The Art of Rightsizing

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Sep 03, 2019

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Is it time for a smaller space? Here are some questions to ask:

Does my existing home meet my needs?

This question can help define your needs.

What is the cost to downsize?

You should research the expenses for the home you want.

What community will suit my life?

Choose a community that fits you.

Is this a smart financial move?

Making a financial plan could help you decide.

Is maintaining your home overwhelming?

Less maintenance could alleviate stress.
Hints that you should consider Rightsizing: You may have health complications that are not suited for your residence. Caring for your yard and house is difficult. Moving could save you money. Your home has space that is never used. You can move closer to family. Selling your home will yield financial benefits.
Rightsizing is not easy but these tips can give you a great head start.

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