That Tough Conversation

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Oct 07, 2016

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Dad, I dont think it is safe for you to drive anymore.
Mom, have you considered Assisted Living?
You are not eating very well and I noticed you did not take your medications again last night that I left out for you.

Mom and Dad, the house is falling apart around you. Have you considered bringing in some help with yard work, repairs, and maybe housekeeping?

As an adult child who is helping to care for a parent, you might be facing a tough conversation with a loved one. There are ways to make those discussions easier and most of all, respectful, to those that have loved and cared for you over the years. Starting the conversation can be as easy as Dad I am concerned about (fill in the blank) You may find that they have been sharing some of these same concerns.

First, be respectful of the aging process. Physical and cognitive changes can be scary, and sometimes hard to acknowledge and accept. Educate yourself on options available, from help at home with household chores, additional medical care or assisted living options. Understand that you are possibly asking a loved one give up a portion of their life, whether it is driving, making meals, or even living in their home. You are possibly proposing that they close a chapter of their lives.

Secondly, dont ignore things such as not eating, failing to take medications or a change in how the home is kept. Do try to open up a conversation on what you are observing and share information you learned from educating yourself on options which could help them. Get help or guidance from professionals if appropriate.

Lastly, understand that the choice, whatever it might be, is ultimately theirs to make. Asking a parent to accept help with cleaning, with cooking, or even help with bathing can be a big deal to them.Dont avoid those tough conversations, but handle them with compassion and understanding.

Editors Note: This article was written by Laura Cooley, CSA. Laura is the local owner and Certified Senior Advisor for Care Patrol and may be reached at 719-373-0040 or by email at

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Colorado, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant communities, offers a plethora of activities tailored specifically for seniors. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences and wellness programs, the state provides numerous opportunities for older adults to stay active, engaged, and healthy. This guide explores some of the best activities for seniors in Colorado, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.1. Outdoor AdventuresHiking and Walking TrailsColorado boasts an extensive network of hiking and walking trails suitable for seniors of all fitness levels. The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, with its stunning red rock formations and easy walking paths, is a popular choice. Similarly, the Boulder Creek Path in Boulder offers a scenic, flat route perfect for a leisurely stroll.For more information, visit the Colorado Trails Explorer website. Bird WatchingWith diverse habitats ranging from grasslands to alpine regions, Colorado is a bird watchers paradise. 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The Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder is another excellent option for seniors who enjoy live theater.Find more details at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and Colorado Shakespeare Festival websites.3. Wellness and Fitness ProgramsSenior Fitness ClassesMany community centers and gyms in Colorado offer fitness classes designed specifically for seniors. SilverSneakers, a popular fitness program for older adults, is available in numerous locations across the state. These classes focus on strength, flexibility, and balance, catering to various fitness levels.To find a class near you, visit and Tai ChiYoga and Tai Chi are excellent for seniors seeking gentle exercise that enhances flexibility, balance, and mental well-being. Studios like Yoga Pod in Boulder and Tai Chi Colorado Springs provide classes specifically tailored for older adults.Explore more at Yoga Pod Boulder and Tai Chi Colorado Springs websites.4. 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Tips to Help Seniors Find New Hobbies

Retirement offers a unique opportunity for seniors to enrich their lives by exploring new passions, hobbies, and interests. However, in some cases, health challenges and mobility limitations can create barriers to pursuing these activities. In these situations, the experienced in-home senior care providers at Gentle Shepherd Home Care in Colorado Springs can help.Our caregivers understand the importance of fostering engagement and independence for seniors and strive to assist them in discovering and pursuing new hobbies and passions.7 Hobbies to ConsiderBelow, we will explore 7 hobbies that seniors should consider pursuing in retirement:Consider Past PassionsMany times, past passions can provide valuable clues to what may bring joy in the present. Consider activities enjoyed in the past. Is there a hobby that was once loved but never had the time to pursue fully? Revisiting these interests can reignite passions and provide a sense of familiarity in trying something new.Explore CreativityWhen it comes to creativity, there is no such thing as an ae limit. Consider pursuing artistic pursuits such as painting, photography, pottery, writing, and more. Many communities have a senior center that offers classes tailored to seniors, providing a supportive environment to nurture creative talents. In addition to providing mental stimulation, these activities also offer a therapeutic outlet for self-expression.Physical ActivitiesPhysical activity is critical for maintaining overall health and well-being, especially as we age. Consider exploring a variety of exercises that cater to personal interests and physical capabilities such as yoga, dancing, tai chi, swimming, and more. These activities can help seniors stay active and energized. In addition, group classes and/or clubs can foster a sense of camaraderie while staying fit.Volunteer ActivitiesVolunteering is a great way to give back to the community, while also staying socially engaged. Consider volunteering with organizations that align with personal interests and values. Regardless of passions, there are plenty of organizations within the community that are looking for volunteers. Volunteering offers a variety of benefits including providing a sense of purpose and fostering meaningful connections.Embrace LearningLearning should be a lifelong pursuit. Consider exploring educational opportunities such as attending lectures, joining discussion groups, enrolling in online courses, and more. In some cases, local community colleges and universities offer special programs for seniors to expand knowledge in areas ranging from history and literature to science and technology.Connect with NatureSpending time outdoors can provide a variety of physical and mental benefits. Consider connecting with nature through activities such as gardening, birdwatching, nature photography, and more. Check with the local community center to learn about nature clubs and organized outings to explore the local parks, botanical gardens, and trails with others who share the same passions.Cultivate Social ConnectionsBuilding and maintaining social connections through retirement is critical for overall well-being. Look for opportunities to connect with others who share the same passions. Join groups within the community that are tailored for seniors. In addition, consider attending community events, cultural activities, religious gatherings, and more to connect with others and forge meaningful relationships.How Gentle Shepherd Home Care Can Help Seniors Find New HobbiesThe in-home elderly care experts from Gentle Shepherd Home Care in Colorado Springs can help seniors find new hobbies. We understand that everyone is unique and take the time to get to know our clients to provide personalized support and companionship, as well as encouragement and motivation. In addition, we can help seniors research and access community programs, classes, and events that align with their interests. Contact us today to schedule your care assessment with one of our highly skilled caregivers.

Who is Mandy's Cleaning Service?

Who is Mandys Cleaning Service? Or, perhaps, the more fun question is, who is Mandy? If you ask Mandy to share her story with you, she may tell you about a few conversations that had a powerful impact on her as a person and later as a business owner. In the early years a customer told Mandy, The little things matter, then proceeded to tell Mandy how much she appreciated that Mandy went above and beyond and even cleaned tiny things you might not notice. Where does a work ethic like that come from?When I was young and baby-sitting, my Mom encouraged me to not simply watch the kids but to pick up around the house and clean the dishes. She taught Mandy that going above and beyond would make such a dierence. These two conversations greatly shaped who Mandy would become as a person, and they set the standard for how she would one day run her businesswith great attention to the little things. So, whats the story behind Mandys Cleaning Service?That story began 15 years ago. Having two small children at the time, Mandy chose not to go to work, yet she wanted to contribute financially to meet the needs of the home. While attending personal finance classes, a few friends suggested Mandy start a cleaning service and even said they would help her find a few clients. She took her friends up on the oer and began cleaning. It was just a few homes, but the phone began to ring. Usually it was friends of a friend or people she already knew. Every bit of it was word of mouth. The first year was slow, but year two picked up enough speed that Mandy had to recruit help. Five years into the business, they transitioned from contractors to employees and launched a new website, and things grew like crazy after that. One day while cleaning a home, Mandy said her phone would not stop ringing, and she realized this business was going to become much bigger than she had imagined. How does a business suddenly experience explosive growth?Mandy believes it comes down to relationships and treating every customer like they are your only customer. It became a standard practice to implement a preference sheet, which included a variety of things each customer preferred, even down to where the customer wanted the cleaning technician to park upon arrival. She also wanted to add a personal touch, which included text messaging customers before cleaning, after cleaning, and even following up weeks later. This type of care would later revisit Mandy in many ways. She quotes one customer who said, A house isnt clean unless its Mandy-clean. When her youngest child was a newborn, customers brought Mandy gifts and gave her gift cards.Mandy would also tell you she places a high value on her employees and enjoys giving them flexible hours, which frees them up to juggle life more easily. She describes her team as honest, hard working, and determined and has learned that people are willing to pay for that level of service. How she leads her team has contributed to their success.Its humbling to look back and see how far the business has come since 2009. Having spent 15 years doing business in their home town, Mandys Cleaning Service looks to expand their reach outside of Mobile in the days to come. I want even more people to feel relief that they can enjoy friends and family without being concerned about the house. As Mandys Cleaning Service looks to grow and expand outside of Mobile, the mission will always be the same. The little things still matter, she said. Its still about going above and beyond and doing those special things for every customer. Its more than cleaning your home. Its about caring for you. If you are looking for a locally owned established cleaning service for your home or business in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Call Mandy's Cleaning at 251-533-0616