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Aug 22, 2013


Florida - Southwest

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A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) offers independent living residences for healthy, active retirees along with supportive health care services including assisted living and skilled nursing care. Cypress Cove, a full-service CCRC, offers maintenance-
free living, fine dining, house-keeping, amenities and activities, transportation services and the assurance of future health care services as residents needs change.
Why Do People Choose a CCRC?
Most residents have reached a point in life where they would rather spend more time doing the things they love and less time with household responsibilities. A CCRC offers a worry-free retirement lifestyle. A move to a CCRC ensures that a plan is in place and puts an end to concerns about finding quality care if a health challenge arises. People selecting a CCRC want more control over their future, not putting the burden of those decisions on their families in a time of crisis. They also want a financial plan that gives them long-term security, so they aren't at the mercy of escalating pay-as-you-go health care costs.
What Are the Fees and Contracts Involved in a CCRC?
The majority of CCRCs in the region charge upfront entrance fees which vary based on the type of contract (lifecare versus fee-for-service), size of the residence selected, and whether the entrance fee is refundable. All-inclusive lifecare contracts provide assurance that future health care needs will be met over ones life-time at predictable and manageable costs. In addition to the up-front entrance fee, monthly fees are charged and based on the size of the residence, contract type, and number and frequency of services like meals, housekeeping, laundry and transportation that are included in
the fee.
What Does Cypress Cove Offer?
Cypress Cove is an exceptional CCRC located in south Fort Myers on a beautiful and serene 48 acre campus at Healthpark Florida. Cypress Cove offers one and two-bedroom apartments and two and three-bedroom lakeside villas for independent living. On-site amenities include two fine dining restaurants, cocktail lounges, billiards, indoor swimming pool, woodshop, art studio, auditorium, beauty and barber shop, and Northern Trust bank to name a few. Our amenities are all under one roof, from the fitness club to the restaurants, so it is easy to get around rain or shine. Our health care services are highly regarded and include home health, assisted living, rehabilitation services and skilled nursing care providing a full continuum of care to meet residents needs.
Editors Note: Editors Note: This article was submitted by Nicole D. Muller, Director of Marketing at Cypress Cove. Visit their website at www.cypresscoveliving.org

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What Is the Difference Between Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Care?

The main difference between independent living, assisted living, and skilled care is the level of support and assistance each type of facility provides. Independent living facilities are designed for seniors who are still relatively independent and do not need much help with activities of daily living. Assisted living facilities provide a higher level of support and assistance, and skilled care facilities provide the highest level of care, including 24-hour nursing care.Determining what level of care you or your family member needs can be difficult however, our team is here to help you navigate this transition and we have resources like the Continuum of Care Quiz to help you decide which level is care is right for you or your loved one.We recommend exploring our care service pages, taking our care quiz, and scheduling a free consult before choosing which is right for you. In the meantime, here are some key differences between our care services all in one place.Independent LivingIndependent living residents dont need help with their activities of daily living but have chosen to simplify their lives so they can focus on whats most important to them and leave burdensome everyday tasks to the trusted staff.Residents are provided laundry and housekeeping services, creative and chef-prepared meals and snacks, cozy libraries with fireplaces, books, and puzzles, and beautifully landscaped grounds and patios.Independent living at Grace Pointe allows residents to maintain independence with private apartments, assuring them a strong sense of peace of mind through security features, nearby medical experts, and 24-hour emergency response systems.Grace Pointe offers a social atmosphere where residents can participate in group and individual activities and wellness classes, host their own gatherings in the common room and kitchen, meet with friends or family at the coffee bar & bistro or pamper themselves at the full-service salon and barbershop!Learn more about Independent Living at Grace Pointe in Greeley, Colorado.Assisted LivingAssisted living residents are still fairly independent, but may find it challenging to accomplish daily tasks, and may have mobility issues, special dietary needs, medication management concerns, or require help with bathing and dressing.As a full-service assisted living facility, Grace Pointe can provide medical transportation, assistance with medications, exercise and wellness programs, basic health status monitoring, assistance with toilet use and bathing, and nursing supervision or monitoring.Residents in assisted living may require some help with their daily tasks but dont require extensive medical care.Seniors moving into assisted living at Grace Pointe do so for the security of knowing that we have 24-hour staffing, for the socialization that a community provides, and for oversight and assistance when and if it becomes necessary.Learn more about Assisted Living at Grace Pointe in Greeley, Colorado.Skilled NursingSkilled Nursing at Grace Pointe includes 24-hour monitoring for residents with extensive medical needs and assistance by nurses and CNAs trained to address the everyday needs of residents in an elegant, home-like setting.Grace Pointes Skilled Nursing neighborhood has private units, each with comfortable adjustable beds, European showers, elegant dining and living room, chef-prepared meals, and a nurse call system.Learn more about Skilled Nursing at Grace Pointe in Greeley, Colorado.We have neighborhoods for Independent Living, Assisted Living and Long Term Care providing a comfortable home for you or your family member no matter the life stage. 

Talking To Your Parents About Senior Living: Why Choose Sooner Rather Than Later?

Transitioning to senior living can be an intimidating prospect for many seniors. If you are a family member or friend of a senior, it can be difficult to know how to approach the subject and begin talking about the next steps. But, starting the conversation sooner rather than later is important so that seniors have time to make decisions and prepare for their transition in a way that feels comfortable. Here are some tips on how to start talking to your loved ones about senior living and why it is an important conversation to have and earlier than you think.Do Your Research First When it comes to transitioning into senior living, knowledge is power. Knowing what types of options are available and what services different facilities provide can help ease any anxiety around the conversation and give you both some context for your discussion.Doing research ahead of time is crucial for starting the conversation on the right foot. It will help you gain a better understanding of how senior living works and what your loved ones individual needs might be. Its also important to remember that each senior living community is unique in its own way; some offer more amenities than others, while some focus on particular health issues or dietary concerns within their care plan. By doing thorough research ahead of time, you can identify which communities best fit your loved ones needs.Doing your research first when talking to your loved ones about senior living options will also help you find out which type of senior living would best fit your loved ones needs and preferences from independent living facilities with limited assistance to full-service care homes with round-the-clock medical attention so that you can have a meaningful discussion about their specific wants and needs.Maintain Open Communication & Let It Be an Ongoing Process Above all else, open communication is key when discussing this type of transition with your loved one. Its essential that they feel listened to and respected during each step of this process from researching options together to visiting different facilities to making final decisions about where they want to live in their golden years. Some facilities even offer various amenities and benefits to increase the comfort of their residents, including in-house catering for improved nutrition, event calendars for increased social interaction, and advanced security for increased peace of mind. When talking to your parents about senior living, listen to which amenities and services your family would love the most, and ensure you communicate these benefits to them.Secondly, rather than having one large discussion about moving into a senior living community, try having several small conversations over time instead. The goal should ultimately be finding a solution that meets your loved ones needs while still allowing them the freedom and dignity they deserve so dont rush anything or expect an immediate answer. Allow plenty of time for reflection so your loved one can process everything theyre hearing before making a final decision.  Additionally, keep in mind that if they feel overwhelmed by the idea of transitioning into senior living, they may not be ready yet and thats okay! Take it slow and allow them as much time as necessary before proceeding further down the path toward finding them a home.Talk in Person With Empathy and PositivityAbove all else, when talking to your parents about senior living options, its important to remember that this is not just about them moving out of their home its also about providing them with quality care in a safe environment where theyll continue to enjoy their retirement years without worry or stress. Approach the subject from an empathetic perspective one that acknowledges their fears but also encourages them by highlighting all the wonderful benefits senior living has to offer! When done correctly and respectfully, talking about senior living can ultimately lead to a positive outcome for everyone involved and hopefully bring peace of mind for both parties as well.Grace Pointe Senior Care Community of Greeley, Colorado: How We Can HelpStarting the conversation about transitioning into senior living can be daunting at first, but having an informed discussion sooner rather than later allows seniors more time to weigh their options and make decisions that feel comfortable for them while also giving families peace of mind knowing they have explored all available resources together. With patience, respect, understanding, and access to helpful resources like Grace Pointes Senior Care Resources, beginning these conversations doesnt have to be overwhelming or stressful instead, it can be reassuring and informative!At Grace Pointe Senior Care Community of Greeley, Colorado, our approach to care is customized to help when talking to your parents about senior living options available to them.  Our assisted living team is available to discuss care options in order to design a care plan that is best for you or your family member.We hope this article helped supply you with the information to make a confident and informed decision for you and your loved ones. However, if youre still not sure how to address this difficult but necessary conversation with your loved ones, we can help! We have numerous resources to help you make the right decision for your family, including our Complete Guide to Assisted Living in Greeley, Colorado. Also, feel free to take our Continuum of Care Quiz and let the expert team at Grace Pointe Senior Care Community match you with recommended services based on your answers.