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Jul 10, 2020

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Speech Therapy- refers to services to assess and treat speech and swallowing disorders. Speech therapy can treat speech, language, cognitive skills or swallowing. A Therapist provides individually designed treatment programs to maximize communication and swallowing. Depending on the nature and severity of the disorder, common treatments may range from changes in food consistence, physical strengthening exercises, repetitive practice, to the use of audio-visual aids. Occupational Therapy- Refers to services to assess and treat patients to improve their ability to perform tasks in their daily living and working environments. Patients may have mental, physical, developmental, or emotional disabilities. Therapists also help them to develop, recover, or maintain daily living and work skills. Occupational therapists help clients not only to improve their basic motor functions and reasoning abilities, but also to compensate for permanent loss of function. The goal is to help patients become as independent, productive, and satisfied as possible.Physical Therapy- refers to services for the treatment and the rehabilitation process where a physical therapist will often stretch, strengthen, facilitate muscles, challenge balance, test coordination abilities, teach home exercise programs and enhance basic mobility skills. Exercise techniques are only part of the special skills used by therapists to treat patients to help lessen disability, pain and improve overall function and quality of life. Therapists may also use special equipment when treating patients which help aid in the healing and recovery of an injury.
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