Understanding the Medicare Hospice Benefit

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Oct 27, 2015

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When patients and their families experience a life-limiting illness, the physical and emotional challenges are burden enough. But the financial stresses sometimes are more than a family can bear. So its vital to fully understand the financial benefits available to Medicare enrollees who choose to take advantage of their hospice benefit.

The Medicare Hospice Benefit is ALL-INCLUSIVE. Medicare-certified hospices must accept the per diem reimbursement rate as 100 percent coverage for the services provided to the hospice patient and family.

For patients, that means no more co-pays, deductibles or coverage limits. All prescription medications, lab and diagnostic work, and medical equipment and supplies related to the patients terminal illness are provided at no cost to the patient. It also means that hospice professionals provide care related to the patients terminal illness at no additional cost to the patient.

Hospice is a Medicare benefit that provides care for both the patient and the patients loved ones. The Medicare Hospice Benefit requires all Medicare-certified hospices to provide an organized program of services to meet the bereavement needs of the family for at least one year after the beneficiarys death. This helps to ensure that all terminally ill patients and their families have ready access to compassionate and effective end-of-life care. Visit vitas.com/florida or call VITAS at 866-928-4827.

Editors Note: Submitted by Tamara DeCaro, Director of Market Development, VITAS Innovative Hospice Care of Collier County

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