What are Move Management and Organizing Services?

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Oct 27, 2015

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Pam was ready to move to a retirement community but she was overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks that lay ahead. She had a large home with 45 years of accumulated belongings. Pam knew she couldn't take everything to her new smaller home but she couldn't decide what to take with her.
Pam hired a Senior Move Manager. The Senior Move Manager (SMM) profession is relatively new. It was sparked by the increase in the senior population and the scattering of families across the nation. Seniors are increasingly moving into retirement communities instead of staying in their large homes. Adult children are often unable to help with the move.
How does a Senior Move Manager differ from a moving company? Unlike moving companies which just pack and transport, SMMs offer personalized management and organizing services that help with all aspects of the move including offering emotional support.
Pam's SMM company helped her make decisions about down-sizing and what would fit into her new home. They helped make decisions about where to dispose of unwanted items through a variety of venues including gifts to family and friends, estate sale and donations. They packed, recommended a moving company (most SMMs do not actually move your possessions) and helped with address changes and transfer of utilities. Pam's SMM even prepared her home for sale.
Best of all they made Pam's new home feel like home immediately by arranging her furniture, hanging pictures and setting up her kitchen and closets. SMMs offer a range of personal services and you can choose all or some of them.
How do you find a Senior Move Manager? First look on this website. You also can go to the National Association of Senior Move Managers web site, www.nasmm.org and click on Find a Senior Move Manager. NASMM members follow a strict code of ethics and get ongoing training. Often your retirement community can make recommendations.
Choose a company that is bonded and insured. Check references. Ask all the questions you have and be happy with the answers. Be sure you are comfortable with them, that you are a "good fit".
Relax and let a professional help you. You deserve it!

This article was submitted by Robin Korn of Fresh Spaces, LLC. They can be reached at 303-349-3700 or through their website, www.freshspacesllc.com.

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