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Aug 03, 2023


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Unlike most parts of the country, late winter and early spring are actually excellent times to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities around the Paradise Coast. And if you love playing tennis, you won't find a better place to call home. From massive tennis academies offering expert instruction to high-end tennis clubs and familiar public courts, there are countless places to enjoy your favorite sport. Our real estate agents have the details on 7 of the best places to play tennis around the Paradise Coast.

  • Emilio Sanchez Academy – 2035 Sanchez-Casal Way, Naples, FL 34105
    Whether you're interested in world-class instruction, tennis clinics, or simply a beautifully maintained, feature-packed place to play, the Emilio Sanchez Tennis Academy is a true gem of the Paradise Coast. Located around the corner from Naples homes for sale, the Emilio Sanchez Academy offers programs for kids, adults, and families. There's also a great Tennis Club on-site to unwind after you play, with a cafeteria, clubhouse, Olympic-sized swimming pool, and hot tub.

  • The Club at Sterling Oaks – 822 Sterling Oaks Blvd., Naples, FL 34110
    If the quality of the court that you play on is of utmost importance to you, then few destinations can top The Club at Sterling Oaks. The courts here, including clay courts, have been rated as some of the best in the country. With social games, league play, clinics, lessons, and lighted courts for evening tennis, this club offers everything that you need in one location. The club also has more than 300 members, so you'll rarely have to wait long to find a game.

  • Naples Bay Club – 1800 Tamiami Trl. East, Naples, FL 34112
    A long-time local favorite, the Naples Bay Club is so much more than just a place to enjoy great tennis. That the courts, amenities, and instruction are all top-notch at this private club goes without saying. The Naples Bay Club features many more perks for members, including gourmet dining, nightlife, fitness facilities, multiple pools, and a year-round schedule of social events.

  • Fort Myers Racquet Club – 1820 Hendry St., Fort Myers, FL 33901
    It's easy to find a game in Fort Myers as well, thanks to excellent local facilities like the Fort Myers Racquet Club. The 8 Har-Tru courts and 6 pickleball courts here were all resurfaced in 2021, with shaded seating areas added for rest between matches. This is a popular home court for many local coaches, as well as a host to many tournaments and leagues for players of all experience levels.

  • Three Oaks Tennis Center – 18251 Three Oaks Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33967
    Located in scenic Three Oaks Park near Fort Myers homes for sale, the Three Oaks Tennis Center is a great option if you're not feeling ready to join a tennis club just yet. The public courts here attract players from across Fort Myers, so you're sure to meet new people. You'll also find clinics, lessons, and tennis programs throughout the year here.

  • Pickleball & Tennis US – 25987 S. Tamiami Trl. #104, Bonita Springs, FL 34134
    Need to pick up some new gear before you head to the courts and want to shop from the latest selection of high-end tennis products? The experts at Pickleball & Tennis US can set you up with anything that you need. While you're there or in the area looking at Bonita Springs homes for sale, consider booking a session at the indoor pickleball courts, perfect for fitting in a game on a rainy day.

  • Arthur L. Allen Tennis Center – 730 8th Street S., Naples, FL 34102
    If you're searching for a place with tons of clinics, leagues, and tournaments, the Arthur L. Allen Tennis Center has more than enough to keep you busy. There are clinics hosted here from morning to evening every day for both new and experienced players. When you're in the mood for a little competition, try signing up for one of the weekly round-robin tournaments, which are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning.

Searching for a home around the corner from your favorite tennis club? Let our experienced, local team help you achieve your real estate goals. Contact us to buy and sell homes in your favorite Paradise Coast communities.

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