What Has COVID-19 Taught Me?

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Sep 23, 2020

In the beginning, it felt as if new guidance, protocols, emergency health orders, and ideas about how to manage this disease were changing every 15 minutes. The pace was unbelievable.
During that time, I told myself dont look back. The decisions that were made from a national, state, local, and at our facilities was made with the best information at the time.
Our medical director told us this could go on for 2 years. I hoped she was wrong. I dont think she is. I told myself Im going to have to buckle in for the long haul. So, I take each day as it comes and dont worry too much about next week or next month. 2021 is not even on my radar.
Grace. I say this word to myself many times throughout each day. As this pandemic affects EVERYONE, we need to have grace with each other.
I know all health care providers are better at infection control. I know regular citizens are better at infection control. I know that most everyone wants to protect their family members, their neighbors, and their community. I think all of us have had the opportunity to evaluate our priorities what makes us happy and where do we want to focus our energy.
The Long Term Care profession is becoming more focused, together. Efforts through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and the ECHO training program will help to ensure we have the best information, from experts, and the educational model to teach all staff. The national focus on Long Term Care is a positive. We have been the forgotten part of health care for way too long. I look forward to what the next 1-3 years bring for the profession I have dedicated 37 years to.
The pandemic has been hard. It has taught us knew ways of caring for each other. It has brought Long Term Care, public health, CMS, CDC, HHS, and others together. Our new learning and experiences must make us better going forward. Otherwise, what was it all for?
Editors note: This article was submitted by Yvonne Myers, Health Systems Director with Columbine Health Systems and may be reached at 970-482-0198 or yvonne.myers@columbinehealth.com

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Seniors: Take Control of Your Health for a Better Life

Quite a few seniors struggle with health challenges post-retirement. In addition to run-of-the-mill aches and pains, many develop chronic health conditions like diabetes. It doesnt help that it takes a significant amount of extra work to be fit when youre older its easier to just sit on the couch and watch TV! Being in poor shape makes it hard to have a happy, rewarding life. If youd like to improve the quality of your life, you must take control of your health. Good health gives you the energy you need to pursue fun activities and, generally, lead the life youve always wanted. Following are some practical suggestions on how seniors can take control of their health for a better quality of life: Exercise more Exercise offers incredible benefits. As Everyday Health can confirm, exercisemakes you happierreduces stressmakes you look youngerreduces risk of diseases and strokehelps you digest food betterimproves your quality of sleepYou dont need to exercise hard to enjoy these benefits either. Try low-key activities like walking, gardening, cycling, and playing golf! Do whatever you enjoy and youll do more simply because you are having fun.Maintain a beautiful living space Your living space has a massive impact on your mood and overall health. Living in a dirty or cluttered home may increase stress and unhappiness, not to mention make it harder for you to look after yourself. On the other hand, living in a well-maintained space is good for your mental wellbeing and makes it easier to look after yourself. If your home needs work, you can clean, declutter, and redecorate. Downsizing for easier maintenance is also an option.  Start an enjoyable hobby Hobbies are much more than fun pastimes they can teach you things, bust stress, keep your brain in top shape, and some can even be great exercise. Everydays offers 40 hobby ideas for seniors. Some interesting options include bird watching, metal detecting, dancing, getting a pet, photography, fishing, volunteering, and bicycling.  Find some that interest you and a group for some companionship.Eat better They say you are what you eat and theyre not wrong! According to Harvard Business Review, food fuels your body and also impacts your mood. Switching to healthier foods ones high in protein, vitamins, calcium, minerals, and dietary fibers can go a long way toward keeping you in good shape. Some examples of foods you may want to consider adding into the mix include oatmeal, nuts, mushrooms, kiwis, and greek yogurt.  Stay connected to your family and community Humans are highly social creatures needing a significant amount of social interaction to remain healthy. Spending time with your family and members of your community, whenever you can, is a great way to tune up your mental and emotional health. There are several ways to get the socialization you need  joining senior groups, finding a hobby, volunteering, playing group sports, taking classes, participating in family activities, and more. Organize your lifeA well-organized life can help you feel emotionally secure and stable. This involves several things having a financial plan for the future, having chronic health conditions (if applicable) under control, and having a healthy routine to follow. Estate planning and making a will are also things you should look into knowing your affairs are in order and your loved ones taken care of can give you peace of mind. You can reach out to Stone Law  for convenient estate planning. Starting a business to stay busy Many seniors start their own businesses these days. It keeps them busy, makes for a constructive way to pass the time, and can be very fulfilling. If youre interested in starting a business, its a good idea to know what youre getting into. When you have an idea, think about how youll get started, and how youll operate. Writing a business plan can help you stay organized. Once you have a plan, check with an attorney at Stone Law to ensure you get everything set up correctly from the start. One of the most common ways to set up a business is by registering as an Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC limits your personal liability as business assets are separate from personal assets. If your business is ever sued, only business assets are at stake. Other benefits include easier paperwork and organizational flexibility. While you can file the paperwork yourself, getting help from Stone Law you can be confident your business is set up correctly with all the proper paperwork in place from the beginning. You can rest assured that we know all the legal ins and outs of setting up an LLC or other business so you dont have to worry.Good health is your ticket to a happy, rewarding life post-retirement. When youre in good mental and physical shape, you have the enthusiasm and the energy you need to live life to the fullest. Following a self-care schedule, staying connected to loved ones, and staying busy can all help you remain in top shape. 

What Is the Difference Between Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Care?

The main difference between independent living, assisted living, and skilled care is the level of support and assistance each type of facility provides. Independent living facilities are designed for seniors who are still relatively independent and do not need much help with activities of daily living. Assisted living facilities provide a higher level of support and assistance, and skilled care facilities provide the highest level of care, including 24-hour nursing care.Determining what level of care you or your family member needs can be difficult however, our team is here to help you navigate this transition and we have resources like the Continuum of Care Quiz to help you decide which level is care is right for you or your loved one.We recommend exploring our care service pages, taking our care quiz, and scheduling a free consult before choosing which is right for you. In the meantime, here are some key differences between our care services all in one place.Independent LivingIndependent living residents dont need help with their activities of daily living but have chosen to simplify their lives so they can focus on whats most important to them and leave burdensome everyday tasks to the trusted staff.Residents are provided laundry and housekeeping services, creative and chef-prepared meals and snacks, cozy libraries with fireplaces, books, and puzzles, and beautifully landscaped grounds and patios.Independent living at Grace Pointe allows residents to maintain independence with private apartments, assuring them a strong sense of peace of mind through security features, nearby medical experts, and 24-hour emergency response systems.Grace Pointe offers a social atmosphere where residents can participate in group and individual activities and wellness classes, host their own gatherings in the common room and kitchen, meet with friends or family at the coffee bar & bistro or pamper themselves at the full-service salon and barbershop!Learn more about Independent Living at Grace Pointe in Greeley, Colorado.Assisted LivingAssisted living residents are still fairly independent, but may find it challenging to accomplish daily tasks, and may have mobility issues, special dietary needs, medication management concerns, or require help with bathing and dressing.As a full-service assisted living facility, Grace Pointe can provide medical transportation, assistance with medications, exercise and wellness programs, basic health status monitoring, assistance with toilet use and bathing, and nursing supervision or monitoring.Residents in assisted living may require some help with their daily tasks but dont require extensive medical care.Seniors moving into assisted living at Grace Pointe do so for the security of knowing that we have 24-hour staffing, for the socialization that a community provides, and for oversight and assistance when and if it becomes necessary.Learn more about Assisted Living at Grace Pointe in Greeley, Colorado.Skilled NursingSkilled Nursing at Grace Pointe includes 24-hour monitoring for residents with extensive medical needs and assistance by nurses and CNAs trained to address the everyday needs of residents in an elegant, home-like setting.Grace Pointes Skilled Nursing neighborhood has private units, each with comfortable adjustable beds, European showers, elegant dining and living room, chef-prepared meals, and a nurse call system.Learn more about Skilled Nursing at Grace Pointe in Greeley, Colorado.We have neighborhoods for Independent Living, Assisted Living and Long Term Care providing a comfortable home for you or your family member no matter the life stage.