Traveling, Does It Have To Be So Difficult

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Oct 27, 2015

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Its hard to imagine Humphrey Bogart looking dashing as he struggles to unlace his leather-soled shoes at airport security and a sullen agent reminds him to remove the change from his pockets. In Bogeys day, he wore a hat, suit, and tie to the airport and walked right up to the plane.

Back then, suitcases were leather and were carried by a top handle, not rolling wheels. People wore suits to travel: real suits, not velour track suits. So much has changed since back then.

Today, we travel through a world where a person must empty his pockets, take off his jacket, remove all liquids and gels from his bag, and walk barefoot through an x-ray machine before he can board a plane. But these escalating measures have made travel as overwhelming and frazzling as it is secure.

Many retired senior citizens have the time and funds to travel, but cant seem to find the motivation to overcome the stressors of traveling these days. Who will help me pack in the right size suitcase, what goes in the clear plastic bags, how can I carry my bags and get around in my walker at the same time, how do I book my tickets, what if no one is there to pick me up, who is going to help me with my needs during my stay, and the list goes on.

Traveling can be very cathartic, relaxing, rejuvenating for your body and soul and might just be the medicine for depression and isolation that so many seniors experience.

Back then, can keep its leather-soled shoes and traveling suits today, the people you love have never been closer to you, no matter how far away they might be by having a travel helper.

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