

Christine’s Story

Montana F. has been caring for veteran Christine S. for more than a year, handling those daily activities that Christine can no longer do herself or that cause extreme exhaustion. Since Christine was no longer eating well-balanced meals due to persistent fatigue, one of Montana’s most important tasks includes cooking healthy food and prepping meals for future use. 

“My diet has improved immensely since Montana started visiting and I’m so grateful for all she does for me,” Christine says. Montana is also there to help with activities of daily living (ADLs) like light housekeeping and ensuring Christine can take a safe and comfortable shower. 

Montana’s care does more than just nourish Christine’s body, it also feeds her soul. Christine explains that she loves having someone listen to her, ask about her day and truly care how she’s feeling. “It helps me not feel so alone; having someone who cares enough to take time to sit and chat is amazing!” 

But it’s not all about sitting. Another valuable service Montana provides is driving Christine to appointments and errands. Prior to their relationship, Christine would have to nap in her car in-between errands because her energy was zapped. BrightStar Care also helped her get a scooter, which she uses when grocery shopping or on other outings. 

Montana loves getting to know her clients and is committed to being kind and patient with each one. That’s the thing about genuine client and caregiver relationships — it’s a two-way street of respect and affection.

Jack’s Story

“My caregiver is a great source of inspiration,” says Jack K., a veteran in Chico, California, who has been a BrightStar Care client since January of 2022. “It’s nice to know that people care; and I’m not as depressed anymore.”

Jack’s praise demonstrates that caregiver Isabelle J. is meeting her goal of making her clients’ days a little brighter. “Some of my clients have a lot of health issues and they can become discouraged, so I want to cheer them up,” Isabelle says. “Caring about people is really important. When people know you care, then they want to keep moving forward.” 

Isabelle helps Jack keep his home clean, drives him to appointments, makes meals and is in the home when he showers to make sure he remains safe. Since having surgery on one of his eyes, a BrightStar Care team member has checked in with him every day. 

Another goal Jack has is to take his medication consistently. Sometimes clients need a gentle reminder about those activities that can keep them healthy and safe — this sometimes includes staying hydrated, eating nutritious meals and avoiding falls. 

“Isabelle is great,” Jack says before sharing his future goal of enrolling in real estate classes. This friendship has become one of mutual admiration and inspiration. In Jack’s own words, “She’s a real nice gal.”

Kenneth’s Story

Corporal Kenneth R., served as a United States Marine completing two tours during the Vietnam War. With a choice between being drafted or enlisting, Kenneth chose to enlist., 

Kenneth has been receiving care from Karen M., HHA, CNA, of BrightStar Care of Burnsville / South St. Paul for just over a year. Karen provides companionship and support for activities of daily living (ADLs) for this veteran “who has a personality that others gravitate to.”  

Karen shared an example of his engaging personality, “Sometimes when I think he’s fallen asleep and not be listening to what’s being said, he will make a comment or wiggle his eyebrows to let us know he is still in there. I enjoy every moment with Kenneth and hearing his stories.” 

She also says that it’s in Kenneth’s nature to look out for everyone around him. He is super grateful after all he’s been through and thankful for a wife that’s always been beside him in sickness and in health. 

In addition to meeting Kenneth’s needs, Karen’s service has enabled his wife to meet her own needs. This respite creates time and space for Leota to attend appointments and run errands, as well as satisfy self-care measures like going for a walk or seeing friends. Leota says she can do this because she knows she can trust and depend on the BrightStar Care Burnsville / South St. Paul team. 

Karen has heard similar comments from other families she’s worked with. They often say that BrightStar Care agencies hire quality caregivers, offer more care than similar companies and provide peace of mind.

The Privilege is Ours

We consider it to be the highest honor to care for veterans by supporting their independence and dignity. We come into their homes to assist with meals, mobility, errands and more, but we are the ones who are blessed by the stories they share and the love they have for our country. 

Although we have provided nearly 600,000 hours of care to veterans this year, our true focus is on a much smaller number — ONE. Our caregivers and nurses are committed to caring for one client at a time. One hour at a time. One special memory at a time. 

Whether it’s the joy we see on a client’s face when we walk in the door or we notice their physical health is improving, these are the moments that matter. Caregiver Karen M. says it best, “Veterans put their lives on the line for our freedom. It’s our turn to serve them, by making their lives better every day.”

With locally owned and operated agencies across the United States, BrightStar Care®is one of the country’s leading providers of in-home senior care. We employ nurses, CNAs, and caregivers to deliver a higher standard of care and nothing less in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Please reach out to us for additional insights about working with those who have served our country.  Please call us at 612-435-7390 or visit our website at:

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Local Services By This Author

BrightStar Care St Paul

Medication Management 2785 White Bear Avenue, Maplewood, Minnesota, 55109

BrightStar Care of St. Paul offers a full range of care, from companionship and personal care to highly skilled medical care, allowing us to be your dedicated home care partner as your loved ones needs evolve. No matter the type of care provided, our professional care staff is committed to delivering on our promise of A Higher Standard of Care. Our Home Health Care services include:Blood sugar testingElder care managementExercise managementHigh-tech nursingHome infusion therapyHospice assistanceIn-home blood draws and injectionsMedication setup, administration, and oversightIn-home occupational, speech, and physical therapyTube, drain, and bag maintenanceVital signsWound careRNs (Registered Nurses) and LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) who are qualified to administer medications and perform advanced medical procedures are also available. BrightStar Care is ready to help, no matter how complex your loved ones care needs are. For more information about skilled nursing and medical home care services in St. Paul, contact our local BrightStar Care office at (651) 770-8427.

BrightStar Care South Minneapolis

Home Health 8900 Penn Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota, 55431

What is In-Home Care?Focused on helping you or your loved ones remain safe and independent in their familiar surroundings, in-home care includes professional services ranging from companionship to skilled nursing.  Our experienced and compassionate caregivers and nurses at BrightStar Home Care South Minneapolis Metro provide everything from companionship and routine personal care to in-home medical services like wound care, home infusion therapy and medication management.Types of In-Home CarePersonal CareCompanion CareSkilled NursingShort-Term Transitional CareAlzheimer's and Dementia CareChild CareCompare In-Home Care OptionsIt can be overwhelming to find the right type of in-home care services for your loved one. Learn more about the differences between our services, including companion care, personal care, short-term transitional care and skilled nursing care.*Why Choose BrightStar Home CareWith an emphasis on comprehensive person-centered care, our team at BrightStar Home Care South Minneapolis Metro is committed to helping clients maintain their independence in the home where they feel comfortable. In addition to industry-leading employee screening and training, we provide Registered Nurse (RN) oversight for every individualized plan of care, ensuring that your loved ones care evolves as needs change. Discover what makes BrightStar Home Care different.Contact UsInterested in learning more about our in-home care services in South Minneapolis Metro? Contact us online or call 952.300.3698 to speak to one of our care experts today.  You can also visit us at*Skilled nursing care availability varies based on location. Please contact us to learn more about our range of services.

BrightStar Care St Paul

Physical Therapy 2785 White Bear Avenue, Maplewood, Minnesota, 55109

At BrightStar Care of St. Paul, we understand that finding experienced and compassionate caregivers can be a challenge. While many of our clients still enjoy their independence, they might require some assistance, and our qualified care professionals go above and beyond to deliver on our promise of A Higher Standard of Care to the individuals and families they serve.Skilled Nursing Care:Provided by Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs), this in-home service category includes medical care such as catheter maintenance, wound care, medication management, blood draws and training for complex equipment such as ventilators. Nurses are able to meet many advanced care needs in order for your loved one to be able to remain in their home when receiving these services and treatments:Medication management and administrationWound careBlood draws and injectionsCentral and peripheral intravenous drug therapy, such as chemotherapyAssistance with medical equipment including ventilators or oxygen tanksAdministration and maintenance of cathetersPICC line dressing changesTotal Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), G-tube or other feedingsEpidural mediportsPhysical, occupational or speech therapyRehabilitationCare That Evolves With Your NeedsAs your loved ones care needs change, our nurse-led team at BrightStar Home Care St. Paul can modify the in-home care services we provide. Our professional care staff are trained to monitor for changes in health and wellness, and communicate them directly to our RN Director of Nursing to adjust the plan of care accordingly.  BrightStar Care is ready to help. For more information about Companion Care in St. Paul, contact our local BrightStar Care office at (651) 770-8427.