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Sep 05, 2017

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When older adults consider variations in assisted living facilities within Texas, it is important to be aware of the facility differences. The most important differentiating factor deals with the number of residents the facility is licensed to care for. A smaller assisted living facility will care for residents ranging between 3-16 in occupancy. While a larger assisted living can have dozens if not hundreds of residents within their care. A sought after alternative to commercial settings are smaller assisted living facilities called Residential Care Homes. These are licensed facilities by the state of Texas doing business out of a residential property.

Do to sheer size of properties found with larger facilities, smaller assisted living alternatives have proven to result in both residents and family members feeling more in touch and connected. The benefits of a home-like setting for assisted living (or a residential setting for older adults) is the personal touch, and the attention to detail in set of choices and creative approaches towards senior care - working closely with the doctors, the families, and the residents. Within the homelike setting, owners and staff are known to be more hands on with all the day-to-day operations. As a result, there is a familiarity with the medication requirements, and personal needs of each resident.

Being that the state regulations for assisted living facilities are moderate, it may surprise seekers to discover that there is a difference between the staff to resident ratio found in smaller versus larger facilities. It is not uncommon to encounter a Residential Care Home with a ratio of 1 caregiver to 3 residents. While at larger facilities they could surpass a ratio of 1:12 during shifts. Neglect and abuse are growing concerns due to the influx of new facilities simply meeting basic requirements. More than the frequency of contact between a staff and residents, an environment with a corporate feel can trigger unwelcoming emotions for someone wrestling with familiarity. Sometimes a larger assisted living facility will use linoleum floors, hospital style curtains in semi-private rooms, and cafeteria-style food services. Residential Care Homes have proved to be a solid option for older adults while seeking a welcoming place to call their new home under the assisted living umbrella.

This viewpoint is not to say, necessarily that there aren't benefits of a larger, more corporate facility structure. Choosing an assisted living facility takes a great deal of research, and time visiting and interviewing different facilities and administrators.

Editorial Note: Article written by Aaron Floarea with Garland Serenity Homes, www. garlandserenityhome.com. Aaron can be reached at ?214-952-3818 or aaronfloarea@yahoo.com

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