Tips for Seniors to Tackle Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping

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Dec 03, 2021

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Thanksgiving is an exciting and busy time of the year. Families and friends meet together to enjoy a bountiful meal, which requires a lot of time and preparation. The perfect Thanksgiving feast starts with the right ingredients. But the run to the grocery store for Thanksgiving goods is one of the most time-consuming grocery shopping trips of the year. For many seniors, it can be stressful or even seem impossible. It requires you to be on your feet longer, push a heavier shopping cart, manage more grocery bags than usual, and maneuver carts through aisles with lots of foot traffic. And the Thanksgiving turkey isnt light, either! Thankfully, there are severaltips older adults can utilize to make this grocery trip easier and less stressful.
Place an Order Online
Many grocery stores now allow you to place an order on their website. Then, store employees do the grocery shopping for you. If any ingredients are missing off the shelves, they can make substitutions for you, too. Some stores offer home delivery, while others offer curbside pickup. This option might cost a few more dollars on your bill, but it can make the trip much easier on seniors who have a hard time grocery shopping on normal weekdays.
If your grocery store doesnt offer online orders, then you can look into different grocery delivery apps, likeInstacartorShipt.In some areas, Amazon also provides grocery delivery.Or, you can hire a trusted caregiver to do the grocery shopping on behalf of your loved one.
Make shopping a family affair by involving different family members in grocery shopping.If your loved one prefers a hands-on approach to shopping, have someone go with them to offer a helping hand. They can push the cart, pick up heavy items, reach for items on tall shelves, and help navigate the busy store.
You may even decide that its best for your elderly loved one to stay home this year.You can also delegate different dishes to various family members and ask them to get the ingredients for their dish instead of leaving it all on your seniors shoulders.This can help make the grocery run easier for the whole family.
Go to the Store in the Morning
Grocery stores are often less crowded in the morning, so plan your tripaccordingly. Seniorswill be able to get in and out fastersince they wont have to navigate through as many people. Plus, workers wont be as busy, so they will be more available to help with tasks like bagging groceries, taking them out of the cart for checkout, and loading them into the car.
Make a List
Making a list is a great way to ensure that you have everything you need for your Thanksgiving meal. While there might still be a few items that you forget, the list can help youstay on track. It can also help you know which aisles you can avoid and which ones you need to go down.If you know your grocery store layout well, you can organize your list by areas of the store.Staying organized with your list will help seniors shop more efficiently.
Order from a Restaurant
Seniors dont have to do all the cooking themselves. Its okay to order items from your favorite restaurants if they have Thanksgiving dishes available. Instead of making a homemade pie, for example, try picking one up. This can help cut down on the chaos in the kitchen and on thetimeyou spend at the grocery store. Some families take it a step further and eat out on Thanksgiving to avoid the hassle altogether.
Go to a Larger Store
If you live in an area that has multiple locations of your favorite grocery store, consider going to one that has a more spacious layout. Larger stores typically have wider aisles that can be easier to navigate during busy times of the year. However, this could also be challenging for seniors who are already familiar with thelayout of their grocery store. So let your loved one take the lead on choosing the grocery store.
Clean Out the Car
To get all of those groceries home, you need lots of space in your vehicle. Check the car for space before going to the grocery store to ensure that you dont have to spend time making room for your groceries in the parking lot. We recommend clearing out the trunk because its easier to accessthan the side doors, which can swing open and hit cars nearby. But you might need additional room especially if you drive a compact sedan so clear out the back seat too.
Encourage Your Loved One to Accept Help
There are also companies and serviceswill also assist with the shopping process.For example, you may want to hire a transportation company. You can even ask to see ifthe driver will help carry in bags when your loved one gets home. Or you can hire a caregiver who can do shopping with your loved one, help with meal preparation, and provide the ride.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to gather together as family and celebrate all the things that you have to be thankful for this year. That doesn't mean that it has to be stressful for your elderly loved one. For more tips on keeping the Thanksgiving season easier to manage for everyone,find the Caring locationnear you and reach outtoday!

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Seasonal affective disorder in older adults: improving mood and well-being through leisure interventions. Activities, Adaptation & Aging, 41(1), 39-53. Holt-Lunstad, J., et al. (2015). Loneliness and social isolation as risk factors for mortality: A meta-analytic review. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 10(2), 227-237.Melrose, S. (2015). Seasonal affective disorder: An overview of assessment and treatment approaches. Depression Research and Treatment, 2015, 1-6.National Institute on Aging. (2021). Winter Safety Tips for Older Adults. Okun, M. A., et al. (2016). Volunteering by older adults and risk of mortality: A meta-analysis. Psychology and Aging, 31(6), 634-645. Rusch, H. L., et al. (2019). A randomized controlled trial of the effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction on posttraumatic growth among survivors of interpersonal violence. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 32(6), 936-946. Verghese, J., et al. (2003). Leisure activities and the risk of dementia in the elderly. 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Its a New Year, and the tradition of making some positive resolutions is at the top of everyones mind. Yes, it is important to stay healthy, to eat well and set goals but it is also important to exercise the mind just as much as the body. Some enjoyable ways to keeping a happy and healthy mind in 2021 are to indulge in activities such as reading, writing, solving puzzles and so much more! Here are some fun ways to keep an active mind for the upcoming year.Reading, Writing and SmilingReading is an engaging way to not only pass time but to also keep your mind sharp. There are so many great new book releases that have recently come out which provide an exciting escape for people of all ages. Most books even come in a large print option for those challenged with reading up close, or those who just like having a larger font size. Reading strengthens the brain, helps reduce stress levels and has even been told to increase longevity. Mental health is such an important aspect of todays society, and reading a good book to be able to escape reality is one of the best ways to spend the day!Along with reading and its positive stimulation on the brain, writing your own stories is a great way to keep an active mind and to help set personal goals for the New Year. Many of our communities have a full-time Activities Director that tailor toward peoples special interests in areas such as these for reading and writing, along with other areas like cooking, crafts and much more. A fun New Years resolution to pursue this year could be something such as striving to write a different short story a day or other type of narrative. Then, you can share it with friends and family, a great way to maintain these valuable personal relationships and of course, show off your creativity!Games, Puzzles and MorePuzzles come in a wide variety of forms that are fun for everyone. There are so many different options to keep you occupied in the New Year like crosswords, word searches, Sudoku and even your traditional jigsaw puzzles. Your brains health is just as important as your bodys, especially during these unprecedented times. Doing just one type of puzzle a day will help keep a sharp mind, since it exercises both sides of the brain and improves spatial reasoning. Something similar to puzzles that is also fun and an efficient way to pass time is playing cards. Games such as Go Fish and Solitaire help enhance your memory and mood all great things when starting off fresh for a New Year. You can always take a look at our Celebrations Activities and Events program to see all the different, diverse and fun recreation that is offered on a daily basis.In all, do your part to experience life to the fullest, and make sure to set daily goals for yourself even if they are small. The key to having a happy New Year is staying busy and exercising the mind throughout the day. Just a few minutes of taking care of your brain makes a world of a difference!

5 Winter Activities for Seniors

The winter months can present unique challenges to seniors. From poor weather conditions that may aggravate medical conditions or prevent seniors from spending much time outside to potential dangers created by having to walk or drive in wet or icy weather, winter often means taking a different approach to daily life for seniors.If you or your loved one are a senior who is trying to cope with the winter months, we want to provide you with a list of safe and fun activities that can make these times a little more bearable.Indoor exercisesBecause poor weather can make it dangerous to go outside for a walk or for a breath of fresh air, indoor exercises can be a healthy and safer alternative. These include chair exercises, using a treadmill, hand strength and coordination activities, low-impact games on Wii, and gentle stretching. You can determine whats safe for you, speak with a doctor about exercise suggestions.GamesThere are numerous games that provide an excellent opportunity for fun and leisure indoors, as well as mental stimulation that becomes increasingly important as we age. Play your favorite board game, solve a jigsaw puzzle, attend a Bingo event, or even use a Wii to play electronic puzzle and math games. These fun activities can help keep the mind sharp and defend against seasonal and wintertime depression that affects people of all ages.Learn a skill or hobbyWith additional time indoors, seniors may find that they can use their time productively to learn a new craft or skill, such as knitting, crocheting, playing an instrument, cooking, or woodworking by reading a How-To book, learning online, or watching an instructional video. Seniors may also choose to take classes that can teach them new skills, encourage social interaction, and offer an opportunity to get outside the house, or invite others over to enjoy a hobby together or to teach the skill itself.ReadReading is a great activity any time of year, but it can be especially enjoyable when you cozy up with a good book or magazine during winter months. Seniors can also join a local book club, which can provide more interaction with friends and the opportunity to discuss what they have read.Spend time with friendsSpending time with friends and family can help pass the time and open up the world for a senior who may spend a lot of time at home. Inviting friends over for a weekly or even monthly event night can be a great way to catch up and enjoy a game or hobby as a group. Seniors may also hold book clubs or classes in their own home, where they can share their thoughts and skills with others.The winter months can be tough for everyone, not just seniors. By being creative and making the effort to use time indoors productively and enjoyably, seniors and anyone else who may be homebound can fend off boredom, improve their physical and mental health, and have fun.PRO-TIPWhile journaling is enjoyed by people of all ages, it can be a particularly beneficial activity for seniors. Regardless of what subjects are addressed, or even the quality of writing, journaling can contribute significantly to mental and emotional health.The good news is that its not difficult to get started with this activity. All you or your loved one need are a notebook, writing utensils, and dedication to jotting down at least a few sentences on a regular basis.Contact your local care advisor at Assisted Living Locators if you have questions about these ideas or how we can be of assistance, contact us today.For more information on how to prepare your family and your elderly loved ones for the holidays, please reach out to your local Assisted Living Locators senior care advisor today!