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Feb 03, 2017

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Many older Veterans never look into their VA Healthcare benefits, believing they are reserved primarily for the most disabled veterans or those with the least amount of money. Please dont make that mistake.
Talk to your fellow Veterans at the VFW, The Legion or to the VSO at your town hall or senior center. The VSO, your local Veterans Service officer, is an added benefit for Massachusetts Veterans (See article on why you should contact your VSO.)
For a second opinion, seek out Veterans who get their care at the VA. The VA can provide access to an entire Primary Care Team. That team will communicate with each other on a regular basis about YOUR care and how to help you reach your health goals. You can go to the VA and still continue with your community based Primary Care Provider or choose to get all your medical needs from the wide assortment of services available at the VA Boston.

According to the 2012 U.S. Census, there are in excess of 12.4 million Veterans age 65 or older. As Veterans age, the VA is ready to address a variety of issues including your changing health risks. Veterans, like most older Americans, wish to stay in their home independently as long as safely possibly. The VA has resources focused on making this a reality, including:
Home Based Primary Care, intended for Veterans that have difficulty keeping and maintaining their medical appointments, is a unique benefit that brings the entire Primary care team to your home to provide medical care.
Telehealth, a great option for Veterans that have cardiac concerns in addition to other medical issues, is a daily monitoring of vital signs through a nurse who keeps in telephone contact with you providing support and guidance if there is a change in your blood pressure, weight or blood sugar.
Mail order medications
In home respite and in patient respite.

The VA will pay for attendance at an Adult Day Program with other Veterans in the community contracted by the VA. This gives Veterans socialization opportunities and provides respite for caregivers to attend to their own needs while their loved one is getting care.

The VA also provides glasses, hearing aids, orthotic shoes and medical equipment such as scooters, wheel chairs walker, canes, a life alert button that when pressed calls 911 and possibly a chair lift, if eligible.

The VA has a robust Mental Health clinic for older Veterans. As people retire many look back on their life and make meaning of it or try to resolve things that have been troubling them. The VA has several time limited groups and longer term groups on Brain Health, Insomnia, Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness. These groups are a great way to meet other older Veterans, retired and living at home looking to meet other people and find healthy activities.

The Brockton VA has an awarding winning Creative Arts Studio where participants can take art or music lessons or participate in Yoga.

. You might be surprised at what you are missing. Come and check out your options at the VA Boston Healthcare System.

Submitted by Gayle Clark, LICSW, Geriatric Mental Health Outpatient Clinic, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs, VA Boston Healthcare System. For more information, contact David Hencke, VA Boston Outreach Coordinator, at 857-3364-5934

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Innovative VA Programs: Supporting Senior Veterans in Care

Providing care for our senior veterans can be a noble yet challenging task. These unsung heroes often grapple with unique health and support needs due to their past service and advancing age, leaving their caregivers in need of resources and assistance. Thankfully, innovative programs from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offer a beacon of hope. From home-based primary care to telehealth services and respite care, these pioneering initiatives are revolutionizing the way caregivers can support our senior veterans. Home-Based Primary CareIn the realm of senior veteran care, the Home-Based Primary Care program serves as a crucial supporting pillar. This program is designed for veterans who have complex healthcare needs and find it difficult to travel to the VA medical center. It is a collaborative care model where a dedicated team delivers comprehensive care right at the veteran's home. This team is often multidisciplinary, consisting of doctors, nurses, social workers, and rehabilitation therapists, ensuring a holistic approach to the veteran's health care needs.The introduction of this program has significantly improved the quality of care for senior veterans. Caregivers have reported that it alleviates the burden of frequent hospital visits and ensures that medical help is available when it's most needed. For example, consider the case of Mr. Johnson, a World War II veteran. The Home-Based Primary Care program transformed his care experience, reducing hospital admissions and increasing his overall comfort by providing care right in his home.Telehealth ServicesAn important innovation in modern health care is Telehealth Services, a game-changing resource for caregivers of senior veterans. Through this program, healthcare services are delivered remotely via telecommunication technologies. This includes consultations with healthcare professionals, remote patient monitoring, and access to medical education.Telehealth services have been instrumental in enhancing the care experience for both caregivers and senior veterans. By bridging geographical barriers, it ensures timely access to health care services and reduces the stress and difficulty associated with travel. It's particularly beneficial for senior veterans living in remote or rural areas. Take the example of Mr. Smith, a Vietnam War veteran living in a rural area. Through telehealth services, he was able to regularly consult with his specialists, something that would have been difficult given his location.Respite CareRespite care is another transformative initiative from the VA. It's a service that provides temporary relief to caregivers from their caregiving duties. This gives caregivers the opportunity to rest, rejuvenate, and attend to their personal needs without worrying about the well-being of their loved ones. Simultaneously, it ensures that senior veterans continue to receive safe and professional care.Respite care acknowledges the crucial role caregivers play and the toll constant caregiving can take on their health and well-being. Caregivers like Mrs. Davis, who cares for her husband, a Korean War veteran, found respite care to be a lifesaver. It allowed her to pay attention to her own health needs without compromising the care of her husband.In the roadmap of senior veteran care, these VA programs are vital milestones. Home-Based Primary Care, Telehealth Services, and Respite Care each provide distinctive solutions to the challenges faced by caregivers. They enhance the quality of care and support caregivers in their demanding roles, ensuring our senior veterans get the quality of life they rightfully deserve. Veteran Care at Home by Senior Helpers GreeleyFor those living in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Wellington, or Longmont, Senior Helpers Greeley is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for your loved ones. We offer veteran care services that can help seniors make the most of their VA benefits and maintain independence at home as long as possible. Contact us today to learn more 970-373-3858.

Veteran Home Care

Everything Families Need to Know About Veteran Home CarePosted: March 5, 2024 in Aging , Home Care Planning , Finances

We are a Veteran-Owned Business Proud to Serve our Community

Veteran-owned HomeWell puts veterans first, offering exceptional in-home care that honors their service and values.As veterans, we understand the importance of protecting the well-being of others. Our service-driven approach is rooted in the values of perseverance, respect, dignity and honor as we aid families in need, support fellow veterans and help our community thrive through exceptional in-home care services. Committed to providing you with the peaceful retirement youve earned.The retirement years of those who have served should be marked by dignity, comfort and belonging. However, for veterans whose years of service are etched with valor and sacrifice, life as a citizen can prove challenging. Depending on their experiences, the transition to normalcy and everyday life can be a long-term endeavorone that continues well into their senior years.At HomeWell, weve found that the comfort of home can make all the difference for our esteemed soldiers who seek to age gracefully. For these individuals, maintaining autonomy is not just a preference; its a testament to the resilience that defines them. By bringing care directly to their doorstep, senior veterans can enjoy the familiarity of their own space while receiving the individualized care they need. Our role in veterans care:Our service-driven approach is rooted in the values of perseverance, respect, dignity and honor as we support veterans and their families, ultimately helping our community thrive through exceptional in-home care services. We thoughtfully consider the individual needs of each veteran entrusted to our care to develop a highly personalized plan that takes into account their physical, mental and emotional well-being at home.We also extend a helping hand to veterans and their families as they navigate their finances. We understand that paying out of pocket often hinders them from pursuing non-medical home care. However, if your loved one is enrolled in health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or has a monthly VA pension, they may be eligible to receive coverage for assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) at HomeWell.  If you or an aging loved one are considering Veterans Care in Plano, TX, contact the caring staff at HomeWell Care Services Plano TX  today. Call (469) 596-6500HomeWell Care Services Plano TX is a Trusted Home Care Agency serving Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Richardson, Garland, Little Elm, Prosper, and the surrounding areas.