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Jun 26, 2024


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Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining health and keeping critical bodily functions working properly. Hydration can be a challenge for some seniors because seniors may have a diminished ability to sense thirst, notice changes in body temperature, and may be taking medications that have a dehydrating effect. Keeping a few tips in mind will ensure that seniors stay hydrated and continue to enjoy the activities that bring them joy.

Older adults looking to stay hydrated throughout the day should try these tips to get started. Being dehydrated can cause confusion, headaches, elevated heart rate, muscle weakness, and fatigue. Seniors who think they may be dehydrated should discuss their symptoms with their doctor before changing their fluid intake. Seniors should discuss hydration with their doctor as only can a healthcare professional recommend how much water someone needs, and they can also provide guidance and tips on managing water intake. 

  1. Create a schedule – drinking a lot of water in one sitting can be difficult. However, creating a schedule that accounts for daily activity, physician-recommended intake levels, and the preferences of the senior can help keep hydration on track.
  2. Eat water-rich foods – cucumbers, watermelon, apples, and other water-rich produce can help seniors get more fluids at mealtimes. Broth is also a good option.
  3. Make water more interesting – For those that don’t enjoy drinking water, adding small amounts of juice or flavoring to water can make it less boring. Popsicles are also a great option…especially on warm days!
  4. Reduce water loss – excessive sweating can contribute to dehydration – keeping inside temperatures at a reasonable level, and being mindful of fluid loss during outside activities, can help seniors stay hydrated.
  5. Don’t wait for thirst – often, when seniors feel thirsty; they may already be dehydrated.

Additional Tips

  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day.
  • Set reminders on your phone or use a kitchen timer to prompt yourself to drink fluids.
  • There are also water bottles available that track your fluid intake.
  • If you find it difficult to drink plain water, consider flavored sparkling water or unsweetened tea.

Comfort Keepers® Can Help

Comfort Keepers can provide support for seniors that are concerned about the issue of hydration. Our caregivers can provide transportation to healthcare appointments, assist with meal preparation and planning, and provide support for physician-prescribed hydration regimens. Our goal is to support physical and emotional care goals and to elevate the spirits of our clients and their families every day.

To learn more about our in-home care services, contact your local Comfort Keepers location today. 


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Senior Living Dining and Senior Nutrition

Getting proper nutrition is important at every age. Eating healthy keeps energy levels high, controls weight and supports better sleep. A healthy diet can also help to prevent some diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, certain cancers and type 2 diabetes.For many older adults, eating healthy may be important, but the act of eating loses its appeal. Many seniors report experiencing a loss of appetite. While some medications may contribute to not feeling hungry, there are many other reasons an older adult may lose interest in food. Here are the top eight:Not getting enough exerciseDehydrationLoss of tasteFeeling bored at mealtimesNot having a routineDifficulty with swallowing or chewingLoneliness or depressionLack of ability to prepare mealsWhen families seek a senior living community for their loved one, the quality of the dining experience is often one of the most important factors. It is good that families recognize the importance of senior nutrition and senior living dining experiences, because studies show that up to 60% of a residents day revolves around mealtimes. Senior Living Dining ServicesSenior living dining services teams at communities across the country are responsible for creating menus, serving residents, collecting residents input and working closely with dietitians, physicians and chefs to create healthy culinary selections and menu choices. For example, at Anthology of Northville and all the Anthology Senior Living communities, the Executive Chef pairs senior living dining trends with expertise in senior health and nutrition to prepare meals tailored specifically for each resident. And, with snack options available all day and night, food is always fun and accessible.When considering a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, the senior dining experience should be a top priority. Taking a tour at mealtime allows the opportunity to sample the food, check out the menu choices and ask questions about food availability and diet considerations. Many senior living communities have on-site chefs and nutritionists or dietitians to help address senior nutrition needs. With an understanding of the challenges many seniors face at mealtime, such as loss of taste and changes in taste due to certain medications, senior living menu choices are created to keep the food full of flavor and to meet the specific needs of each resident. Communities are also able to accommodate specific diets and senior nutrition preferences, including low-sodium needs, non-dairy requirements, vegetarian preferences and low-sugar requirements. Senior Dining ExperiencesSenior living residents are more likely to desire flexibility, both in menu choices and in their choice of dining venues. This means that providers need to ensure that the senior living dining experiences they offer are truly extraordinary, as well as nutritious. Senior living communities, like Anthology of Simsbury, have answered this call by introducing a host of different senior dining options: Cafs and BistrosGone are the days of the one-size-fits-all senior living dining room. Now, many communities offer their residents dining venues that serve on demand, like grab-and-go cafs, bistros and coffee shops. Pubs and Wine BarsSenior living residents are adultsand theyve lived full lives. Its much more common nowadays for senior living providers to recognize and celebrate that by building full-service pubs and wine bars in their communities. Farm-to-Table FareSome senior living communities have embraced the idea of growing and eating local fare. Community residents now eat a wide variety of produce that is grown locally and picked out by the communitys chef. Eating Is a Family and Friend AffairDining together promotes healthy eating for seniors, especially for those living alone. This is because people naturally eat more around others and make better food choices. Often, seniors feel that cooking a big, healthy meal for one is too difficult and pointless, so they turn to prepackaged or frozen foods or worse, they skip meals altogether.Senior living communities, like Anthology of Olathe, recognize the importance of eating together, and many offer restaurant-style dining with a variety of well-balanced, healthy meals prepared by professional chefs. Residents who eat together have the opportunity to talk about the events of the day, recalling memories of eating with their families. New friendships often form, and relationships grow while sitting around the table together.Most importantly, the best senior living communities offer venues where residents and their family members WANT to come and enjoy the experience. After all, food always tastes better when its with family. Senior Dining at Anthology Senior LivingTaking the full senior dining experiences of residents into account is a large part of what makes the senior dining program at Anthology Senior Living so special. To create senior dining experiences that raise an interest in food, promote a social atmosphere, consider dietary needs and restrictions, and create an inviting feel, the team at Anthology works closely with chefs, nutritionists, dietitians and physicians; this collaboration has created the Entice Dining program. Each Executive Chef of the Anthology Entice Dining program recognizes the importance of tailoring distinctive, unique recipes for each residents needs. At Anthology of Tuckahoe and each Anthology community, residents can enjoy a drink or sandwich in the pub with friends, share a new dish with family in the elegant dining room or simply sample a fresh-baked cookie in the bistro! Other Anthology senior dining experiences include:New menus developed regularlyDishes that meet residents nutritional needsFood that inspires the taste buds and is easy to enjoySeasonal dishes and local favorites that are nutritionally rewardingHealthy snacks available throughout the day and night About Anthology Senior LivingAt Anthology Senior Living, our care is based on supporting every aspect of our residents health emotional, physical and mental. From our kitchen team to our fitness instructors and landscapers, every member of our team is committed to caregiving. Anthology Senior Living is able to care for residents and their families across a wide spectrum of needs and throughout the aging process. Anthology offers three levels of care: independent living, assisted living or personal care, and memory care.All of Anthology Senior Livings assisted living communities provide warm, dynamic care in a supportive, engaging environment. The team at Anthology manages everything to allow our assisted living residents to enjoy each day to its fullest. At all our communities, we provide housekeeping services, linen services, laundry and groundskeeping. Additionally, our highly certified care managers work closely with doctors and specialists, utilizing smart technology, to coordinate all resident care.Interested in finding an Anthology Senior Living community near you? Visit our community finder to learn about all our locations!

The Surprising Connection Between Health and Estate Planning

You already know that taking care of your health allows you to prolong your life and enhance your quality of life. But have you given serious thought to how your health directly impacts your future? Your legacy? The ones you love the most? What were talking about here is estate planning, and its every bit as important as your physical health. I know, I know, it could sound weird to equate health with estate planning but hear me out. By the end of the article, the connection will be clear.  The Link Between Your Health and Estate PlanningEstate planning often brings to mind wills, trusts, and other legal paperwork, and in fact, thats maybe what you initially thought when you read the title of this article. However, I want to challenge that assumption with this: the documents are merely the byproduct of estate planning. You may be thinking, how are documents the byproduct of estate planning? Heres what I mean.Estate planning is all about ensuring your wishes are honored if you become incapacitated so you can live and die with dignity. Its also about ensuring that the people you love most will know you loved them, that theyre cared for when youre gone in a way you cared for them while you lived, and that youve removed all the pain, potential conflict and expense they will have to endure if you have no plan in place. Estate planning supports your loved ones to grieve in peace rather than face a long, expensive court process or confusion regarding how to find your assets or understand what to do when you are gone. Estate planning is also about leaving a legacy. Contrary to what you may be thinking - that legacy is not only related to money and reserved for the wealthy and philanthropic - legacy is about the mark you make on those you hold most dear. Its about defining your humanity and what you stood for. Putting your affairs in order now so your loved ones dont have to deal with a mess later is a legacy, too. Making it clear that you loved your family is a legacy. What about health? How does your health connect with estate planning?Your health plays a significant role in shaping your preparations for the future in general, and how you structure your estate plan in particular. I want to first say that while health can refer to mental health, emotional health and spiritual health, and all are important, well focus on physical health here. So lets take a look at the direct link between your physical health and estate planning. Youll come to see that by prioritizing your physical health, you can not only enjoy life with more ease, but also avoid complications in your estate planning. Longevity and Retirement Savings. Your physical health has a direct impact on your lifespan, which in turn affects how long your retirement savings need to last. If you maintain good physical health, youre likely to live longer (yay!) and will need a more extensive plan regarding your assets, for your longer life.Healthcare Decisions. Consider the potential need for long-term care. Alzheimer's or dementia could require long-term care solutions that you may or may not choose. In your estate plan, its crucial to not only make sure youre financially covered for these possibilities, but to also ensure youve made it clear how you want to be cared for, if you cannot make decisions for yourself. There comes a point in time at which its too late for you to make your wishes known and given that you are reading this now is the time to document what you would choose, if you could not choose.This is why you need a healthcare power of attorney, or a living will in your plan. These are documents that designate the person (or people) you choose to make medical decisions on your behalf if youre unable to do so. Your designated healthcare agent (or agents) will not only ensure that your healthcare preferences are respected but will also align your medical treatment with your personal wishes. Without these documents in place, a judge (i.e., a complete stranger) could appoint someone to act on your behalf. Maybe even someone you dont trust or wouldnt want making decisions for you. Or, in a worst-case scenario, a judge could even appoint a professional conservator who could drain your estate financially.Disability and Its Impact. Poor health can sometimes lead to disability, affecting your ability to manage your own affairs. Including a disability clause in your estate plan ensures that your assets are managed according to your wishes, even if youre not able to oversee them personally. A revocable living trust can be particularly useful here, as it allows your chosen person or entity to manage your affairs without the need for court intervention. Again, without a plan in place, a judge will make decisions for you, and those decisions may not be what you want.Having gone through the potential consequences of not prioritizing your physical health and its direct link to your estate planning, lets turn to practical steps you can take now to make sure you and your family dont have to experience any negative consequences. Practical Steps to Integrate Health and Estate PlanningUnless youre already incapacitated and cant make decisions for yourself, know that its not too late to take action. Its not too early, either. Death and incapacity dont discriminate based on age. When you face that fact, and then plan accordingly, you can live life with more ease, more joy, and less stress. Truly.So, if you havent planned for the future, here are some practical steps you can take now:Schedule Regular Check-Ups. It may seem obvious, but regular medical examinations are vital. They not only help in detecting illnesses early but also provide a clear picture of your health, which, as weve discussed above, is crucial for accurate estate planning. If you discover a new health condition, you can plan accordingly when youve caught it in time. If not, it could be too late to get your plan in place.Update Your Estate Plan Regularly: As your health changes, so should your estate plan. Make it a habit to review and update your plan on a regular basis or whenever there is a significant change in your health. As an Estate Planning Attorney, I can not only help you get your initial plan in place, but with a unique process I use called Life & Legacy Planning, I will always include a free review of your plan at least every three years. This ensures your plan works because it will be updated as your health, life and assets change over time. Without updates, your plan will fail, sending your family to court and increasing the probability of conflict. Discuss Your Plans Openly: Talk with your family about your healthcare wishes and how they relate to your estate plan. Taking this courageous, and maybe uncomfortable, step, makes a big difference when it comes to decreasing the likelihood of conflict in your family. Make sure to discuss your preferences for end-of-life care, which can create conflict in your family if you havent clarified your wishes. Consult A Professional Who Has Your Best Interests in Mind: I approach estate planning from a place of heart, always keeping your best interests, and by extension, your loved ones best interests, in mind. I not only help you to get your plan in place, but also help you keep your family out of court and conflict, so your legacy is one of love and care. I can also help you navigate difficult discussions with your family about your wishes, so you can feel confident knowing youve done all you can to preserve the family bonds. How We Support You and Your Loved OnesAs an Estate Planning Law Firm, we recognize the integral connection between your physical health and your estate planning needs. Our commitment goes beyond mere legal documentation; we aim to ensure your life's work and values are preserved with dignity and clarity. By understanding the specific challenges and opportunities that arise from your health, we tailor estate plans that not only protect your assets but also your well-being and your family's future. Contact Entrusted Legacy Law at 412-347-1731 or click here to schedule a complimentary 15-Minute call.

What is Medicare?

What is Medicare?Medicare is a federal health insurance program that gives you access to specific coverage and benefits. Medicare is different from health insurance you may have had before. It offers you a variety of coverage options and it has key enrollment dates and guidelines you need to follow. Were here to help you make sense of it all. How is Medicare Different From Other Health Insurance?You may be surprised at the differences between Medicare and other types of health insurance. If youve had health coverage through your employer, your plan likely included medical and prescription drug coverage, along with other benefits. It also may have covered both you and your spouse.Medicare only covers one person at a time. This means you and your spouse must enroll separately. In addition, Medicare gives you options that can make it possible to receive your benefits in a variety of different ways.You can:       Choose hospital and medical coverage delivered through the federal government.       Add prescription drug coverage delivered through a private company.       Purchase a supplemental insurance policy from a private insurer that can help cover some of the costs.       Choose coverage from a private insurer that combines hospital, medical and often prescription drug coverage into one plan.In short, with Medicare you can choose coverage that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle. We can help you take full advantage of that freedom. Who is Eligible for Medicare?      - Age 65+      - Under age 65 with certain disabilities      - Have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) When and How Do I Apply?If youre like most people, youll enroll in Medicare around the time you turn 65. Your Initial Enrollment Period begins three months before your 65th birthday, includes the month you turn 65 and ends three months after that birthday.Keep in mind that if you dont get Medicare during this Initial Enrollment Period, you may have to pay Medicare Part B or Part D late enrollment penalties. Plus, you could be missing out on coverage and benefits that can help protect your health and finances. Thats why its generally a good idea to enroll as soon you can. How you enroll generally depends on if youre getting benefits from Social Security, the Railroad Retirement Board or the Office of Personnel Management.Contact me today at 724-554-7989 for a FREE consultation.  

Local Services By This Author

Comfort Keepers of Fox Chapel & Pittsburgh

Non-Medical 1382 Old Freeport Rd Ste 2AR, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15238

Comfort Keepers offers a full range of in home companionship and personal care services to support your senior loved one in Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.Welcome to Comfort Keepers of Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, where warm hearts and helping hands are there for you and your family! We are proud to offer industry leading in-home care services and around-the-clock care to seniors and older adults. Our services include companion care, home making services, 24 hour care, respite care, and private duty nursing. Home care in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania from Comfort Keepers provides quality, professional, and compassionate care that aims to preserve independence and contribute to a better life.Each individual we lend a helping hand to has a unique set of needs, and we pride ourselves on making sure they receive the best care possible. We create a custom care plan that accounts for all situations, concerns, and requirements. Our care plans include a variety of services and can be arranged for short-term or long-term care. We can work with your family and insurance provider to get you on the track to provide high quality support in your own home.Contact us today for a care consultation!Our company, Comfort Keepers, provides two types of care: in-home care and specialized care. We provide assistance to seniors with a wide range of needs, ranging from simple daily living assistance to hands-on care for individuals with specialized needs. Read through our extensive selection of home care services listed below:In-Home CareCompanion Care: Caregivers work hard to create strong relationships with the people they serve.Temporary or Respite Care Short-tern or long-term caregiving visits so caregivers can take a break without compromising their loved one's quality of care.Personal Care: We help people with their personal care, such as washing, dressing, and grooming, in a polite manner.Senior Transportation Services: Providing transportation help to seniors who want to get out and about is something our caregivers specialize in.Seniors and Technology Services: If your loved one is experiencing social isolation, our caregivers can help them stay connected with friends and family by using video calls, social media, and texting services.Interactive Caregiving: Our caregivers are there to uplift seniors' lives and guarantee that they receive the highest possible quality of care throughout their entire health.Specialized Care24-Hour Care: In order to provide the best care and monitor your loved one's health at all times, our caregivers are available to work in shifts.Alzheimer's and Dementia Care: As a result of our memory care services, people with dementia can remain in their own homes, where they are most at ease. In order to keep you or a loved one safe and healthy at home for as long as possible, our caregivers are trained in the best practices of memory careEnd-of-Life Care: We are here to help terminally ill persons and their families emotionally.In-Facility Care: Even while our organization is known for providing care in the comfort of the client's own home, we also provide services to those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.Post-Hospital Care: Also called transitional care, our caregivers can assist older or disabled persons who are preparing to leave the hospital.Our unique approach to providing care not only focuses on the task at hand, but also more importantly on the person the in home care is being provided for. Comfort Keepers home health aides strive to involve the client and encourage their active participation, as their individual abilities allow it.If you have any concerns about the safety and wellbeing of your senior loved one living at home, call us today at (412) 406-7667 to find out how he or she could benefit from home care services.

Comfort Keepers of Pittsburgh & Allegheny County: North & West

Non-Medical 5500 Brooktree Road, Wexford, Pennsylvania, 15090

Comfort Keepers provides award-winning in-home care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities. Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in their home for as long as safely possiblea dream come true for many elders.  Our in home health care providers can be there when your mom, dad or other relative needs help scheduling appointments, picking up prescriptions or need transportation to social outings.They will also be there to take your loved one to the mall to pick up a present for a grandchild, to walk through the park with or to take them to their doctors appointments.  In addition to taking your loved one grocery shopping, to their favorite restaurant or to the park, our home caregivers can perform light housekeeping, do the laundry as specified, provide pet care and prepare nutritious meals. Also, our certified home health aides can help with medication reminders, bathing and dressing, just to name a few.  Our home health aides transform day-to-day caregiving into opportunities to engage and enrich the lives of seniors physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Each in home health care provider is are properly to handle the challenges that our clients' families face, including dementia and Alzheimer's.  Should you need help with a loved one coming home from the hospital, a relative needing end of life care, or to give yourself a well-deserved break, Comfort Keepers is here to help. Comfort Keepers is a leading provider of in-home, non-medical care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities.  Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in the comfort of their home for as long as safely possible - a dream come true for many elders.We understand the struggle family members face when a loved one needs extra assistance in their home.Were here to help. Our caregivers alleviate this stress by providing professional in-home care services with a personal touch.Our Mission: Our goal is to enrich the lives of our clients while maintaining their safety, well-being, and comfort as they continue to live independently at home despite disease and other age-related conditions.Our Team: Our caregivers, or our Comfort Keepers, are carefully selected, screened, and trained to provide professional, compassion assistance. Through our unique approach called Interactive Caregiving, our caregivers build true friendships with their clients in order to fulfill their emotional and social needs.Our Story: Our offices are independently owned and operated, allowing each location to have a personal and local touch. With more than 700 offices worldwide, Comfort Keepers has been named a world-class franchise for ten years in a row, as well as one of the fastest growing franchise systems by INC. Magazine.At Comfort Keepers, we believe that an in-home care plan should be customized to each individual's needs, goals, and living situation. The best care improves quality of life by focusing on the care activities that increase engagement, improve physical and mental wellness, and bring happiness, purpose and hope.Our services focus on physical needs and total wellbeing. We believe that everyone should experience the best of life, no matter their age or the level of care that is needed. At Comfort Keepers, we strive to elevate the spirits of our clients and their families every day.Our in-home care includes:Companion Care to preserve mental health and social wellbeingPersonal Care to maintain activities of daily living, such as dressing and groomingSafety Care, including personal emergency response systems and medication safetySenior Transportation to safely provide rides for seniors to and from appointments or activitiesTechnology support to help keep seniors in touch with family and friendsRespite care to provide temporary relief for family and other primary caregiversSpecialized care services, including Alzheimers and dementia care, 24-hour care, and post-hospital careCaring is KeyEvery individual we serve is important and unique. We provide the best possible senior care tailored to the individual needs of each client we serve. Our caregivers are thoroughly screened, empowered to provide the highest quality of care and highly trained. In addition, our caregivers are screened for empathy and dedicated to bringing joy.Peace of Mind for Loved OnesComfort Keepers brings peace of mind to families and helps seniors to maintain the lifestyle and independence they deserve. We utilize technology to help families stay connected and updated on the health and wellbeing of their loved one. Our caregivers are also available to provide respite care to family caregivers.We strive to provide the best quality care to exceed expectations and support families. We understand that there is peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving the best care from experienced caregivers. We are able to provide a variety of technology solutions for real time updates, transparency, and communication with your loved ones care team all from the convenience of your phone or laptop.Individualized Care PlansOur uplifting in-home care services begin with an in-home visit. Our professionals complete a comprehensive assessment and develop a care plan that is customized for each client.Some seniors need only occasional help with household chores. For others, 24-hour home care is desired. Whatever the case, we will be happy to meet with you and your loved one to create an individualized plan of care for services.We will also complete a free Home Safety Assessment and offer recommendations to improve the safety of the home.Comfort Keepers offers top-rated home care to seniors needing assistance in:Comfort Keepers of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, PA is a leading provider of home care services. Our expert caregivers provide customized care plans that may include personal care and companionship-homemaker services.  We help seniors and other adults live an independent, quality life.We are proud to provide care services to the following communities:  Pittsburgh, Coraopolis, Sewickley, Wexford, Cranberry Township, Ross Township, McCandless, North Hills Moon, Mars, McKees Rocks, Glenshaw, Carnegie, Ambridge, Crescent, Bradfordwoods, Warrendale, Leetsdale, Aliquippa, Avalon, Beaver Falls, Bellevue, Crafton, Dormont, Green Tree, Robinson Township, Shaler, Sheraden, Warrendale, West View, Butler and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

Comfort Keepers In Home Senior Care

Non-Medical 5824 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15236

Welcome to Comfort Keepers of Pittsburgh, South Hills, and East SuburbsComfort Keepers provides award-winning in-home care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities. Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in their home for as long as safely possiblea dream come true for many elders.Assisting residents of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area since 2001Located in Pittsburgh, Monroeville, and South Park and serving the surrounding area, Comfort Keepers has been offering area residents devoted care since 2001. Our award-winning service happens through trustworthy caregivers who deliver personalized senior care plans that include personal care and companion care. Our work ensures that your loved ones enjoy a life of independence inside their own home. Interested in learning more? Call us at (412) 204-7938.Seniors receive excellent care and companionship, allowing them to "keep" their "comfort" in their older years. We try to give the greatest quality care to our customers by involving them in all parts of their daily lives through our proprietary method of care called Interactive Caregiving. This distinctive approach lets your loved ones remain active and involved in their everyday activities. Because each client we serve is unique, we provide personalized attention.Our local caregivers are one-of-a-kind in the elder care industry  They are passionate about what they do, and they bring that passion into your house. They work hard to improve the quality of life of your loved one by involving them in their strong work ethic, ethics, and desire to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. Services can range from simple companionship to Alzheimer's and dementia assistance, end of life care, recovery and transitional care, and much more.To find out how our office serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding are may fill your needs or those of a loved one, call today at (412) 204-7938 to schedule a free in-home assessment! With the assistance of family members, we will develop a Plan of Care designed to match your specific needs or those of your loved ones.Personal Care ServicesBathroom Personal Hygiene CareBathing, grooming, and other aspects of personal hygiene can be made easier for elders with the help of Comfort Keepers. Several benefits to bathing go beyond the physical cleansing of the skin. Our caregivers are well-versed in techniques for minimizing patients' feelings of shame or humiliation.Mobility AssistanceKeeping the elderly active has numerous physical health benefits, including decreasing blood pressure, improving digestion and sleep, increasing energy and stamina, and bolstering the cardiovascular system. In addition to accompanying the client on a short walk, your compassionate home helper can offer encouragement and reassurance that prescribed activities are being completed.Transfer and Position HelpTo ensure the health and safety of our clients, all of our caregivers have undergone extensive training on how to move and position clients correctly. Moving from one bed or chair to another with care avoids pressure points on the skin, decreases muscle weakness and stiffness, and promotes digestion.Toileting and Incontinence CareWe work to keep the dignity and self-esteem of older people, and other adults high as our team helps them with home care and daily living tasks. Through this kind of treatment, we try to lessen some people's embarrassment about having incontinence and needing help in the bathroom.Feeding and Special DietSome of our clients need help feeding themselves, and it can be hard to let go of being able to eat on your own. People who work for us know this and make extra efforts to make mealtime a more pleasant time for everyone. We also want to ensure that our care providers help their clients stay on prescribed diets to prevent or treat a wide range of illnesses, like heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes.In-Home CompanionshipConversing as a CompanionOur home care services give our clients someone with whom to talk and eat. Social interaction like this has been shown to improve the health, happiness, and quality of life of people of all ages, particularly the elderly.Meal PreparationMany older people can't go shopping for food and make a healthy meal. We can make hot, tasty, healthy meals for their clients based on what they want. This will help them get the nutrition they need. Clients can help with meal preparation as long as their abilities allow.Washing and Folding ClothesYou'll be happy that our caregivers can wash, dry, fold, iron, and put away clothes at their clients' homes or bring them to a laundry service near their home. We try to ensure that each customer's laundry is done the way he or she wants.Light HousekeepingOur in-home care services include light housekeeping that covers most domestic tasks. Often seniors can and want to join their caregivers in housework, which can help them feel useful and needed. These tasks include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Please be advised that we do not provide outdoor cleaning or maintenance services.Grocery Shopping/ErrandsWe will shop for groceries at the stores their clients prefer and run errands such as picking up prescriptions or going to the post office. Clients may choose to stay home or come along and help with the shopping and errands as an excellent way to stay active and engaged. They will also use any coupons provided by their clients.Incidental TransportationOur care aides can provide incidental transportation for clients, allowing them the freedom to go shopping and attend other activities or get to medical appointments, the barbershop or beauty salon, and other places the senior chooses.  Getting a senior out and about is good for the seniors mind, body, and spirit.Medication RemindersOur agency can help ensure that clients take their medications as prescribed. They can assist with opening medication containers, reading labels, and reminding their clients when to take a dose. In instances in which a client needs additional assistance with medications, such as administering or setting up in a pillbox. In that case, we can provide a registered nurse or refer them to an outside nursing agency.24-Hour CareDepending on the clients needs, we can provide home care for seniors for just a few hours a week or provide full-time, in-home care.  Through our 24-hour at home senior care service, a team of care providers coordinates caregiving responsibilities in shifts. This offers clients and their families full-time peace of mind. Whether your loved one requires Alzheimer's care, end of life care, or other assistance, we can be there when and how your family needs us. Personal home care is a comprehensive term that supports primary home care, daily living, and personal hygiene. We realize everyones situation is different. As such, our caregivers are trained to assist with moments-notice assistance and complete home care, depending on your needs. Specifically, your needs might include bathing, mobility assistance, cleaning, cooking, or companion care. We can also transport your loved one to and from events, doctor appointments, and errands. Were here to offer emotional and physical engagement through our customized services which involve Interactive Caregiving. Our mission with personal care is to help your loved one enjoy the best quality of life while remaining in the comfort of their home.We proudly assist with everyday tasks such as:Bathroom personal assistanceHelp with movement around the homeTransferring and positioning from room to room and chair to chairToileting and incontinence careMeal preparation, cooking and clean-upTransportation to and from appointments, events and around townCare for your loved one who might have memory issues or cognitive impairmentsMedication reminders Support regarding physician prescribed nutrition and exercise programsAny changes with condition monitoringFall risk assessment and helping with fall preventionDiscover the ways we can assist you with specialized care24-Hour Care  We'll be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if needed. Our caregivers work in groups throughout the day to ensure your loved one's needs are always met. We've discovered that seniors appreciate our caregivers' presence and pleasure since it helps them cope with the necessities of life.Alzheimers and Dementia Care  It's hard to know what comes next when dealing with the mind and the effect Alzheimer's and dementia can have on it. The result is you're constantly concerned about your loved one's safety. Allow a Comfort Keepers caregiver to keep your loved one safe and comfortable in their home if they have Alzheimer's or dementia. We've been trained to deal with this type of issue and are ready to assist.End of Life Care  Our patient-focused care means youre not alone during this difficult time. When our caregivers assist your loved one with end of life care, you get the privilege and peace of mind to focus on your loved one not the labor.In-Facility Care  Comfort Keepers caregivers can supplement the care your loved one receives even if they currently reside in an assisted living facility.Post-Hospital Care  We can make the transition easy if you return home after surgery or any hospital visit. Areas we cover:  Pittsburgh (Downtown, Hill District, Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, Garfield, Shadyside, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Greenfield, Point Breeze, Homewood, East Liberty, Lincoln Lemmington, Upper St. Claire, Mount Lebanon, Castle Shannon, Bethel Park, South Park, McMurray, Washington, Jefferson Hills, McKeesport, Braddock, Edgewood, Wilkinsburg, North Huntingdon, Forest Hills, Export, Plum, Monroeville, Irwin, White Oak, Trafford, North Versailles, and MurrysvilleGive us a call today!