The Upside of Down-Sizing

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Sep 16, 2013


Colorado - Northern Colorado

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In my past career as a Physical Therapist, I did a lot of Rehab on folks that had suffered a fall (or falls) at home.
Many times, the falls could have been avoided by minimizing risk factors ahead of time. There are many causes of falls and many ways to minimize the risk. I want to cover just one of those risk minimizers in this short time we have: Down-sizing
By definition it means to simplify, de-clutter or take up less space. From the point of view of Rehab it might mean returning someone back to home to Age in Place. It may also encompass changing where you live.
So, why Downsize?
*Safety: de-cluttering your living space may reduce risk of falls. A more efficient living space may also help.
*Accessibility: Modifying your current space might make it easier to move about in your daily activities OR rent/purchase something that suits your physical needs (i.e.: NO stairs; all living space on one level, etc.). A Physical or Occupational Therapist specializing in Accessibility is helpful.
*Energy Conservation: less to clean. Focus on the want-tos vs. have-tos that come with a large house or tons of stuff. Spend more of your energy taking care of you (develop your hobbies, exercise, socialize, learn, travel) instead of spending most of your energy caring for your habitat.
You have worked hard now, enjoy!
Editors Note: This article was written by Dawn Mathis, SRES, GRI, ABR - Associate Broker @Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. She can be reached at 970-481-5263.

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